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Project MUSE Novel

※Rated PG※

Project MUSE Novel Darold Higa

On the evening of 01 September 1939, a pillar of light struck the Earth like a giant spear from the heavens. Landing somewhere between Berlin and Warsaw, the Tower appeared suddenly, cutting off all communications with the area near its base, annihilating anyone approaching it. The German Union, (an alliance of Prussia, Bavaria, Austria and a number of smaller German states) launched an attack against the invaders, only to be quickly repelled. Around the world rivalries and hatred are put aside as humanity unites to face these mysterious invaders who seem unaffected by Earth’s most advanced weapons. As the world plunges into war, Wilhelmina, Adalwolfa and Brunhilde learn about a secret project launched by Wilhelmina’s father, Baron von Schwarzenberg, that could be humanity’s only hope for survival. Music school students, ancient artifacts, supersecret weapons and a crazy scientist are all that stands between the forces of the Tower and the rest of the world. Welcome to Projekt MUSE. This is the novel version of the Projekt MUSE storyline. Files are in the (.jpg) format. If there is interest, light novel type illustrations may follow.

Artist Darold Higa
Title Project MUSE Novel
Releases 5
Latest Release Chapter 4 - A Beer Maiden's Story
Popularity Fans (1)
Language English
Tag Action, Adventure, Battle, Historical, Mecha, Sci-fi
Rating -


Chapter Contributions Date Read
Icon #4 Chapter 4 - A Beer Maiden's Story 06/22/2011
Icon #3 Chapter 3 - Coffee and the Open Road 06/22/2011
Icon #2 Chapter 2 - Lili 06/22/2011
Icon #1 Chapter 1 - First Encounter 2 translations
Icon #0 Projekt Muse - Prologue 3 translations


Original Translated Translator Date Read
Icon #1 Chapter 1 - First Encounter Icon Capitolo 1 Primo contatto Callahan 08/13/2011 Read
Icon #1 Chapter 1 - First Encounter Icon プロイェクト・ムーゼ ― 第1章 最初の遭遇 ELIZA 07/18/2011 Read
Icon #0 Projekt Muse - Prologue Icon プロイェクト・ムーゼ ― 序章 ELIZA 07/03/2011 Read
Icon #0 Projekt Muse - Prologue Icon Projekt Muse - Prologo Callahan 06/30/2011 Read
Icon #0 Projekt Muse - Prologue Icon Prolog Solty 06/29/2011 Read

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Creator's Info

Hello, I would like to test one chapter of Projekt MUSE. This web comic is already online at http://www.projektmuse.com. Thank you!

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  • Projekt MUSE Darold Higa
    On the evening of 01 September 1939, a pillar of light struck...

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