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Thumb Thread Authorvintagemistakes
Thread TitleBleach by Kubo Tite Icon English
Date Created01/18/2012 00:15

With Bleach taking a short three week break, I thought that this woule be a perect time to discuss the series and its state of affairs ( namely, where is the story going ).

First off, I must say that I have a love hate relationship with the series. I find myself really hating the series when I read it each week and constantly wonder why I still bother too... but on the other hand, when I read it in large chunks, I do tend to enjoy it.

Even with that said, I do wonder exactly where the story is going. I mean, with the whole Aizen thing over with and there no clear cut villain or "end game" in sight.. I am left baffled at what could happen or come next.

Sure there is always something that can be done with Isshin and even Zero Squad... but with really no foreshadowing ( with a clear cut enemy or deathly situation ahead), it would seem somewhat forced and just done for pure fanservice at this point. Not that it would really bother me, mind you. :p

But still, the question remains, can the series continue like this? Even after the SS arc was over, there was a new direction incorporated and that was Aizen... here we have zilch.

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I agree on most of your points. Bleach peaked fairly early on and it's been dragging its heels for a while now. The SS arc was pretty good, as was most of the Hueco Mundo arc. But then you got into what was basically filler. Personally, I think the cast should have been trimmed down, maybe just have most of the shinigami the main characters interact with be in a single squad, and probably should have gone a different direction on a lot of plot points. I mean, what was the whole point to kidnapping Orihime again? Apparently nothing, as it turned out.

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Vic hit it right on the head. Character overload. There's simply too many. And the pattern of Introduce new quirky characters -> characters reveal plot point has been repeated so much by this point, it just doesn't even faze me anymore. I can't even care about Squad Zero, because they're just there to be mysterious and reveal stuff, and then they'll disappear in 20-30 chapters or so. It's a shame.

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