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The V Sign! 1
Shirt: Musashi


Japan 14

It’s finally down to the match point. If they can get one more point here Japan will clinch the victory.

Let’s go Japan!
SFX: biff

Let’s go Touyou Witches!
SFX: boing

Ah! Ahhh!!
SFX: boof

SFX: bang

SFX: bweeee-

Japan 15
SFX: ding

They’ve done it. They’ve won! Japan has won!

They’re crying. Emotional tears flood the Witches’ eyes after overcoming their bitter battle.

SFX: Woo- Woo- Woo-

SFX: Woo- Woo-

Ah! And there’s something glimmering in their supervisor Daimatsu’s eyes as well! Daimatsu the demon is crying too!
SFX: Woo- Woo-

SFX: Woo- Woo- Woo- Woo-

[That was how the Touyou’s Witches of Nichibou Kaizuka representing the Japanese team was able to defeat the USSR team in straight sets 3 to 0, acquiring the gold medal. The date was October 23rd in the year Showa 39.]

[From that day volleyball spread even further among young girls throughout the country.]

[And then... on March the following year, Showa 40-]
Tokyo, Arakawa ward
Shiroyama Middle School
SFX: Woo- Woo-

SFX: bon

They’re doing well.
This is a pretty spirited practice.
Plaque: We’ll continue what the Nichibou Kaizuka team accomplished, stick it out through all the tough times to the end, and reach that shining golden medal!
Shiroyama middle school volleyball team
SFX: Woo hoo

By all means, I would surely like for our school to take home the championship pennant
I do indeed agree.

And perhaps that just might happen... Yup...

Ahh, Asaoka-kun, you’re here.
I just wanted to get everything checked out with your employment.


You’re going to go be a live in worker at a dyeing factory in Osaka, correctly?

All right then. You’re all set, Yumi Asaoka...

Sfx: Wah-

Hoho! It’s getting even fiercer down there now.

You’re going to go cheer at the big match in three days, aren’t you?

I won’t be going.
Oh? Why’s that?

Because I hate volleyball!

Oh, is that so?

Yes, I suppose that’d be true.

Excuse me.


/I really said the wrong thing that time./

SFX: Waa Waa


SFX: bounce bounce

SFX: stop

Sorry, could you get that for us?
Excuse me, could you get the ball for us?

[Understanding a volleyball player
To someone who loves volleyball, the ball is the same as life itself.
You mustn’t kick it, even by accident!]


How could you do that?!

I’m shocked!

That was cruel!

SFX: tmp tmp tmp

I hate it!
I hate volleyball!

Ladadee Ladadaa

Oh! Hello there, Miss Across-the-river! Welcome back!

Oh, Gen, stop it!
SFX: slap

Aw, Quit it! Uheehee!

Uhee... huh?

/What happened?/

SFX: sniff

I’m home.

Welcome home. You’re a little late.
Yes, the teacher called me in to ask about my employment.

Wow, you’ve been working hard on your side business today, mom.

The people who buy these at the department store wouldn’t ever think that such beautiful artificial flowers would come from here.

I’m sorry, Yumi...

I’m sure you want to go to highschool like everyone else, right?
But despite that...

If only Miyo were alive, then we wouldn’t be burdened with all these hardships.

She was such a good child who always thought of you.

Come on, mother, we promised not to talk about that anymore.
I don’t want to go to highschool. I don’t like studying anyways.

That’s a lie. You’re so good at it...

It’s fine, mom.

If I go to Osaka then you’ll be all alone... I’m more worried about that.

But I’ll be working nonstop and making money...
Oh, I know!
I’ll buy you something wonderful with my first paycheck!

And a nice shoulder rub too...
and then...
After four or five years of work I’ll fall in love with a man.

And then that person will tell me, “Yumi, you’re the sun to me! Marry me!”
And I’ll say...

“If my mother can join us as well then yes.”

And he’ll say... “Of course, she’s the mother of my lovely Yumi! I’ll take great care of her.”

T-that’ll be nice, right?


It’s nothing. I just cry so easily these days.
Oh, mother.

Well, I’m going to go out and do some shopping for dinner.

Okay. Today’s Thursday so they’ve got a special sale going on at Marumo market.
It’s a bit far but they’re giving 20 percent off so I guess I’ll go.

I’ll be back.
Excuse us!
SFX: slide slide

We came to ask you a favor.
W-what is it?

I apologize and I know that it’s sudden but we’d like you to play in the tournament finals coming up in three days.

You want me?

That’s right.
Oo bayashi, one of the regulars, just got injured in practice.
Among the alternates there’s nobody that can play at Oobayashi’s level.

If we can get you in then we’d be even stronger than before but...
at the current rate we won’t even be able to play, much less win the tournament.
Please, Yumi.
C-could you help us out?

I refuse.

I’m begging you. Wouldn’t it be a great memory to win to top off your middle school career with a win?

Help us out, Yumi!

Please go home.


Yumi! Everyone’s begging you to...

Mother, please stay out of this.

I quit the volleyball team one year ago.
I hate volleyball!

