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Sakaflias (Σακαφλιάς)

Sakaflias (Σακαφλιάς) 'Eirlys'

The story of Sakaflias is known to most of the Greek populace and especially to Trikala, the region where all the things happened. The story has many alternative ones and no one really knows the true story behind this name.
The name Sakaflias became known because and after the release of a song which Vasilis Tsitsanis wrote. This song became an inspiration to other stories and not only.
But who exactly is Sakaflias? What happened to him? Did he exist or was he a myth? Did he really died? And if yes who killed him?
A manga dedicated to tradition, legends and true facts.

Artist 'Eirlys'
Title Sakaflias (Σακαφλιάς)
Releases 0
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Language English
Tag Drama, Suspense, Human, Slice of Life, Action, Adventure, Amateur, Biographical, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Mystery
Rating -

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