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Thumb TitleStarting monthly schedule! Also rambling
UserElanor Pam
Created at06/27/2011 16:44

I'm truly sorry, everyone. I know the first part of "Community Service" ended in an awful cliffhanger *coughcoughhack* and you can't wait! for the next part!, but, just as I clarified somewhere in the comments on my first news post WHERE IT IS PERFECTLY VISIBLE >_>;;;, once chapter 7 came around, the schedule would turn to "8 monthly pages", because my usual drawing pace is 8 pages a month per comic.

The numbering is wonky because I divided chapter 6 in 2 and published the sidestory right after, but "Community Service" happens to be the 7th chapter.

Anyway - I've drawn roughly 11 pages of chapter 8, and I have a couple of other silly sidestories to help pad the time until I finally wrestle this thing to the ground, so I should be covered. Chapter 8 is being funny to sketch, because I feel my style changes every couple of pages - sometimes it's more cartoony and simplified, sometimes it's more human and detailed - depending on my mood and how much I don't feel like drawing that day... it doesn't help that I'll be delving into dramatic territory in it, you know, pulling from my Violinist of Hameln pool of references, and characters seem to grow in realism the more dramatic they're being. Fun times.

Also, backgrounds. I wish I could just make them magically appear on the screen with the power of my mind...


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