I despise it! I can’t even stand seeing that ball!
And you should all know the reason well!

Y... Yes, we know about your sister...

That’s right! My sister was killed by volleyball!

If only my sister hadn’t been involved in volleyball... then my sister, who I love so dearly, would still be healthy and alive!

And you’re going on about volleyball this and volleyball that to me? Well, I don’t want to hear it!

[My sister, Miyo, was killed by volleyball!
My sister was one of the members on the volleyball team of a certain small company... It was a small team whose dream was to defeat Nichibou Kaizuka.]

[Their practice was fierce and tough. It was right around one year ago...]
SFX: bff vrrrhh

SFX: bsh

What’s wrong, Miyo?! Can’t you receive the ball properly!?
SFX: huff huff huff huff

P-please, hold on a second, my chest...
SFX: gasp gasp gasp

Don’t act so spoiled!
SFX: bssh

SFX: bmf

What are you lying down, acting all timid for!?
You think you can beat Nichibou Kaizuka like that!?
SFX: Gasp gasp gasp

SFX: bmf

SFX: mphf

What’s wrong, Miyo!?
SFX: Ahhh



SFX: thump

Miyo! Miyo!

S-she’s not breathing...

She’s dead!

She’s dead!

[A person dies during practice for Fuji Toyo’s volleyball team. Was it caused by overly rigorous training by the coach? The Japanese athletics association will open an investigation!]

Yumi, what has happened is all in the past... they’re on their knees asking for your help.

It’s not in the past!

You were just talking about what it’d be like if she was still alive...

Yumi, I know we’re asking for the impossible,
but don’t you want to make one last memory together with everyone that you spent the last three years with during middle school?

A great memory like winning the championships...
We need your devil screwball serve for that.

The devil screwball serve...
The serve that my sister and I came up with in order to overcome the handicap of our small statures...

Please, Yumi!
Please reconsider, Yumi!

Well, how about it, Yumi?

I kicked the ball with my foot... That’s the kind of person I am now.

Y-you’re still willing to trust that kind of person?
Well, we want to win!

I might not be able to win.
We can win! If you’re there we will definitely win!


Yumi, do it for them.

Fine, I get it. I’ll go.

Thank you, Yumi!
That’s great!
Let’s do our best!

/Heheh... I’m someone that hates volleyball. People like you who love volleyball are my enemies! You’ll be losing in the worst way possible in the upcoming match... the worst way... Heheh.../

[Three days later-]
-school girls volleyball
Tokyo tournament arena

Today is the finals of the Tokyo Tournament and the teams we have with us today are Asuka middle school, who, up till last year, have won three years in a row, and...

Shiroyama middle school, who have had to fight and win many painstaking battles to get here.

Now will this year’s champions be Asuka, or will it be Shiroyama...
SFX: woohoo woohoo woohoo woohoo

Even the practice that the players are engaged in leading up to the final minutes before the deciding match has been getting heated.

Hey, who’s that tiny girl over there? She’s one of the players too?
Oh, that’s Yumi!

But she quit the volleyball team, didn’t she?
That’s strange.
Are they going to be okay putting such a small girl like that out there?
SFX: chatter chatter chatter chatter

Hey, I heard this rumor that not only are people here from Nichibo Kaizuka, but scouts from companies and high schools all over the country have their eyes on the match.
They must be looking to head hunt some good players.

I wonder if that’s what he’s here for.

Oh, that guy certainly looks the part.
He’s pretty good looking.

Both teams have finished warming up. They’re all gathered around their supervisor and are going over their last strategies.

Our opponents are strong but we’re definitely going to win, got it?
That’s what all our hard training up till now has been for.

Hey, Yumi, are you listening?

Come on, get it together and get out there!

Let’s have a good game!
SFX: woo woo woo

And the match is on its way. The cheers for both sides are getting more intense as well!
SFX: Badum badum badum woo woo woo
banner: Let’s go Shiroyama

Come on, let’s get ‘em!
SFX: Bweeee

Heheh. It’s about to get interesting.

SFX: biff

SFX: whoosh

SFX: bff

I’m sorry.
Don’t worry, we can get that point back in a jiff.

SFX: biff
SFX: boing

Shiroyama 0
Asuka 7

SFX: bff

Ah, and Yumi from Shiroyama middle school misses again, I guess with a body like her’s it really must be impossible...


/That’s strange. It seems like she’s missing on purpose./

Yumi, you’re doing horrible! Get it together!
Get off the court!
We’re going to lose like this!
SFX: Waaaa bonk

What? Her name is Yumi?

This is no good! What’s wrong with that girl Yumi. This shouldn’t be happening...

Shiroyama 8
Asuka 15
SFX: ding

Asuka middle school snatches away the first set in an instant. No big surprise from the last year’s champions.
SFX: Woo Woo Woo

What’s wrong, Yumi!?
I haven’t played volleyball for more than a year so my body isn’t moving how I want it to...

Listen, you’ve got amazing talent so just do your best!
We’re counting on you, Yumi.

Anyways, we need to get that second set no matter what we have to do.

