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Using a fake telegram and fooling me by saying my mother was critically ill in order to get me away from the match! How cheap can you be?!
Mari, there’s no way I can forgive you for this...

Heheheh, Yumi, I’ll win this match and become the queen.
The national paper tomorrow will be full of my pictures tomorrow, and the coach’s heart will be mine too.

It’s Tachiki Musashi with two sets and Yashika with one and now in the fourth set Yashika has the lead with the score 14 to 10. Just one more point for Yashika, but the Tachiki team is showing just how sticky they can be.
In particular, the role that Tachiki team’s Mari Tsubaki is playing in this is remarkable.
SFX: woo woo woo

In today’s match she’s been able to deal with Ryuko Omoto from Yashika’s killer serve that had rendered 8 people being unable to appear in matches with extreme ease.
The ball’s on Tachiki Musashi’s side of the court and Kaori Matsubara receives!

Now it’s Chiiko Koyama with the toss!

Ah, Mari and Ikeda both jump for it! It’s a tricky play!
SFX: zuba

It’s Mari! Mari Tsubaki with the spike!
SFX: bathoom

She’s done it! Mari Tsubaki’s spike is good again!
SFX: bampf

It’s Yashika’s 14 to Tachiki’s 11. They keep gaining on them!
SFX: woo woo woo

You could pretty much say that Mari Tsubaki has made all of Tachiki’s points happen!

Amazing! What a prodigy of a player! Mari Tsubaki!

Good, Mari! You’re amazing!

We’re going to win! You’re going to get a new Gymnasium!
SFX: cheer cheer cheer cheer

SFX: woo woo

SFX: woo woo

Can you hear that? These loud cheers are all rooting on Mari Tsubaki!

Mari Tsubaki’s so popular right now!

What a great match! Tachiki’s making their debut but they’re pretty good!

But there’s one thing that I don’t get.
Why they didn’t bring out the girl with the miracle jump, Yumi Asaoka.

It’s like the coach for Tachiki doesn’t know what he’s doing. If they put Yumi Asaoka out there the match wouldn’t be anywhere near as hard as it is.

Could you please put more speed on it?
What? If I drive any faster than this I’ll get caught by the police.

Oh, I see, you must be going to watch this match...

That’s not it!
Then why are you in such a rush?

I’m that Yumi Asaoka that you’ve been talking about.

Are you serious!?

That’s dangerous! Watch where you’re going!
Oh, no, that won’t do!

But why are you here right now?
There are reasons... But right now I just want to make it to the match no matter what.

All right then. I’m a man too. Just leave it to me.
If that’s the case then to hell with the police!

Ah! Mari Tsubaki’s spike decides it again! It’s now 14 to 12!

Hurry up! Hurry up!
I know!
SFX: skreeee

This time Chiiko Koyama’s spike is good! It’s 14 to 14!
SFX: woo woo

They’re almost finished, Miss Asaoka!

What’s wrong?
SFX: screeeeee

It’s the railway crossing! Dammit!
SFX: ding ding ding ding

This railway crossing is going to take a bit before it opens!

SFX: ding ding ding ding ding ding

SFX: chug chug

Ahh... The match... The match is going to end...

SFX: ding ding ding

All right! It opened up faster than usual!

Let’s go!
SFX: vroom

SFX: vroom

SFX: woop woop

Oh no! It’s the police!

SFX: screee putt putt putt putt

You were going 50 km over the speed limit!

I-it wasn’t that much! Anyways, please just listen to me!
This is Yumi Asaoka!

Please! I’m trying to get to the Tokyo Gymnasium as fast as I can!
This car broke the law, I can’t just let it go.

Please listen to my explanation!

SFX: collapse

Ahhh, it’s over. It’s all over.
I can’t believe I’m going to lose to that underhanded Mari!

Heeheehee, Yumi’s finished. I’ve won!
SFX: heheheheh ahahhaha ahahahaha

The fierce battle continues!

Both sides are getting tired out... the rest is going to come down to a battle of willpower and guts...
Ah! And it’s Tachiki with the one touch!

The serve goes to Yashika. Anybody can take it at this point.

/This is no good. They’re all getting tired out./

SFX: gasp gasp

SFX: pant pant

SFX: gasp gasp

SFX: huff huff huff huff

/I’m afraid to say so but when it comes down to it Yashika has the advantage because they’ve got more experience in these matches.../

I-I’m so tired... It feels like all the muscles in my body are going to tear apart.

But it’s only natural. I have to focus all my senses on the sound of the ball that my opponent hit

in order to use my spring receive. It tires a person out quicker than normally.

