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Thumb TitleThank you so much for the translations, everyone!
UserElanor Pam
Created at05/17/2011 20:20

This here picture is a very old watercolor, painted before I was even done with the first chapter.

I am really, indescribably happy with the feedback I've been getting from everyone on this site. I've published these comics online since 2006 with only a couple comments for each update, but in the little time I've been here, people are already translating my stuff! It's crazy, I tell you. Crazy awesome.

Chapter 5 of Sinful will be posted next week, and it's particularly interesting, because my sister spent months thinking I'd been drawing the same page all that time. That's how ridiculous it is.




Well, you make a damn good manga :D. If it wasn't in English already I'd be so translating it :D.

Keep up the great work :).

05/20/2011 11:43