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Thumb TitleOtakuart + Bon Odori 2011
Created at07/18/2011 06:00

Hi you all! As I promised here are some words about Otakuart.
I must say that Otakuart comic-con is a bit different from others. You can join a drawing competition traditional VS. digital, a Miss otakuart contest (with so freak-weird and fanservice tests)also a quiddich tournament!
A lot of fanzine artist, also professional artists were there, selling and signing their work.
I had so much fun!

We returned to Madrid from Valencia at noon, so sad it haven't finnished yet, but just in time to enter the Bon Odori matsuri, wich is organized by the embassy of Japan.

@evilpollo and I >////w///<

we all had a great weekend!


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