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Thumb TitleThanks and Schedule
UserElanor Pam
Created at05/17/2011 20:43

Just like it says, that's a procrastination sketch. It also kinda looks like Raph, which is why I'm posting it here.

First of all, I'd like to thank GEsode for translating the first chapter into German (as well as basically everything else I had up) and also Januxa who offered to translate it into Spanish as well. You guys rock.

Also, about the next chapter: for this comic, I'd like to keep a strictly monthly schedule, so expect to see it up mid-june. I do have several chapters already done, but this comic is actually very hard to write for (the lineart and coloring are quick and sketchy to make up for it), and I get the harshest blocks on it. I need lots of breathing space to get ahead on the schedule. Sorry about that, guys.



Laura Lanford

At least the monthly schedule allows you to work the plot without dropping the ball - I bet everyone will highly anticipate every new chapter as the story will get better and better! =D

05/19/2011 16:04