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Manga Artists' Studio Forum

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Thread Title[Info]Manga Artists' Studio - Info and Resource Section Icon English
Date Created01/22/2012 23:58

Welcome to the Manga Artists' Studio.

This section is for all you aspiring and seasoned Artists alike to ask questions, get help, teach others, and to just generally improve your abilities.

To help keep this section as tidy and easy to use for everyone, we have a few simple guidelines:

When creating a thread, please make the title as descriptive as possible and tag it with the following:

[Looking for Artist] or [Looking for Author]Looking for another artist or author to help you create a series, post here.
Guide - For resource threads like “What materials or programs can I use to create my manga” or other guides on storytelling, drawing, or general manga creating needs.
General & Info - Mod use only

Also, please note that Manga Artists are very busy people and it may take some time before one can get back to you. So please be patient with requests.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to post in this thread or contact one of MR’s staff members.

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I'm an amateur manga artist and writer. I've got decent writing skills, but can't draw worth anything. Any advice would help, like resources, tips, good how-to-draw websites, anything will be helpful.

03/05/2013 11:59 Quote | Report



I recently started taking self learning classes to draw manga. I am good in drawing. Yet to learn many things. But i am looking forward for more inspiration. I checked out ur thread and i would like ppl to give me ideas so that i could draw and learn at the same time.
I am looking forward for some advice and good story line. Waiting for ur reply


06/11/2017 00:36 Quote | Report


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