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[With the new year in tow, at the row houses across the river we find...]

Hello there, Shizu, Happy New Year.
Ah, if it isn’t Gen. Happy New Year to you too.

And next... to pay my respects to Miss Across-the-river...
SFX: whirl whirl

She’s not here.
Huh? Did she head off somewhere?

Oh, I know! Ehehehehe.
SFX: boing

Hahah, she must be with one of the youngsters from work...
… Perhaps. She hasn’t come back from her work yet.

From work...?

You don’t think... they’d make her work on New Years, do you...?
I couldn’t say...

Ah, I’ve got a New Year Card for you.
Well then, thank you kindly.

Not for you, Gen. It’s for Shizu!

Oh my, it’s from Yumi.
What’s it say?

Card: Dear mother, happy new year. I would’ve liked to come home straight home but there’s a very important match coming up right at the beginning of the new year so I can’t take any time off. I’m sorry. Sincerely, Yumi.

B-b-but... She could’ve at least taken New Years day off, right? She’s abandoning her own mother, who’s been waiting this whole time for her...
That’s no good of her... don’t you think?
SFX: tap tap

Heeheehee, but it’s just like her.

She’s becoming more and more like how I was when I was young. There’s really no going against what’s in your blood, huh, Gen?
Oh... Is that how it is?

Yumi, give it your all, just like you know you can. Your mother is used to dealing with tough times. I’ll be fine.

SFX: znn

SFX: grk grk grk grk

SFX: bff

SFX: slump

What’s wrong? You better not be falling over from just this.
SFX: huff huff

I’m fine. Keep throwing them please.

Okay then, here goes!

/I’m... not going to lose!/

/Not to these shoes... or to this weight.../
SFX: zubapf

/My sister may have lost, but I won’t!/
SFX: bapf

I’ll never lose!

SFX: thud

I... won’t lose!

SFX: whoosh

SFX: zubang

SFX: crash


/I’m... not going to lose!/

SFX: twirl

SFX: thud


Hey, Yumi!

/She’s passed out.../

Her drive is startling. She’s been completely different since yesterday than she is usually...

The way she saw me had been different...
Did something happen?

Or, perhaps...
does she know what happened between me and her sister...?

If that’s the case then...

SFX: biff biff biff biff

Um, I don’t see Yumi around...
You’re right.
What on earth could’ve happened?

Hey, Mari, It’s not because of what happened with Coach Maki, is it...?
… Maybe. She must not have been able to put up with it and ran away.

And besides that, she acted so sure of herself when it came to improving her jumping power but she must’ve lost all her confidence in that now...

I would feel like running away too, considering...
There’s no need to worry! Coach Maki isn’t that kind of person.

There must be some other cause behind the death of Yumi’s sister.
Is that so?


/What happened to Yumi...?/

/Did she quit volleyball? But there’s no way that’d happen.../
/The only person on Coach Maki’s mind is Yumi. But I’ll show you right now that I can make you forget about her./

SFX: slide

Sorry I’m late.

I came after a stop at the nurse’s office.

Y-Yumi, what happened to you?
It’s nothing.

/There you are, Yumi!/

How unfortunate for you, Mari...
But I’d never do something like run away.

Are you going to be alright with your body like that?
I’ll be fine!

I won’t lose to volleyball!
And the championship tournament is getting close too, right?


/What could she be planning on doing....? How can she be composed around the coach who killed her own sister.../

Okay, let’s continue practice. Here I go!


SFX: grrk grrk

SFX: zrr zrr zrr...

SFX: bff

SFX: huff huff huff huff

W-what happened?
She’s like a baby, stumbling all over like that!
It’s a bit strange.

If you want to laugh then go ahead a laugh it up.
I won’t take these shoes off no matter what!
SFX: giggle giggle

[And so this continued daily without fail, along with the secret training she received at night.]
[The weight of the black shoes stole away the freedom of Yumi’s body mercilessly]
[As the balls that Coach Maki hurled at her became more and more intense.]

SFX: wooo woo woohoo bweee bweee
Kanto Girls Volleyball Championship Tournament Arena

Okay, our first match is against Marumo Kogaku. This team will look to apply a lot of pressure with their power but they don’t have much finesse so that’s where we’ll aim for. Got it?
SFX: waaa waaa waaa

I have a question, Coach Maki.

Why are you letting Yumi take the court? She doesn’t have her usual- no, she has less than her usual jumping power...

Now that I mention it, that one month’s time that Yumi promised will be coming to an end exactly today.
That’s right, if you can’t reach 270 cm with your jump then you’ll be quitting the team.

Well, I’ll be putting Yumi on the courts regardless.
You girls should see for yourselves whether or not Yumi can jump or not.

Coach Maki may have said something like that but does he really believe I’ll be able to jump...?
Coach Maki, what could you possibly be thinking?


You’re going to take off those black shoes and put on your regular shoes.