And on top of that, even with all that training I did, I can’t keep taking on those killer spikes from Ryuko Omoto over and over...
But if I lose here I won’t be able to become the queen...

Mari, you’re up!

SFX: bampf

SFX: zubang

SFX: bampf

SFX: thud

Tachiki 14
Yashika 15
SFX: bwee

N-no! We can’t lose! If I lose here I won’t be able to beat Yumi either!

/This is really bad! I’ve got to do something! If they lose hope now then it’s over!/

T... Time out!

I see. I understand now.


But as part of my job I can’t just let you go so fast that you’ll be breaking the law.
But if we do that then the match will be over.

Therefore you should get back in the car. I’ll ride in front and guide you...

Hurry up!


Are you ready? Here we go.
Great! He’s a pretty reasonable guy! I don’t mind if I have to end up paying for a ticket or whatnot like this!
SFX: vroom slam

Please, God, let me make it in time for the game... and please let me serve my new devil screwball. I put my blood and sweat into creating it.
SFX: woop woop woop

And now we’re coming down to the final scenes of the championship match. It’s Yashika 15, Tachiki 14...
Tachiki’s Coach Maki called for a time out. He’s got a real strained look on his face right now.
SFX: woo woo woo woo

What you guys need right now is this!

A V sign...?

Think hard one more time about what this V sign truly means.
Yashika aren’t the only opponent that you girls have to battle and beat!

You’ve got to win over yourselves as well!

Beat yourselves! That’s the biggest key to victory!

Yes, Coach!

We will definitely win!


Now get out there!

And the game is underway again. Yashika has the serve!
SFX: bwee

The V sign...
The V sign... We must win.

SFX: bawooon

The V sign gosh darnit!
SFX: bomf

SFX: zubang

SFX: pshh

SFX: boing

SFX: woooooo
Great job, Mari!
We’ve got the serve now.

T... Time out!
Ah! Now Yashika’s asking for a time out!
Both teams are showing the same level of fatigue.
SFX: woo woo

Calm down everyone! We’ve got this far, the rest is just a battle of willpower!
Our opponents are having just as tough a time as we are, got it?

Good job, don’t forget what I just told you girls.

Okay, you’ve got the serve, right, Kaori? Just relax and do it like you usually do.
Let’s go!

/Even though I talked them up everyone’s tired out./
/At times like these we’ve got to decide at once with the serve.../

/Argh, if only we had Yumi here for us.../
/She must have come up with a new screwball serve./
/What a shame.../

/Yumi, what are you up to right now...?/

SFX: woop

SFX: woo woo woo woo woo screee

Thank you, Mr. police officer!
Hurry up and get in there!

SFX: tap tap tap

Wait! Wait!



Ahh, I made it in time...
SFX: murmur murmur murmur

Coach, let me serve!
But what about your mother...?

I’ll tell you about that later, just let me serve...


Fine. You do it. Go for it.

We’re changing servers!

Here’s the ball, Yumi! I’ll leave it to you!
Thank you, Kaori!

Do your best.

Yes, Coach.

SFX: woo woo woo

Mari, I’ve never met anyone as despicable as you.
Sending a fake telegram saying that my mother is in critical condition just so you could become the queen of the match...

I’ll never let someone like that sit in the throne of the queen...

SFX: woo woo woo

Open up those ears, all of you listening out there, to the cheering that we have going on here!
The climax of the finals has now arrived...
SFX: woo woo

Tachiki Musashi now hold the key to their first championship victory. Yumi Asaoka has approached the service area...

L-look, Shizu! Yumi made it in time!
All right! You look great! Go get ‘em Miss Across-the-river!
SFX: bwee gaaa


If you’ve bet your life on volleyball then play your heart out! Your dead sister is watching over you too!

Mother, sister, watch me... I’m going to risk it all on this ball.
Now is the time where my serve is crucial... I’m going to do it.

SFX: bwee


SFX: twirl!


SFX: bathoom

SFX: wrr wrr wrr wrr

SFX: screee

SFX: wrr wrr wrr thud!

SFX: whump whump whump



She did it!

Tachiki 15
Yashika 15
SFX: bwee ding

A-Amazing! What an amazing serve! She shot it with her back turned and the ball was bouncing around like lightning... Yumi Asaoka with a breathtaking serve!

Ryuuko Oomoto from Yashika took the serve right on her chin and she hasn’t recovered yet. Oh, now she’s finally got her head up.
SFX: wooo!

