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※Rated PG※

Ribon Angelily

Please read Right to Left.

A new game is launched in the set time of 2695, one derived from ice skating and rhythmic gymnastics. it is called 'Ribon', and the objective is to conquer the seven-colored holographic ribbons in a limited amount of time in order to prosper further. In the current time of 2700, a new legend wins the latest and greatest Ribon game in the city of Emel, but she confidently knows of a newer legend to emerge. Will this new addition discover the deep, dark secrets of this game called Ribon?

Artist Angelily
Title Ribon
Releases 2
Latest Release Prologue
Popularity Fans (0)
Language English
Tag Drama, Action, Romance
Rating -
Publisher P2Manga Publishing


Chapter Contributions Date Read
Icon #39 Prologue 1 translations
Icon #32 Chapter 1 1 translations


Original Translated Translator Date Read
Icon #32 Chapter 1 Icon Kapitel 1 Myrin 01/01/2013 Read
Icon #39 Prologue Icon Prolog Myrin 01/01/2013 Read

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Creator's Info

XD A 21 year old girl who has nothing better to do than to draw all her life. Art is the best.

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  • Ribon Angelily
    Please read Right to Left. A new game is launched in the s...

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GroupP2 Manga Publishing
LocationUnited States
EnvironmentManga Studio 5
Favorites Tokyo Mew Mew
Princess Tutu
Cocoa Fujiwara
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