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The V Sign! 1
Shirt: Musashi

/You think I’m going to go? I’m not gonna play volleyball.../

/I’ve already got a job. I’m going to Osaka./

/Volleyball can just.../

Mom, I’m home.
SFX: slide



I went to deliver the flowers I made. If you get hungry go ahead and eat first.
- Mom.

SFX: Tick tock tick

SFX: Tick tock tick tock

SFX: Tick tock tick tock

SFX: Tick tock tick tock
Volleyball can just...

You’ve already lost to Volleyball...

You’ve lost. You’ve lost.

No! He’s wrong!

You’ve lost. If you can’t stand that
why don’t you try defeating it!?
Why don’t you try defeating it!?

It’s none of your business!
Stop it!

You’ve lost!
You’ve lost!
You’ve lost!
You’ve lost!

SFX: Tick tock tick tock

SFX: Tick tock tick tock

SFX: Tick tock tick tock

SFX: Dong

SFX: Dong Dong

SFX: bff

SFX: whmp
All right then, Let’s give it a shot, Yumi.
We’ll put our blood and sweat into giving it a shot and see if you win or lose against volleyball.
And we’ll bring the rising sun to Mexico at the Olympics in 4 years.

Do yo know this sign?
It’s a V sign...

That’s right... It’s a sign that stands for the first letter of Victory...

Victory is the only thing that matters for you. The V sign!

/The V sign.../

I’ll do it.
I’ll defeat the thing that drove my sister to death. I’ll defeat the thing that I hate so much. I’ll defeat volleyball.


All right, we’re all set.

I’m Keisuke Maki, the volleyball coach and a member of the labor division at Tachiki Factories.

When you graduate come see me... I’ll be waiting for you.

All right, I’m gonna do it!

I’m getting all fired up now!
Huh? Where’s the fire?

Song: Ladadee Ladadaa

I’ve spotted Miss Across-the-river, little Yumi.

Hey there, Gen!
… That’s what she always does to me.
SFX: slap

So if I dodge then...
SFX: whoops
SFX: ahh
SFX: heeheehee

Wait, hold on a second.

Back there when I thought she was about to smack me...
SFX: whoosh

That’s just going to happen again...

Hey there, Gen! What are you so down about!?
SFX: slap



Oh no!

SFX: Bwoosh

Song: Ladadee Ladadaa!

SFX: throb throb

How’d this happen to me!
Mom, I’m home and I’m so hungry!
Sfx: Slide

Oh, did you eat already? I’m sorry I was so late.

I played a huge role in today’s match and we won the championship.

It went all the way to the fifth set. It was 14 to 13 and it was the last point.
Who do you think the server was for Shiroyama middle?

That’s right, just who you’d count on! Our dependable Yumi Asaoka !

I hit my devil screwball serve smack dab in the center!

And of course our opponents were so shocked they couldn’t do anything.

And then...

Mom, are you listening?
I’m listening.

And then, well, I guess I caught the eye of a scout for a company’s volleyball team. The team is called Tachiki Musashi.

It’s going to be okay if I turn down the offer at uncle’s company in Osaka, right?

What are you saying? It’s too late for that.

But I gave them the okay for it and everything. The pay is good too.

You’ll have to turn them down.


But Tachiki Musashi will be close to home too...
No. You’re going to work at your uncle’s factory.

What’s wrong, this isn’t like you, mother.

You’re the one that made me participate in that volleyball match when I didn’t want to.
And you knew that I actually loved volleyball deep down in my heart.

You can’t eliminate volleyball from who I am.
Please, can I join Tachiki Musashi?

Or is there some reason that I can’t?
Please, mother.

You’re gonna turn ‘em down!


It’s my uncle from Osaka...

Yumi, I done came ter pick you up.
You’re goin’ back ter Osaka with me tomorrow.

But brother, you can’t do that so suddenly... Yumi still has school...

School ain’t gonna matter nomore. All that’s left is the graduation ceremony anywho.
We’re so busy I’d hire a cat ter help out!
SFX: sniff clatter

And besides I came out all the way ter bring you back. I ain’t goin’ back lookin’ like nobody’s fool!

I’m sorry uncle, but I’m not going to Osaka.

You shut yer mouth! I spent 300,000 yen on you already!

Brother, please, don’t talk about that...

300,000 yen?

What’s that about?
Mother, please!

I paid fer yer school expenses with the understandin’ that you were going ter come ter my place ter work after middle school.

Is it true?

Even with compulsory education, there’s still school trips and all sorts of membership fees that cost money.
I wasn’t able to keep up with a side business like this.

T-then this is just like I’m being sold. isn’t it?
Y-yumi! How can you say that!

Shut yer mouth! I’ve been thinking fer yer sake all this time!
The same goes fer yer mom too!

Mother may have done this for my sake, but I’m not happy about this at all.

We’re but mother and child. I couldn’t talk to you about it like that.
But if you had just let me know I could’ve worked as well... There are schools I could’ve gone to at night.
SFX: dook dook

Hmph, kids these days, the only way they’re grown up is in the way they talk.

