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Thread TitleManga Reborn Rules & Guidelines Icon English
Date Created05/02/2011 14:25

Hello Manga Reborn (MR) members and fans. In order to ensure that this website and forum stays as wholesome and friendly as possible, we have set up a few basic rules and guidelines. These rules and guidelines are not absolute and just because one isn't listed here, doesn't mean that something said or done doesn't violate MR's website policy and goals. So without further ado, here a some of MR's basic guidelines:

No Flaming/Bashing- It is perfectly OK to disagree with another members opinion, but please do it in a polite and productive way. Calling someone names or making antagonistic comments towards them solves nothing and whatever point you were trying to get across will just be lost. So please, no bashing/flaming people, characters, manga, and other sites.

  • Racist/derogatory topics/comments - Under no circumstances will racist or derogatory comments and / or topics be allowed.

Spam- We all can get a little silly and spammy from time to time. However, please refrain from making unproductive posts or comments.

No Porn/Hentai/Obscene material- We are a family oriented site. Therefore, no porn, hentai, or obscene material is allowed. That includes links, images, and / or downloads.

No Stealing- Do not plagiarize or post work(art, manga, translations) that does not belong to you.

No Warez/Cracks/Serials- Posing links and / or directions on how to obtain and / or use Warez/Cracks/Serials is strictly forbidden.

Forbidden Links and other Linking No-No's.
In order to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe experience here at MR, here are some general rules regarding posting links. All links that hinder this experience will be deleted. As such, there are some sites out there that allow people to make money off of any link and we as a site do not encourage or support this. Therefore No money making Links are allowed. Example of money making links:

  • usersash.com
  • linkbucks.com

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the MR Staff - http://www.mangareborn.jp/contacts/new


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