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Created at02/08/2013 23:14

Hi everyone!

I don’t know how many of you follow our tumblr page (here or you can just click on the Interview & Events link on the menu), but there are a ton of goodies there. You can see the staff in action at conventions, get news about the site, and plenty more! And with all that, I would like to point out the most recent post:

“Happy end of January!!

Here at MR Central, we’re in the process of drafting up some outlines of ways to revamp the site to make it even easier to use—because why go outside and feel the sun on your skin once you’re done reading a great manga when there are dozens more just waiting to be discovered, right??

We’ve given a tiny little sneak preview in the above, but we’re also eager to hear from you: what do and don’t you like about the site so far? What’s something you really think needs to be fixed to significantly improve your reading experience? Search features? Display? General usability?

Any and all suggestions are welcome, so let us know your thoughts!”

You see... the staff of MR is committed to giving you, the fan, the best manga experience possible on the internet. And in doing so, we want to hear your thoughts on how to improve the site so we can do just that. So, if you have any ideas or thoughts, please let us know.

MR Staff


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