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Thread TitleAre the admins/creators of this site still around? Icon English
Date Created08/30/2017 14:37

I know that this site is pretty much dead but are the admins still around online anywhere?

An admin approved a chapter of a series that I claimed several years ago and just got around to typesetting a chapter... it took like a few weeks for it to get approved though, so I'm curious if anyone else was interested in making this site active again.

I'm interested in typesetting the 漫画onWeb x MANGA REBORN winners' works, but they haven't been translated yet...

Also wondering if you have considered approaching mangaka so their works can get an approved English release? For example, Motoka Murakami is releasing an English version of Jin on Patreon by himself without a publishing company. I know that many of Saito Chiho's works remain untranslated like Torikae Baya (とりかえ・ばや) but I don't know how licensing would work for that...

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