What an interesting serve! If I had to give it a name I’d call it the “Lightning Strike!”
/Great job, Yumi!/
SFX: woo woo woo

I remember that there use to be a player who used a serve that looked like that one on the Soviet team long ago but that’s the first time I’ve seen someone make the ball change course in the middle of the air like that. To hit that kind of serve you need strong spring and spin in the wrist...

Yumi, you’ve grown into a excellent volleyball player just like I knew you would.

Yumi, you did it!

You finally got it! I’m so happy!

Keep it up, Yumi!
Just two more points, right?

Yup. Just two more. We’re counting on you.

I’ve got to use this serve two more times...

But this serve isn’t complete yet and my body is severely tired...

If the spin I put on it from my wrist is even just a bit off the moment I hit the ball then it’s over.

Oh, no, the most dangerous thing I could be doing now is overthinking things.
I need to calm down. Failure is not an option...
SFX: bwee

SFX: bathoom

SFX: screee

Are we going to see... lightning strike again!?

SFX: wrr wrr

SFX: whump whump whump

SFX: bang

There it is! Lightning strikes!
Tachiki is finally at 16 points! Just one more point left!

SFX: woo woo woo

Yumi, just one more point! Here you go!


Y-yeah, thank you...

What’s wrong? You don’t look too good.
It’s nothing. It’s just because of the positioning.

Well then...

/Ahh, everything in front of me is getting hazy./

/Is this what it feels like when you’re in a trance...?/

Yumi! Get a hold of yourself, Yumi!
/It’s my sister.../

You have to win, Yumi!

It’s just one more point. Will Tachiki Musashi take their first championships? Everything rests in the hands of Yumi Asaoka, the server.
We’re counting on you, Yumi.

She’s getting set up!

H-here’s the serve...

And there it is again! Lightning strikes a third time!
SFX: gaagaaa bzzt gaaa

They can’t return it! Yashika can’t return it!

They’ve won! Tachiki Musashi takes their first championship!
She did it! She did it, Shizu! Look!
Yes, she did.
Hurray for Yumi!

You did great, Yumi! You did great!

A splendid job by Tachiki Musashi. To make it this far on their first time must surely have been a tough road for them to travel.
However, it’s precisely because of that, that they were able to rise above and break though, grabbing hold of the glory that they have now. You can hear all the applause and cheers for them now.

Coach Maki!!
It’s all thanks to you, Coach.
Thank you, Coach Maki.

You did great, everyone!

How do these tears taste? This is the taste of victory! It tastes great, doesn’t it? Drink up to your hearts content!
To advance towards tomorrow and to even greater glory!

The taste of victory... So this is what it tastes like.

Miss Tsubaki, you played an amazing role today.
What are your thoughts on having scored more than two thirds of the points in this final match...
Look over here and smile please.
What kind of training did you do for that serve, Miss Asaoka...?
Yes, as the supervisor of Tachiki I...

Uh, yes, as I was saying, I feel that...

As long as it’s for her own sake she doesn’t care what she has to do. How contemptible...

That’s how Mari gets herself surrounded by journalists. She must be pretty happy...

The most valuable player for Tachiki will now be elected according to the volleyball association staff.

/The award for most valuable player.../

This is the first time that there has been any delay in the presentation of individual awards. Now then, please allow me to announce the winner.

The award for most valuable player goes to...

/It’s got to be Yumi, of course!/

Mari Tsubaki!
SFX: ohhhhhhh

Mari... Mari is the most valuable player!
Which means...

SFX: woo woo woo

Which means... that a cheat like her is being awarded! How could this be!?
I can’t allow that!

Wait! Stop the award!

An award like that shouldn’t be going to...

Yumi, Stop it! It’s unsightly!

You’re no better. Can you really call yourself a worthy sportsman when you threw away the game just because of a single telegram?

Nevermind, it’s nothing. Please excuse me.


Could you please give us a word, Miss Tsubaki?

I promised a certain someone that I would show them I’d be the queen of this game...
So with this I guess that means I have kept my promise.
That’s how it is.


How is your mother?

She’s fine.

Really? That’s great!

Ah, Coach Maki, could we have a word?

I’m sorry, could we do this later?
Oh, come on. We won’t take up your time.

Uhm, excuse me, but I’m the supervisor of the team and...
Coach Maki, could we have your thoughts as the coach of the team?
Coach Maki, can you look over here for a second?

Could you tell us the secret behind how you were able to return Ryuko Omoto’s killer spike so easily...?
Well, I guess I can tell you a tiny bit about it. The award ceremony is going to start soon.


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