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Mari-san you’re amazing, but i won’t lose either.
If I lose to you, It’d be just like I was losing to volleyball.

Until now all I had been concerned with was jumping, but next I’ll come up with a server that nobody can imitate.

A new devil screwball serve!

The new devil screwball serve...

But why was Mari practicing with her eyes blindfolded?

It feels like there’s some huge reason behind the blindfold...

No, it’s fine.

Right now I need to focus my mind on coming up with a new screwball serve...

SFX: kasheen

SFX: bashoon bashoon

You’ve finally come around, haven’t you, Yumi.
Good for you.

Give it your best!

The V sign! The V sign that I taught you isn’t just something for when you win a match!

It’s something you do when you triumph over yourself.

And you, Mari...
SFX: bashoon bashoon

You’ve got yourself a good rival.
You might not have noticed yet but if it weren’t for Yumi then you would probably wouldn’t be putting in so much effort.
SFX: bampf bampf bampf

Life is just like sports! At times you may feel crushed and agonized by hardships but you get over them and become stronger in mind and body... That is what sports is all about! It’s life!

SFX: bang bababaang bang

Kanto Girls Volleyball Championship Tournament Arena

And now it’s finally the last day of the Kanto Girls Volleyball Championship Tournament. The atmosphere inside is getting pretty pretty heated up now.
SFX: woo woo

Now, will the laurels of victory will be shining brightly upon the crowns of the new stars, Tachiki Musashi, or will they be resting on the heads of the veterans, Yashika?
SFX: waaa waaa waaa

No matter who takes the championship, this match looks like it’s gonna be one of those great matches that you don’t get to see much of these days.

W-what do you think, Mr. Takayama? Will they be able to win?
Uhm, Well, it’s hard to say...

They say that victory or defeat comes down to time and luck...

What’s that? You’re their supervisor, aren’t you!? Get a grip!
Ah, yes-sir, I apologize.

Hey, Coach Maki!

What is it, Mr. President?

Basically... Do you think they can win?

We won’t know unless they try.

H-hey! I’m in big trouble here if even you are giving me that kind of answer.

To be honest, It never even occurred to me that a newly formed team like this one would reach the finals.

But since we’ve gotten this far, we’ve got to win now...
So, I’ll be counting on you.

So what should we be looking at to see if we’ll be able to win or not?
Hm, let’s see... Allow me to say this...

It might not be complete yet but you will be able to see some plays out of our team that have never existed before.

And what would that be?
I’m talking about Yumi Asaoka and Mari Tsubaki.
However, not even I know exactly what it will be.

Hmm. Is that how it is. I see...
Anyways, please just watch.
/Hmph. He’s just a coach yet he’s acting like he’s the supervisor. /

Miyo, can you hear the cheers...? I’ve finally made it this far.
I’ll defeat Nichibo and fulfill the dream that you were unable to accomplish! And then become number one in the world... I’ll make it happen in your place.

And the first step to that will be the match today. I hope you’re watching closely.
banner: Victory for Tachiki Musashi!


Sorry to tell you in advance, but the queen of this match will be me.
Make sure you don’t forget that it’s not going to be you.

Mari, it’s strange for you to be saying something like that.

We don’t know if we’ll be winning or losing yet.
SFX: waaa waaa

We’re going to win. We have to win.

Just what kind of techniques has Mari exactly come up with? Her eyes are full of confidence.

Yumi, I know you’ve been doing secret training just like I have, but... Exactly what kind...?

SFX: bweee

Yumi, the match is starting. Let’s do our best!

Chiiko, do your best too!
Y... Yup.

And the match is finally starting. Team members for both sides are exchanging greetings, however...
The members of Yashika already have their game faces on and are ready for a fight. It feel like the entire stadium is being engulfed by flames!

That’s the person that all the other teams were afraid of that they called the killer spiker and appeared in the newspaper... Ryuuko Oomoto...
That’s right.

/So that’s Ryuuko Oomoto.../

And now the game has started. The players are all taking their positions.

