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Coins Terms of Service

These Coins Terms of Service concern the monetary system (hereby referred to as "coins") featured on BPS's (hereby referred to as "company") website MANGA REBORN (hereby referred to as "site"). All site members who use Coins are required to follow these policies. Please read the entire TOS.
Coins will only be provided to members who agree to the Coins Terms of Service. If members do not agree to this TOS, then they cannot purchase Coins.

Article 1 (Contents)

  1. The Coins service refers to the service that tracks Coin purchases, remaining Coins, and purchase history, and not the ability to use Coins themselves. Coins may only be used on the company's websites or third-party websites as designated by the company (hereby referred to as point-applicable services). Point-applicable services will each have their own separate TOS.

Article 2 (Purchasing Procedure)

  1. After agreeing to the Coins TOS, members may purchase Coins through a method designated by the company. Please be sure to note that no refunding of any kind is possible. Additionally, if a member fulfills any of the conditions in Article 3, they are forbidden from purchasing Coins.
  2. Coin purchasing must be done by the actual member who receives the Coins. Proxy purchases are not permitted. Additionally, if a member who is under 20 years of age wishes to purchase Coins, they must get approval from a parent or guardian or purchase the Coins with a parent or guardian. When a member under 20 years of age purchases Coins, the company assumes that their parent or guardian has agreed to the TOS.

Article 3 (Purchase Refusal)

  1. 1. The company will not accept Coin purchases from the following members:
      1. Users who have deactivated their accounts.
      2. Users who have violated the Coins TOS.
      3. Users who request a clearly inappropriate amount of Coins.
      4. Users who attempt to make an improper Coins purchase using any other method than the one defined in Article 2.

Article 4 (Validity)

  1. Coins will have an expiration date. When this date is passed, the Coins can no longer be used
  2. Coins are valid until the last day of the twelfth month from the day of purchase.
  3. If a member's account information is deleted, that member's Coins will be deleted as well.

Article 5 (Usage)

  1. Please use Coins as designated on the displays provided by point-applicable services. If a problem occurs with a service regarding Coins, the member should contact the service provider in order to solve the problem.
  2. Coins procured by a member who agreed to the Coins TOS can only use those Coins when logged in on that account. Coins data cannot be transferred to other accounts.

Article 6 (Data Management)

  1. When a member uses the Coins service, Coins data is created and attached to their account. This data is treated as a part of the member's account.
  2. Coins and account management are the responsibility of the member.

Article 7 (Usage Limitations)

  1. Members cannot use Coins or accounts containing Coins data for anything other than point-applicable services.
  2. Members cannot use Coins with third parties unless written approval by the company is given.

Article 8 (Exemptions)

  1. No cancellations or point refunds can be made after purchases, even when Coins are deleted as a result of unlawful usage by a third party.
  2. Parts or all of the Coin service may be canceled without warning due to the company's private business reasons, network system maintenance, point-applicable service server problems or business reasons, natural disasters, blackouts, telecommunication malfunctions, enactment, revision or repeal of laws and regulations, or any similarly unavoidable circumstances.
  3. We accept no responsibility for any losses incurred due to temporary or permanent stops or endings to the Coins service, as well losses incurred as a result of using the Coins service or being unable to use the Coins service.
  4. Account data used in the Coins service may be used in the site's service as well as many other services. Depending on the circumstances, data connected to Coins may be deleted, or some Coins services may become unusable. Members understand this and will not expect the company to accept any responsibility for any results of using any point-applicable services.

Article 9 (Late Fees)

  1. If members do not make service payments by the due date, compulsory late fees will be incurred daily at 14.6% interest.
  2. Members are required to pay for all transfer fees and other necessary fees in order to make payments.

Article 10 (Suspension of Use)

  1. If members wish to stop using the Coins service, they must cancel their usage through a specific method designated by the company. Absolutely no refunds will be made.

Article 11 (Responsibility Limits)

  1. If members become unable to use the Coins service due to a gross negligence by the company, and are still unable to use it 24 hours after initially learning of the problem, the company will be liable to pay damages equivalent to 1/30th of the monthly service fee of the corresponding month daily for each additional day that the service cannot be used. However, no damages will be paid for inaccessibility resulting from service maintenance or other similar necessary pauses in service.

Article 12 (Transfer of Claims)

  1. The company reserves the right to transfer claims made by members to a third party. In this event, members understand that this third party will be given access to their personal data.

Article 13 (Relationships to other TOS)

  1. The company deems this TOS effective on members in conjunction with the site's other TOS.

Article 14 (Revisions)

  1. The company may revise the Coins TOS at any time. In this event, the revised Coins TOS will become effective as soon as they are posted on the site. If members use the service after the Coins TOS have been revised, it is assumed that they agree to the Coins TOS. 。

Article 15 (Applicable Laws)

  1. All actions done under the Coins TOS shall be governed by, construed, and interpreted under the laws of Japan.
  2. The original copy of the Coins TOS was written in Japanese, and all other language versions are merely translations and therefore bear no legal force or authority.
  3. If a lawsuit becomes necessary in regards to an action done under the Coins TOS, The Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive jurisdictional court of the first hearing.