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Thumb Thread AuthorToshiro Okira
Thread TitleHello, I am a beginner manga writer looking for an starter artist with at least average skill. Icon English
Date Created01/24/2020 10:31

I have looked all around my school and online for artists, the ones at school would likely need another couple years to be good at manga like some of the beginner ones out there. Online my school has implemented a filter that has blocked all but here, including deviant art. I have a writing style that others may think as different but so far the people that have read the story board have said it was pretty good. Why my style is different is because I try to put in details about how I am hoping for the frames to look, any artist working on it though has complete ability to change the look so long as it will be better/make more sense. If needed I can make a secondary google doc that has only the words and nothing else. Unfortunately it is my first fully written chapter. Though I do have several story starts. I am not good at drawing except for some semi-okay scythes. other weapons I could likely get down within a few weeks of good practice and will probably be what I work on in my free time when not doing school work or writing. I have only one full chapter so far because I want to be sure it is going to work at least for a while.

I have tried to make this as short as possible so as not to bore anybody, thank you for checking this out if you read this far, Toshiro Okira

p.s. if you would like to try to work on this you can contact me at my email amateratsu12003@gmail.com or on this document which i will be checking more frequently due to my gmail being on a flip-phone https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sm8EK92o_DYuwSzDCg_Dt3Nqu-9hA4HXmPPfJRwHE5w/edit

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