Now we’ll see if the victory laurels will go to the veterans, Yashika, or...
SFX: waaa waaa wooo wooo

The new stars, Tachiki Musashi...


This is bad!

/This is the first time for them at a big match like this. And they’re too conscious of victory that they’re all tightening up.../

Ahem. Uhoh. Ahaaaan. Pheeeew.

SFX: scratch scratch

/Huh? That sign means.../
/“Don’t get so tense.”/

/I see. Even I’ve gotten all tight and stiff.../

/Everyone’s nervous and has frozen solid. I’ve got do something.../

Just hold on a second, Chiiko.
Yup. Yashika is up first.

That’s not what I’m talking about. Look, don’t you think Ryuuko sort of looks like you, Chiiko?

Right down to the size of her bust and the way her hips are just like ba-boom...!

How rude!
I’m waaaay slimmer than the likes of her!
Why don’t you go check for yourself!

Aha! I was just joking with you! Hehehe.
Agh, Yumi, I can’t believe you!
/How can she be joking in such an important time like this...What is she trying to do...?/
SFX: heehee

/Looks like it went well./

/Good going, Yumi.../

Oh? That looks like...

/The coach from Nichibou.../

/He’s here to scope out the future competition for the Japanese Championship Tournament… As one would expect from Nichibou./
SFX: bweee

SFX: bweee

SFX: bampf

SFX: voom

SFX: bomf

SFX: bomf

Got it!
SFX: bampf

Good job!
SFX: zubam

SFX: bomf

SFX: thud

Ah! They were able to return it!

/Yashika’s tough after all!/

SFX: bang

SFX: squeeze

SFX: bathoom

SFX: guwoooo

SFX: clatter

SFX: hrk

SFX: whump

SFX: thud

SFX: wobble

SFX: crash

SFX: bweee

Tachiki 0
Yashika 1

I-It’s appeared! Ryuuko’s killer spike!

And what a fitting name it is! What an amazing spike! Tachiki Musashi’s Kimie Okada, who took it head on, can’t seem to get up. Did she end up with a light concussion or something of the sort?

Oh! Tachiki’s coach is calling for a time out. They’re already bringing in another player.
SFX: woo wooo woo woo


/W-what a terrifying opponent.../

/This looks like it’s going to be a more difficult match than I expected.../

With this match, Ryuuko Oomoto has now knocked out a total of eight people.
Among them was the semifinal match in which Amanuma from Taki Electric tried receiving that spike with incorrect posture and ended up sustaining a huge injury that has her out for the next three months.

I’m concerned for the wellbeing of Kimie, however...

The match is starting up again.

SFX: bampf

SFX: bomf

SFX: zubaf

SFX: zubaf

Leave this one to me!
SFX: gwoooo

SFX: zrrrrn

SFX: slump roll



It ain’t nothing! I-I’m fine!

I’ll get it next time! I’ll show you!
That’s the spirit.


SFX: zubaaan

Tachiki 0
Yashika 3

Ugh! I can’t lose!
SFX: pssun

This isn’t good!

Ryuuko Oomoto is aiming for Chiiko.

/If she takes out the strongest one of us all, Chiiko, it’ll be like she’s taking us all out!/

SFX: bampf bampf

Chiiko, let me return it!
I’m fine! Move out of the way!

SFX: zuba

SFX: bampf
SFX: crash


SFX: zuba whizz...


SFX: slam

Tachiki 0
Yashika 8
SFX: bwee

SFX: waaa waaa waaa waaa waaa

She’s really something, isn’t she...

Ugh, what a fearsome person. I have taken Ryuuko Oomoto too lightly... I have to do something.
But if you receive that killer spike with the wrong posture you’ll end up with a fracture or a concussion.
You must take it straight on. However, even Chiiko Koyama can’t seem to deal with it...
There’s nobody else we have left that can take that killer spike on...

What should I do...

/Next she’s going to aim for Yumi or Mari./

Heheh. This is getting interesting. It looks like it’s about time for me to make my appearance.