Just do as I say, all right? Move around and jump as hard as you can. You ought to have a completely different body now than you used to have.

And now the curtains have finally opened for the Kanto Girls Volleyball Championship Tournament!
Our first match will be pairing up the runners-up from last year, Marumo Kogaku, with Tachiki Musashi, making their first appearance on the courts.
SFX: waaaa waaa waaaa bweee bweee

Just how long will Tachiki be able to hang on to Marumo on their debut game...? It appears that this will be the main focus of the match.

What’s this? It looks like Tachiki Musashi has a player of extremely small stature. Normally it seems like it would be impossible for her to be a Volleyball player with that height, however... Let’s take a look at what kind of movement she going to show us.

And the tournament’s off as Marumo has the serve!

Move around and jump as hard as you can. You ought to have a completely different body now than you used to have.

/It does feel a lot lighter./

/Fine, I’ll do as Coach Maki instructed me to and give it my all./

/After all if my jumping power can’t keep up I’ll be quitting the team anyways.../

The coach was brimming with confidence when it came to Yumi... And he’s moved her to the front too... Has she really gained that much power in her jump?

/There’s no way that could happen. I mean, it’s impossible.../

SFX: bweeee

SFX: waaa waaa

SFX: bmff

All right!

SFX: bomf

Jump as hard as you can!

I got it!

SFX: bmff

SFX: guuuin

SFX: bff

SFX: boing


SFX: boing

SFX: bshhh

SFX: pshhh

SFX: thud

I-I was able to jump! And it was higher than Mari too...

SFX: bweee


W... What an amazing jump! That small girl bounced up there like she was a rubber ball...!
I was completely shocked!
SFX: woooo wooo wooo wooo

It’s a miracle! That’s the only way I can describe it!

How could this happen...?
How could Yumi jump higher than me?


/Now I know why Coach Maki made me wear those black shoes.../

If you train with those heavy shoes on the muscles in your legs will become stronger in order to deal with them.
That’s why when I took off those black shoes my body was a strong spring of muscle and I was able to jump high...

There’s no way that someone who’s been thinking that much for me like Coach Maki could have caused my sister to die...
There must have been some other cause.

You did it Yumi! I’ve always believed that you’d do it!


It’s our serve now. Let’s shut them out!

SFX: bsshh

SFX: bmf

SFX: zmmf

Got it!

SFX: bmfff
SFX: pssh

SFX: bweee

Good job, Yumi!
Keep it up, Yumi.

SFX: biff
Tachiki 15
Marumo 10

Tachiki 15
Marumo 8

Tachiki 14
Marumo 3
SFX: zubapff

SFX: pshh

SFX: bweee

Game and set! Marumo Kogaku has been defeated! I’m flabbergasted! This is a complete upset!
SFX: waaa waaa

But even more surprising is Yumi Asaoka’s jumping abilities! They are a real sight to see.
I don’t even think you can call that human!

Miss Asaoka, congratulations on winning in straight sets. I’m from the Daily Morning Sports section...

How do you feel about earning more than half of all the points by yourself...?
You’ve got some amazing jumping power, what kind of training did you do...?
Uh... Uhm, I...
Please tell us, we’ll make it the top article on our sports section!
We’ll make the headline, “A prodigy appears in the world of girls volleyball”... How about it?

Miss Asaoka, please look over here.
And give us a smile please.
SFX: pok pok

All right everyone, give it a rest. We’ve got another match coming up tomorrow too...

Okay then, Coach Maki, as her coach what do you have to say about her jump...

I can’t believe this is happening...
I should be the one over there being interviewed with Coach Maki...

Becoming the queen of Tachiki Musashi was _my_ purpose for living.

SFX: clunk


What are these shoes?

These shoes... are so heavy...

So these were the secret weapons used to get that jumping power.

Yumi, I haven’t lost yet. Our competition has just begun.

It looks like my biggest rival in this tournament is going to be you...

But the queen of the finals will be me, not you...

And I’m not just bluffing either. I’ve got enough confidence to say this at least... I really want to see the look on your face when the finals are over. Heheheh...

[Daily News: Tachiki Musashi are heading to the finals.]
[Their opponents are the veterans Yashika.]

We did it. We’ve reached the finals.
Yup. And our opponent ended up being Yashika... I hear they’re strong.
That’s right. See, look, that spiker, Ryuuko Oomoto is going to be a big problem.

This person’s spike is so amazing that it has even been called an attack that can kill a person...
There’s even a story about someone who was injured receiving her killer attack and it broke the bones in their shoulder.

Who cares about Ryuuko, we’ve got Yumi on our side!

We’re really counting on you, Yumi.

Oh stop putting it like that. It’s because everyone has been working together.
It’s not my jumping power that’s got us here.

Hey, Yumi.

I really need to apologize to you...
Yeah, we should too.
What are you girls talking about?

We said that you should be removed from the team.
We really made a huge mistake.

But you can’t really call it that.
It’s because of what you girls said that I really got serious and worked on my jumping power.