/Heheh. I guess I’ll try a little harder in the second set./

Shiroyama 15
Asuka 13

Great! Keep it up! Let’s get the third set as well!
Shiroyama 15
Asuka 13
SFX: ding woo woo

/This isn’t how it’s supposed to go... I’m not going to let us win!/

Shiroyama 8
Asuka 15

/Heheheh. Now this is more like it./

It’s 2 to 2. It’s a white hot burning game fitting for a final.

The harsh slugfest continues.

Neither sides can afford to lose the fifth set.

Ah! Here comes a sharp attack on Yumi! Watch out, Shiroyama!

And a great receive by Yumi!
SFX: bff

/Why’d I catch that ball.../

/I came here to make sure we’d lose... so what am I doing now.../

Shiroyama 14
Asuka 13

It’s finally come down to the match point.
Shiroyama middle has the serve. If they win one more point Shiroyama middle school will take the championships.

This takes me back to the last scene at the Tokyo Olympics... It’s shaped up to be exactly how it was back then.
And who’s serving for Shiroyama middle? Ah, it’s Yumi. At an important time like this you think they’d pull out a pinch server... but it looks like they’ll be going as is.

/Yumi, use your devil screwball serve!/

/If I use the devil screwball serve here then I can win.../

/But I’m sorry to inform you that I won’t be using it./

/I definitely won’t be bringing out the devil screwball serve.../

SFX: wshh



SFX: whssh

I got it!

SFX: vrrrrr

SFX: tmp


SFX: bwee bwebeeee

Shiroyama 15
Asuka 13
SFX: ding

She did it! The devil screwball serve!

T... They won! Shiroyama Middle School is the Champion!
SFX: Woohoo

Asuka middle school, who won three years in a row, has been defeated by Shiroyama middle school. And to top it all off it was by Yumi’s serve even though she’s been committing mistakes all game... It was really an amazing serve!
SFX: Woo woo woo

SFX: slump

Yumi, we won! We won!

It’s all because of you! Thank you!
Thank you!

/S-she looks just like her.../

/The form she takes when she stretches out her small body as far as she can to hit the ball.../

/I’m sure that she’s.../

What do you make of that serve she just hit...?

Hmm... there are times when it just spins like that. But no matter how you cut it, she’s just too small.

/You’re wrong! That spin wasn’t just by chance!/

/That serve was something that was born from blood straining effort to cover for the size of her small body./
/That girl is, without a doubt, the younger sister of Miyo Asaoka./

Song: We are the champions!

Song: Ah~ Shiroyama Middle School
SFX: woohoo

Excuse me, I’m from Japan Chemical, I’d like to ask you about your employment.
Can I talk to you...?

I’m from Murayama private high school's volleyball team.
We would like for you to join us...
Excuse me, I’m from Marumo Kougaku...

Why... Why did I bring out that serve...? I was supposed to resent volleyball and yet...
I had planned to lose on purpose to Asuka middle school and yet...

/Was there somewhere left in my heart where I hadn’t completely thrown away volleyball...?/

/Do I really love volleyball in my heart...?/

No! No, that couldn’t be!

I should hate volleyball!
Volleyball is what drove my sister Miyo to her death...


W... who are you?

I’m from a company named Tachiki Factories, we’re making a volleyball team named Tachiki Musashi.
Oh, you’re a scout...

You’re after me? That’s unusual.

You should go after someone bigger.
I’ll have to turn you down.

I’ve decided never to play volleyball again after this.

Hold on a second.

You’re Miyo Asaoka’s younger sister, correct?

Why do you know my sister’s name?


It’s common knowledge that a scout researches the players he’s after.

Right now Tachiki Musashi is a poor no-name team.
But we have a big dream... First we’ll defeat the world famous Nichibou Kaizuka.

And then we’ll do Japan proud in Mexico at the Olympics in four years....
/The Olympics in Mexico.../

I’ve heard enough. That’s got nothing to do with me.

Tachiki Musashi needs excellent players such as yourself.

If you want to study you can attend a part-time high school and you can play volleyball while you work.

I’ve already told you, I...
You were lying!

I know you love volleyball!
W-why would you say that!?

In that match you just played now you were trying to lose on purpose in the beginning. But your heart wouldn’t allow that.

This person...

/He’s looking through my heart.../

You don’t hate volleyball. You’re scared of it.


That’s right. You quit volleyball because your sister died during training and you got scared.

You’re wrong!
I quit because I hated volleyball for stealing away my sister!

If you hate volleyball so much then...
why don’t you just defeat it? Why are you running?

If you don’t do that you’ll lose to volleyball without even fighting it.
No, you’ve already lost!

No... you’re wrong!

You’re wrong.

If that’s true then try defeating volleyball. Try and defeat that volleyball that you hate so much.

Try and fulfill the dream that your sister wasn’t able to accomplish with your own hands.
I’m sure that’s what your sister would want as well.

I’m not going to hound you to play volleyball.
If you feel like you want to try fighting against volleyball once more then come see me again today.

I’ll be waiting till 7 o’clock at the gymnasium at your school.

Got it? Until 7...


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