SFX: bomf

SFX: zuba

SFX: zubaaaang

SFX: whrrrr

She’s aiming for Yumi now!

SFX: dash whrrrrr

SFX: whump

Ah! Ahhh!

SFX: ooooh!

/What Mari’s did just now was.../

It’s like she read her opponent’s mind and knew where the ball was going to fly to. If she didn’t then she wouldn’t be able to make that play... But is that even possible?

Yumi, you’re up!
Got it!

SFX: Bashoon

Yeah~! They did it!

/Good job, Mari. This must the result of your secret training! Yumi’s doing well too./


Keep it up, Mari and Yumi!

Mari was able to handle Ryuko Omoto’s killer spike without any trouble...

With the way she’s moving it’s like she knows from the very beginning where the ball Ryuko hit will be coming from...

No, that was just a fluke... It has to be...

How could my killer spike...

She just got lucky. It’s not possible...
SFX: bampf

SFX: bomf

I’ll get you this time!


SFX: zubaaang

SFX: bomf

I-it wasn’t a fluke!

I-it’s not a fluke!


Come on, Yumi!

SFX: pshh

Tachiki 1
Yashika 8
SFX: waa waa

Yumi! What’s wrong with you! Stop spacing out!
SFX: pat

I-I’m sorry.
/Heheh, Yumi’s in completely shock./

Didn’t I tell you already? I’m going to be the queen of this match.

What amazing play! Completely stunning, Mari Tsubaki! She received that killer spike that has caused 8 people injuries so skillfully...
And that’s not all, it seems like she knows exactly where the ball is going to go from the very start. Mari Tsubaki must be using magic! That’s the only way I can put it!

/Just what is she doing...?/


I know! It’s sound. The secret of her blindfold is...

With her eyes blindfolded she relies on sound and goes after the ball that way...
She’s developed the ability to tell which direction the ball is going to go from the sound that gets made the moment her opponent hits the ball...
SFX: baaaampf baaaampf

And she’s also developed the strength to receive the ball no matter how fast it’s going from tying those springs to her arms, legs, and waist... Mari had been expecting Ryuko Omoto’s killer spike this entire time.

/Mari, you’re amazing./
/But I won’t lose either. I assure you.../

/Great, Mari!/

/Now the problem is Yumi. I have no idea what her new technique is but with these two combined.../

Our opponents are getting impatient! Let’s take them out in one go!
SFX: okay

Tachiki 9
Yashika 9

Great! Yeah, that’s the way!

Let’s go, Tachiki! Go get them!
That’s dangerous, Mr. president!

What are you blabbering about! I’m the Mr. president! That’s the way to do it!

Ah! Ahh!

That’s why I told you to be careful, Mr. president!

Hmm, but...

That’s right, if we win, we’ll have to build a new gymnasium.
Uhm, hmm...

That’s true... I’d like to win but a new gymnasium would cost tons of money.

This is so difficult.
I-I understand you completely, Mr. president...

Oh! They got another one!

SFX: banzai!



Tachiki 14
Yashika 10

It’s the match point! You’re up for the serve, Yumi.
SFX: waaa waaa waaa

Time! Time out!

Let me go out there! I can’t stay out of the game with just these little injuries.

Absolutely not! You get some rest!
No! Put me in coach! I’m going to get my revenge on Ryuko Omoto!

Please, coach, I’m fine...
O... Okay.

Go give it a shot.

T-thank you!
L-Let me go. We’re switching a player in!

Yumi! Let’s do it!

We’re at the matchpoint of the first set. The server is Yumi... Yumi Asaoka, the one with the miraculous jump.

Uh... Yumi.
Leave it to me.

Yumi hasn’t shown any new techniques in her receives or her spikes... so that means the serve must be...

Watch this, Mari, my new devil screwball serve...

Time! Time out!

We’re switching servers!



You’re heading home right now.
W-what did you say?

Your mother has...

Telegram: Your mother is on the verge of death. Return immediately. Ge nkichi

Now hurry up and go.

Yumi, hurry up!

