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About Manga Reborn

MANGA REBORN is a manga community site that's working hard to make more manga available worldwide.

In recent years, fans of Japanese manga have been increasing around the world, but since only a small fraction of Japanese manga is actually published overseas, many fans have started to read other series that have been illegally uploaded on pirate sites. We're proud of the wide variety of manga that have been produced in Japan, and want to work to make more unique, previously-unknown manga available worldwide.

Our short-term goals are to:
1. Connect profit from digital manga back to the authors who should be receiving it.
2. Connect manga fans with authors.
3. Create a place where manga fans can gather, and where manga can be acquired easily and legally.

Our long-term goal is to create an infrastructure where all manga fans worldwide can enjoy contributing to the further evolution of manga culture.
MANGA REBORN was born from the dream that authors and fans working together could someday give birth to more amazing manga.

1 Uploading manga is easy and free! Let fans worldwide read your work!

Artists who've created their own manga (pro or amateur) can upload and sell their works for free on our site. Currently our site supports only Japanese and English, but we have already gotten a high number of user access from European and other Asian countries. Chances to deliver, translate, and gain feedback from a wide variety of readers are only increasing, so stay tuned!

2 Take part and support an artist! We need your help to send out manga to the world!

With each coming day, intriguing works from Japan are buried under newer ones and never see the light of day outside their home country.
MANGA REBORN welcomes users fluent in Japanese and one other language to translate our manga into other languages so that it can reach a wider audience.
Reading manga and leaving comments and reviews is another way to push your favorite manga into the spotlight!

There will be more and more manga appearing on the site from here on out, so please join in!

3 Don't just read manga! Show us what you've got!

There are still more ways to support your favorite manga! Those gifted with language skills can translate, while those with artistic gifts can use their skills to typeset manga, then contact the artist of the manga and get the foreign language version a proper release! Those who lack the funds to buy an artist's manga can work together with the artist and contribute to his or her work in order to gain viewing rights.
All users who contribute to manga on Manga Reborn will be credited in the official releases.

4 Official translation projects are underway!

All manga available on the site is manga that either the authors have directly uploaded themselves, or manga that Manga Reborn has gained rights to upload from meeting with publishers and other artists.
This gives us the ability to begin official projects like the ones you see below. If you have questions about certain projects or artists, please contact us.

[Anno Moyoco Complete Works Translation Project] [Sato Shuho Complete Works Translation Project]
[Anno Moyoco Complete Works Translation Project] [Sato Shuho Complete Works Translation Project]
5 We have national funding!

Manga Reborn is being funded by the Funding Program for Small to Medium Size Enterprises that are Developing Global Technology, a national program that supports companies that are working to prevent loss through technology outflow and the acquisition of new unique technology.


Signboard MANGA REBORN is developed, administered, and run by Beyond Perspective Solutions (BPS). BPS is stationed in Japan (Shinjuku, Tokyo) and has worked together with publishers and printing companies to develop E-book viewing system applications, E-bookstore applications, E-book DRM, and E-book quality rendering engines. MANGA REBORN was developed as a response to the fact that there is only a small amount of very popular manga being spread out to the world from Japan. We feel that there is a large amount of interesting manga that has yet to leave Japan, so we are working hard to introduce readers around the world to a wider variety of quality manga.
Artist We translate authors' works and receive authorization to distribute it worldwide, and then make connections with the fans through user-generated translations and scanlations in order to build MANGA REBORN into a worldwide infrastructure.