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Thumb TitleNew Manga Series! Please read!
Created at12/31/2015 09:47

Hello everyone!
We will work also on another manga series. The first chapter will be released on 2016-2017.
The name of the new manga series will be 'Sakaflias' and will be dedicated to a man named Sakaflias, who was famous in Trikala, a greek town and for who exist many and different stories and legends. Sakaflias was an existing person in the past and is still in the memories of the local people. His fame was spread on the whole Greece, but noone knows exactly who Sakaflias was and how he died.
A manga dedicated to tradition, legends and true facts.
We're really sorry for the delay of the series as long for the delay of the first chapter of 'Eye for an Eye', but because the work is done by hand, it's kind of difficult and takes time.
We'll do our best until then and we're sorry for the inconvinience.
We'll keep in touch. For questions and comments please don't hesitate to sent us an email :)
Please support us and thank you for understanding again.
Until next time!


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