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Thumb Thread Authorvintagemistakes
Thread Title[Game] What would you do if... Icon English
Date Created10/16/2012 01:51

Pretty simple forum game to play... basically you ask a "What would you do if" question and the next person answers it a then asks another one...

For example, someone posts:
What would you do if... you won a lifetime supply of gummy bears?
Your post: My dentist would be the happiest person ever since I would probably have a ton of cavities in a couple of years..
What would you do if... he couldn't fill your cavities and pulled out all of your teeth?
Pretty simple, right? So lets get started!
P.S. no cp will be given to posts since this is a pretty spammy game.
WWYDI... bacon was outlawed / made illegal?

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I would make bacon out of cows and call it 'beefcon'.
What would you do if the moon was actually made of cheese?

05/15/2013 13:24 Quote | Report



I would instantly book a ticket to the moon and probably end up eating cheese until I explode..

WWYDI... you had a DeLorean and could go back in time?

05/24/2013 02:31 Quote | Report


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