Uncle, I’ve decided to join Tachiki Musashi. I’m not going to Osaka.

All right, that’s fine, then pay off that 300,000 yen you owe me in full.
Right now...
SFX: Bang

Please, Uncle, I’ll pay off that money while I work...
I’ll have ter reject your offer, If it ain’t right now then it ain’t no good.

Yumi, go to Osaka.

I don’t want to.

…and that’s how it is. Yumi Asaoka is a very capable student and I advised her to continue her education in high school however...

Because of some family issues she decided to work at a dyeing factory in Osaka.
Is that so?

… Yes, it is, so perhaps it would be best for you to discuss it with her mother.
I see...

I understand. Thank you very much.


Excuse me, I’d like to ask you a question. Do you know where the residence of Yumi Asaoka is...?
I do indeed... *cough*

It’s over in that row house, the third one from the inside. Ha--- ha---
T-thank you...

I can’t believe you! You got drunk again and fell in the river, didn’t you!?
No! I’ve got a good reason for this! Hachoo!
SFX: kaboom bang


How can you be such an impudent child!?

I hate you! I hate uncle too! I hate you all!

Ah! Yumi!
Wait! Yumi!

How ridiculous! This is all because of what a bad job you did of bringin’ her up!

Anyhow, I’ll be taking Yumi with me tomorrow.
If you don’t like it then hurry up and get me my 300,000 yen.

300,000 yen, huh?


These hands...

If I didn’t have these hands then everything would be fine!
If only I didn’t have these hands... then...

Then I’d be able to give up volleyball!


What are you trying to do, Yumi!?

Let me go! If I want to be able to give up volleyball then this is the only way!

You really want to play volleyball that much, Yumi!?

I understand, Yumi. Go and play volleyball.

Your mother wants to be able to let you play volleyball too, Yumi! I want to let you do whatever it is you want with all your heart!

I don’t want to make you all the way to Osaka.
But there wasn’t anyways I could say that in front of your uncle.

But how will we return the 300,000 yen to uncle?
If we don’t return it to him by tonight then I’ll have to go to Osaka...

Leave everything to mom. Now let’s go home.

Taihei Pawnshop

Well look who it is? Welcome, Shizu.

Could you take a look at this please...
Oh, what do we have here?


Shizu, this is...


This is your memento of Miyo, her championship plate!
And this is your memento of father, his gold watch! And this one is your wedding ring!

This kimono is the only one you have...

You can’t!
These are all things that you said you couldn’t give up no matter what happened.

It’s all right. Miyo and your father would forgive me if it’s for your sake.

You can’t do this, Mother, this is...

If you’re brave enough to ruin these hands then put that bravery towards striking down volleyball.
Yumi! Go and join Tachiki Musashi!


Shizu, I’m not sure what the situation is but perhaps this is enough.
Ah, yes, thank you...

100,000 yen! But that’s so much...
Is that enough to help?

Thank you, Taihei.
Don’t mention it... Well, do your best.

Well, Yumi, it’s a bit far from the 300,000 yen that we borrowed, but with this I’m sure your uncle will understand.


Thank you...

I can’t believe I said that I hated you when you’re so kind...

I’m sure I’ll be punished for it...

What nonsense are you talking about. With this all you have to do is focus on volleyball.
Okay, mom.

You shut yer mouth!

You borrowed 300,000 yen! You think I can go back and throw away my pride fer a mere 100,000 yen?
I said I would pay the rest back over time...
SFX: bang

I didn’t put up no 300,000 yen on a whim or just fer show.
No matter what happens, Yumi’s gonna work fer me!

Hmph, and I was having a nice nap too...

Bring me some Alcohol!

What are you looking at!?
I’m not some spectacle fer ya!

Go the heck away!

SFX: slide

I-I told you to go away...

What’d you just say, you moron!?

Now look here, see! I’ve been keeping quiet till now but you sure are full of yourself, aren’t ya!?
Yumi-chan said she didn’t wanna go to Osaka, didn’t she!?
That’s right! That’s right!


… And that’s how it gonna be!

You people shouldn’t be gettin’ involved in the affairs of others.

What’d you just say!? You might be related to Yumi, but you’re a real monster!

SFX: buzz buzz buzz

No! Shizu, I can’t stand by and say nothing!
Not this Edo-kid!

Yumi ain’t goin’ to Osaka, got it!?
You’re amazing, Gen!
That’s right! That’s right!
SFX: slap

Oh? Then can you folk pony up the rest of the money?

Of course we can, you numbskull! That’s how it’s gonna be!
All right then, give it here!

Don’t get ahead of yourself, twerp.

Now this is the turning point where we’ll see if Yumi will become a volleyball star or a slave to her wretched uncle.
Let’s raise some funds for her.
That’s a great idea, I’m not gonna give Yumi to the likes of him.
That’s right! That’s right!

There you go.


Take this, buster.