No. I won’t go.

Just leave the rest to us! Now hurry up!

Volleyball is my life, s-so...

My new serve... it’s all been for today... this moment right now...

I created it with my blood and sweat.
My mother would surely understand how I feel and forgive me.

You fool!
You’ll be able to play volleyball again any time you want but your mother won’t come back to life!

You’re going back. That’s an order.
Yumi, go home!

Just leave everything else to us. Now, hurry home.

I understand. I’ll go home. You do your best.
Go quickly...

We’ll go too once the match is over.

SFX: Vrooooom

Hang in there, Mom...
Can you go any faster, Driver?

D-don’t joke around, if we go any faster we’ll be headed for heaven.

J... Just step on it...
SFX: screeee

Please don’t die before I get back, Mom!

Miss, your change!
SFX: tap tap tap

SFX: slide!


Oh! If it isn’t Yumi!
Yumi... What is going on?
SFX: bwee bwee gahh


Mom! Is it okay for you up to be up like this? Are you all right?
What are you talking about? I can’t be lying in bed if I’m not sick to begin with.

You’re not sick? How can that...

And what is going on with you, Yumi? What happened for you to run out in the middle of a game like that.
B... But...

Gen found a TV that was still usable among the trash at the garbage collection. Everyone’s been here watching.
That’s right. We were just getting to the good part when you were about to serve and just when that was about to happen you disappeared.
Tachiki Musashi took the first set but with the absence of their ace, Yumi Asaoka, it would be incredibly difficult for Tachiki.
And now she’s here of all places. Can you believe it?
SFX: gaaa pshhh bwee gaaa

And now the veteran players of Yashika are in complete turnaround mode! In the second set they’ve got a good five point lead over Tachiki Musashi and are in good shape.
SFX: gaaaa bweee

Then what...

What on earth is this?

Isn’t this a telegram?
Take a look.

Telegram: Your mother is critically ill. Return immediately. Ge nkichi

Oh, my!
That’s why I came flying!

T-This isn’t my name!

… So if you’re trying to tell me that I sent this out then, well,

I don’t know nothing about anything like that!

Is that true, Gen?
Of course it is! To begin with Shizu has been lively as ever!

Then this is...

A trap! This is a trap! I’ve been fooled!

This is a trap someone came up with so I wouldn’t take part in the match!
It’s happened all in one moment. It’s 10 to 3. This is getting harder and harder for Tachiki Musashi!

Who would ever...

do something like this...

Yumi, you’re no better.

Isn’t it true? You’re a failure as a volleyball player.

Even if this telegram were true, how could you just abandon such an important match?
That wouldn’t make your mother happy at all...

I don’t remember raising you to be such a pathetic child.
Shizu, that’s too much. Yumi just...

Gen! Please be quiet!

Hurry up and get back to that arena. You bet your entire youth on volleyball, didn’t you?
Y-yes, mother.

Hurry up and go, and make sure you win.
Okay, I’ll be sure to show you a win!

Do your best~, Yumi!

Shizu, you were being too harsh on her. Yumi was worried about you from the bottom of her heart and that’s precisely why she...
I know that well, Gen.

But there are times when a parent must become like beasts in front of their children, don’t you think?

O-oh I see! That’s how it is! Your angry on the surface, but not in your heart!

You’ve got a completely different head on your shoulders from the other mother’s round these parts.
It’s really quite a sight to behold.

Whaddya mean by that?
I don’t think we heard you just right there, how’s about you say that again.?
Whoa, there, what are you trying to do!

Oh, no! Take a look! Tachiki Musashi is going to lose!

It’s now the set point. Yashika position is getting better and better!

Ah! Ryuko Omoto’s spike decides the point splendidly!
Yashika takes the second set!

The match is one set apiece. The third set is turning up to be the one to watch!

Dang it, Yumi! Hurry up and get back there!

SFX: vrooom beep beep honk honk

Hey! Taxi!

