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Wings Of Zunori


Wings Of Zunori  Tad&Sarah

17 year old Kuto Zunori wants to live a normal peaceful life though his urge to help those in need often earns him praise and popularity even though all he wants is to get along with others and dislikes being put on a pedestal . He lives with his friend Abby, his childhood friend and crush Kanako , his sister Emi and his neighbor is his other childhood friend that often has Yandere traits , Hanna.
Kuto, Kanako and Hanna’s parents were killed by an unknown mysterious man who was later sentenced to death for his deeds. No one knew the motive behind the man’s intentions and all he did was smirk at Kuto as he was arrested. When Emi learned of what transpired she took it upon herself to be a mother to the three and becoming over protective of Kuto and Kanako especially as Emi raised them. No matter how much Kuto would go through he decided from that day forward he would protect and help anyone he could and one day lift the burden off of Emi.
One day on his way to school Kuto suddenly gets attacked by a strange girl sitting by his locker and she turns out to be a vampire with time control powers ,but little does Kuto know that this very battle is just the beginning of learning his true identity and the power he has hidden inside.

Artist Tad&Sarah
Title Wings Of Zunori
Releases 1
Latest Release Chapter 0
Popularity Fans (1)
Language English
Tag Drama, Love Romance, Action, Adult, Comedy, Fantasy, Love-Comedy, Love Comedy, Romance, School Life, Supernatural
Rating -


Chapter Contributions Date Read
Icon #1 Chapter 0 06/02/2017

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We are Tad and Sarah Tolbert. Tad is an Author and Sarah is An Artist we will be posting our original mangas and Wings Of Zunori is our first one :).
The First Volume Of Every Manga We Make Is Free :D

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  • Wings Of Zunori  Tad&Sarah
    17 year old Kuto Zunori wants to live a normal peaceful life ...

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