Okay then, let’s see here.
Six, Seven... Carry the one...

Uhrm, all together that’s 1850 yen?

We’re short 198,150 yen but you’re just going to have to deal with it.

Take it and go the hell back home.

You idiots!

You think I can go back ter Osaka with these scraps here!?
SFX: kick



You scoundrel, I can’t hold back anymore!

This might be scraps to you but to us it’s a fortune!

So take it, you cur!
SFX: shove

Come on, everyone!
Chomp, Chomp

Heave ho!
Heave ho!
Heave ho!
chomp chomp

Heave ho!
Heave ho!
Heave ho!

Heave ho!
Heave ho!
What good timing, here’s a taxi!
Hey! Stop! Stop!
Heave ho!
SFX: squeee

This person’s going home. Take him to Tokyo station for us!
Chomp, chomp

Buh-Bye! That’s how it is!

Follow that car there.

Where’s uncle?

He said he was going back to Osaka and took off in the taxi.
That’s right.

But he left these...

He must’ve left that to apologize for all the mean things he said to you.
That’s right! That’s right!
Oh, hello there, Shizu.

I know he’s your brother but I just couldn’t keep my temper and blew up on him. I’m sorry...

No, he was really causing us an unthinkable amount of trouble. Thank you very much.

It was nothing.
We were just doing it for Yumi.
Afterall Yumi’s the rose of these row houses, she’s like a diamond in the rough.
If I compared her to my old lady it’s like heaven and hell.

Well, it’s not something I’d like my lady to hear but if I were younger I’d make her my bride...

But she can hear you.

Why don’t you try saying that again!?
That was just a joke... I’m sorry!
SFX: biff bang boom

Those two get along so well, don’t they?
They certainly do.

Anyways, Yumi, I don’t know much about volleyball, but...
if you’re going to do it then we want you to go for broke!

That’s right, just like the Olympics back then.
Yumi, you take the stage at the next Olympics in Mexico and beat those big foreigners black and blue!
That’s right! That’s right!
Yeah, just go all out for it! All out!


I’m so thankful to everyone living in these row houses. I’ll do my best to get there!

With my coach, Keisuke Maki, at my side... I’ll be able to give my all to volleyball.

Yumi, the people in these row houses have been abandoned by society and are drifters living in the shadows. They are living a meager life.
But even drifters like these can do something so wonderful. That means they must have been waiting for people to show up that they can be proud of.

You’ve got to work hard for the sake of the people in these row houses as well.

I’m going to do it, mom!

That’s the spirit, Yumi!
Yeah! Volleyball is my life and something that I hate and love at the same time...
SFX: slide



Welcome home, I came to return these to you.

Taihei, what do you mean by this?
You’re not asking for the 100,000 yen we borrowed, are you...?

No, of course not. I couldn’t ever do that, Shizu.
Then, why?

Well, there was someone who wanted me to get those goods that you left in my charge out right away, and put down the money with interest.

W-what did you say?

Who was it?
I didn’t get a chance to ask him, he left right away...

But it was someone I hadn’t seen around here before.

Who would do such a thing...

It’s not such a big deal. God watches out for honest folk like you.
Then I guess you’ve returned these goods to us.

But did that person have any unique features? How old did he look...?

SFX: slide slide

SFX: gasp gasp gasp gasp


Uhehehehe. I’ve got it! I’ve got it!
I’ve got the whole 300,000 yen! And with interest too!

I don’t know you anymore, Yumi! Go ahead and play yer volleyball or whatever it is! I don’t care!
This is mine! I’ll be taking it back!

But who gave you that money?

Goodbye then!
Sorry, I’m not gonna put up with any more of this funny business!
Wait, uncle!

Ah! That nasty old man’s come back again! Come here, everyone!
Ahh! Somebody help me!
SFX: slide slide

Taihei, who could it be...?
Unfortunately, it was my grandmother who received the money.

She’s a bit senile so... I’m sorry.
I see...

Who was it...? Who would put all that money down just for me...?
But, anyways, this is something to be grateful for, isn’t it, Shizu?
Ah, yes...

Yumi! We must find this person and pay them back their money, even if it’s bit by bit.
Of course, mother!

I don’t know who you are but thank you so very much!
Thanks to you I can give it my all at volleyball!
What is it! What’s going on!?
It’s a fire! No, an earthquake!
SFX: boom

Don’t frighten us, Yumi!
I-I’m sorry, everyone.

Mr. Maki, are you sure about this? That was a large sum...
Yes, it’s fine.

But that money was an advance out of your retirement funds. Does that girl really hold that much value to you?

I’m not sure yet.
Then you...

But I’m placing my bets on it. I’m betting on the limitless potential that’s hidden in her tiny body...

I’ll show you that I can definitely shape her into a magnificent player.

And also as a way to atone for what I did to that person...


I-it was nothing. Let’s go.

I’ll be waiting, Yumi Asaoka. I’ll be waiting for April the 1st, the day you join Tachiki Musashi...


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