I’m happy to hear it like that.

Then that means that it’ll be fine if I don’t leave the team, right?
Of course! it’s because you’re here that we’ve been able to win and make it this far.
Yeah! I’m with you!

Well, you guys are a lively bunch.
Ah, Coach Maki, come in.

Would you like some coffee?
Yes, please.

You girls have done a great job.
There’s just one more to go.

If we win I wonder if they’ll really build a gymnasium for us.

They will. The president made a promise to me that he would...

Now then, it’s finally the tournament championships. Let’s beat Yashika. We’ve got more hard training coming up tomorrow.

Maki-san, Uhm... Could we take at least one day off...
Everyone’s already in great shape...


Taking it that lightly will make us negligent.
You must absolutely not think that way...

Got it? Then hurry up and go get some rest.

He’s strict as usual.

But isn’t it because of that strictness that we’re where we are right now?
Yup, Yup.
T-That’s true.
SFX: chomp chomp chew chew

But if he worked me as hard as he did Yumi, then I would’ve definitely ran away.

But how did you get that jumping power?
Heheh, that’s a secret.

Oh, you don’t have to act so high and mighty about it...
Hm, I guess you’re right...

Well, basically...

Oh, Mari, where are you going?

Does it matter where I’m going?

I just thought I’d ask since you’re always disappearing when it rolls around this time each night.

I won’t take orders from you.

Oh, is that so? Then go ahead.

Heheheh, Mari must be in shock that I overtook her.

/Volleyball is impossible for showy, selfish princesses./
/It’s not that simple of a sport./

Must be hard for Mari. And she was the one who made it tough on Yumi too...
SFX: chomp chomp chomp

But Mari was in the wrong in the first place, so I guess there ain’t no two ways about that.
SFX: chew chew chew

It makes no difference. But, you really eat a lot, don’t you?

Oh, this is your portion. I’m sorry.
SFX: Heehee

SFX: ahahaha... hahaha...

Well then, Goodnight.
Sleep tight.

SFX: chomp chomp chomp

Oh, no, I forgot to bring in the laundry.

I’ll help you out.
That’s okay, Chiiko. You go ahead and sleep.

What is going on with me? I can’t believe I forgot about I do everyday.

Yes, what is going on with you?

Oh, Coach Maki.

There’s one more thing you’ve forgotten, haven’t you?


What are you talking about?

Your secret training.

But I don’t need it anymore, do I? I’ve already got plenty of jumping power...

Is that all you’ve got to say?

Yes, it is...

You fool!

W-what are you doing!?
How could you do this to me, Coach Maki!?

You’re acting just like a spoiled child!

Have you already forgotten when you lost to Nichibo?
Do you want to go back to being the frog that you were then!?

Are you trying to tell me that you don’t have anything else to do because you can jump now!?
Nobody would ever say that’s already enough! Got it!?

You should go take a look with your own eyes at what’s going on in the middle of the woods in the backyard of the company while you’re acting like this.

That’s all I wanted to say.

/The woods in the backyard...?/
/Is something happening over there...?/

SFX: ooo... ooo...

SFX: biff biff

SFX: ugh... urgh...


SFX: bomf

SFX: ughhh

SFX: scree scree

SFX: gasp gasp gasp

What’s wrong? Throw some more!

But, milady, this is too much.
If you continue training for so long in your condition you will die!

I’m fine with dying!
If I’m going to lose to Yumi then I’d rather die!


Is this what you’ve been going through every night... while we’ve been chatting away, full of ourselves...?

Aghhh, I’m so ashamed of myself.

I’m so ashamed!
What a horrible person I am...

Milady, why must you put yourself through something like this?

This is a training machine for my style.
In other words...

It is the same theory behind Yumi’s black shoes.
If I put this on then I need a considerable amount of power to hit the ball.

So if I’m able to hit the ball at a regular level with this on, then when I take it off...
I should be able to hit it with even more power than I had before.
Ah... I see...
SFX: bomf

SFX: scree

It’s the same with my legs and my waist. Forward...

or to the side... it doesn’t matter where I move...
SFX: skrr skrr skrr

The spring will try to pull me back.
SFX: zrr zrr zrr

With this, while my muscles try to compete with the strength of the spring, my muscles will become strong enough to stand up to them.
I understand, milady.

Well, if you understand then let’s continue training.

You’re going to continue?
Of course.

I hate losing to other people.
Especially to Yumi...

Now throw the ball.

SFX: bampf bampf

This is so embarrassing. I’m so ashamed!
I was so proud of myself just because I was able to get a bit of jumping power...
I’m so ashamed of myself. That I had only been waiting for words of praise from Coach Maki.

/And while I had been getting so full of myself, Mari was.../

Mari-san, you’re such an excellent sportsman, much more so than I am...

You’re acting just like a spoiled child!
Have you already forgotten when you lost at Nichibo?
Do you want to go back to being the frog that you were then!?


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