Oh, no... That one had someone riding it as well.
SFX: vroom

/I’ve got to hurry up and get there.../
SFX: beep beep honk honk

Now the third set has begun. Mari Tsubaki from Tachiki Musashi is trying her hardest all by herself but she’s unable to conceal how tough a time she’s having.
SFX: waa waa waa waa

/Ahh, if only Yumi was here for us.../

/No, I won’t say more, it’s unavoidable.../
/Heheheh... It’s still too early to get disappointed, Coach Maki. I’ll turn on the engines now, just you watch!/
banner: Do your best, Tachiki!

SFX: vroom vroom honk honk beep beep

Ah! Taxi!

SFX: vroom

I’ve got to hurry up and get back...

SFX: bampf

S-she’s done it! Mari Tsubaki has been hustling fiercely and has lead Tachiki Musashi on a comeback. The score is now 14 to 12!
SFX: waa waa

Just as the words would imply, Mari Tsubaki is fighting a one woman battle!

And once again Mari Tsubaki decides the set with her spike!

The third set goes to Tachiki. This game is on a complete seesaw!
SFX: wooo wooo

Good going, Mari!

SFX: vroom...

Ah! Here’s one!

Taxi! Stop! Stop!
SFX: skrreee...

To the Tokyo Gymnasium, and step on it please!

… Speaking of which, they’re in the middle of a Volleyball match over there, aren’t they?
That’s right.
SFX: vroom

Then how about I turn up the volume up a bit.
Now in the fourth set the score is 13 to 8 with Yashika in the lead.
SFX: zzt zzt

Ah, Tachiki commits a foul with a net touch and the score is now 14 to 8! Set point for Yashika!

/It’s the fourth set already!/
This isn’t looking good, and after all that hard work by Tachiki to take two sets...

There it is again! Ryuuko Oomoto’s overwhelming killer spike!
That’s no good! They’re done for!
Ah! And there’s Mari Tsubaki with a beautiful turnaround receive! Wonderful!
That’s the way! Now it’s getting interesting!
And Chiiko Koyama tosses it up cleanly. It’s a chance for Tachiki.

And here comes Mari Tsubaki’s spike again! It’s good!

It’s good! It’s good! Tachiki’s putting on the pressure again! They’re amazingly persistent.

Mari Tsubaki’s completely filling in the gap that their ace Yumi Asaoka has left for them!

Mari Tsubaki is playing a huge part in this game!

If Tachiki wins then the most valuable player would definitely be Mari Tsubaki!

/The most valuable player of the match would be Mari... Tsubaki... Could it be...?/
I’ll be the queen of the finals. Don’t you forget that!

It’s Mari!

What’s wrong, Miss?
Er, No... it’s nothing, please hurry.

/That telegram must have been done by Mari./

I was in the way of her becoming the queen... so she resorted to underhanded tactics so I wouldn’t be able to get on court for the match.

Mari, I won’t forgive you for doing such a cowardly thing. I definitely won’t forgive you for this.
I had thought you were a better person than this... but you really are just a cruel person.

Could you drive as fast as you can?
/Agh, how terrifying. What a scary expression she has on her face../

SFX: zubang

It’s good! Once again Mari Tsubaki’s spike is good! The score is 14 to 9!

It’s one last push for Tachiki!
Ah! Time! Yashika calls for a time out.

Yashika’s supervisor can’t put up with it any longer and has called for all of the players to gather.
They’re just one more point away from winning again.

Great! We can win if we keep this up! We can definitely win!

Mari, I’m counting on you.

Got it, Coach Maki! I’ll definitely show you a win!

Now go finish them off!
SFX: bweee

Watch me, Coach Maki! I’ll definitely show you that I’ll make this match mine!
Yumi, it looks like our competition has come to an end...

Heeheehee, I win this time, Yumi. I’ll have you give up the queen’s throne to me.
Along with Coach Maki’s heart, and the praise of the media. They’ll all belong to me.

SFX: vroom

Mari, no matter what you try to make happen, I’ll never give you the queen’s throne.
Not to a person with such poor sportsmanship like you...


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