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Thumb Thread AuthorRai
Thread TitleAuthor Info Section Translation Suggestion Icon English
Date Created01/07/2014 16:17

On everyone's profile page, there's a section where we can write whatever we want about ourselves, and the same applies to authors.

Suggestion: I was wondering, has any consideration been given to allowing translators to translate this info section of an author's profile into his/her own language(s)?

It's a fun way to get to know the authors of your favorite series, and I think it would be nice if readers who don't speak the author's language could enjoy it too. I didn't see this suggestion anywhere else, so hopefully this is the first time it's been brought up! :)

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Thanks for the suggestion, Rai. I've brought this up as well in the past. I think it'll be implemented... 'eventually.'

01/07/2014 23:06 Quote | Report



Fantastic! I'd love to participate in translating this sort of thing, as it really can add a whole new layer of appreciation for readers :)

01/08/2014 02:07 Quote | Report


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