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R.u.N. Mangatellers

In Ome, a city in northern Tokyo, the adventures of four different characters of different mentality and cultural background will take place. The only common interest they share is their love for sports and parkour. The heroes are four children that destiny brought together to enable them not only to help each other but also to achieve their personal goals. Tension, competiveness, humour, friendship, intrigues and lots of parkour are the main elements of the world of R.u.N. Are you ready to Remember ur Nature?

Artist Mangatellers
Title R.u.N.
Releases 4
Latest Release Time For Gymnastics
Popularity Fans (2)
Language English
Tag Human, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Gag, School Life, Sports
Rating -


Chapter Contributions Date Read
Icon #3 Time For Gymnastics 10/21/2013
Icon #2 Street Chase! 05/08/2013
Icon #1 I Must Hurry!!! 03/25/2013
Icon #1 I Must Hurry!!! 03/25/2013

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Creator's Info

Hello! We are Mangatellers, the Greek duo Voutsidis Rafail and Kariofillis Chris Hatzopoulos. Our main art director is the very talented Manos Lagouvardos. (smolb.deviantart.com)

We are the creators of the One Shot manga, WiFi Wars and the shonen web manga series about Parkour, called R.u.N. which started in May 2012.

We have released our works for free in our own manga reader (www.mangatellersmt.com) and in other different online manga readers.

You can also check our works in our site: www.mangatellers.gr

Mangatellers's Manga

  • R.u.N. Mangatellers
    In Ome, a city in northern Tokyo, the adventures of four diff...

Mangatellers's Profile

LocationThessaloniki, Greece
WorksR.u.N. (Remember Ur Nature), WiFi Wars
Favorites -
R.u.N.'s Fans