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Congratulations, Mari Tsubaki, on the award for most valuable player.
SFX: clap clap clap clap

For splendidly repelling the attack from Yashika’s Ryuko Omoto, known as the killer spiker, and for the remarkable role she played in the match.

A magnificent round of applause is echoing throughout the Tokyo Gymnasium right now.

SFX: clap clap clap clap

This ain’t right, Yumi. I definitely think that you deserve...
Stop it, Chiiko...

No matter what the reason was, I wasn’t able to play during the most important parts of the match and that’s all there is to it.

We won. Isn’t that enough?
Y... Yeah. I guess.

SFX: clap clap clap clap

Congratulations, Mari!
Thank you, Coach Maki.

Hey, Mari! You were amazing! You did a great job! I’m so happy!
Thank you, Mr. President!

Hey, what are you guys all doing! Go and lift Mari up!
Oh my!

SFX: heave ho heave ho heave ho

/I’ve become the queen. I’ve finally beat Yumi./

SFX: ahahahaha ahahaha

Yumi Asaoka, we were completely defeated. Thank you. It’s been a great learning experience.

Ryuuko Oomoto!

But the next time we meet, we won’t lose.
Let’s fight fair and square again next time.

Ryuuko Oomoto is a great person. Even when she loses she doesn’t show any pain at all. She even came to shake my hand... Compared to that I’ve been...
I should forget about everything that’s happened and go share in the joy and laughter with the rest of my team.

And next up should be...

Of course it’s me! The supervisor...

Coach Maki!
N... No, I don’t deserve...

Uhm... But I’m the supervisor...
SFX: waaaa

Dammit! That rat Maki is always acting like he’s the supervisor.
He’s just a lowly coach!

Don’t think I’m going to take this sitting down!

That Coach Maki sure is something. He brought a no-name like Tachiki all the way here.
He’s no regular guy.

You know, actually, I was pretty interested in the guy and did some research and found something surprising out.
/Ho ho, I’ve got to hear this./

Did you hear about that training incident two years ago with the Fuji Toyo Volleyball team...?
Oh, yeah, I remember.

That incident was shocking. At any rate the coach made them train too hard and one of the players ended up dying.
And that had something to do with Coach Maki?
Yeah, it did, something big.

That killer coach was Coach Maki.

There’s no way. I’m pretty sure that guy’s name was Fujimura or something...
And there’s the trick to it all.

You’re right that it was Fujimura, but after the incident he was taken in by one of his relatives and their name was Maki.
/Is that what happened...?/

Now it all makes sense. Everyone would be making a fuss if he was called an amazing coach.
Right? That’s completely the case.

/I see. I heard something pretty good./
/The killer coach, Keisuke Fujimura. Now his name is Keisuke Maki.../

Kanto girls volleyball championship tournament victory celebration party.
SFX: chatter chatter wahaha chater

SFX: chatter chatter chatter

Is everyone here now? Once we see the President and company we’ll begin.
Ah, Coach Maki, Yumi and Mari aren’t here yet.

Really? What’s keeping them?
They ought to be here already...

Aah, The coach is one of those people that doesn’t understand the subtleties of the female mindset.
W-what? What are you talking about?

Basically that they take their time.
The more you go on, the less I get it.

Ahh, How can you be so dense!

See, we’re girls of around a certain age so sometimes we want to go out of our way to dress ourselves up...
Ah, I understand now...

W-well then, you girls certainly look pretty tonight.
Truly... wonderful.

SFX: wobble

That’s way too late!
The timing of your compliments could use work!
No, really, I mean it...

B-by the way, Kimie, are you all right now?

Yes, thank you for asking...

Ryuuko Oomoto’s attacks were really frightening, weren’t they!

And Mari was able to easily receive against them. It really is amazing!

And Yumi’s serve was great too!

But aren’t those two running a little bit too late.
That’s true.

I’ll go check on them.

Ah, I’m sorry I’m late.

I understand how you feel, Yumi, but...

I know, Chiko.
It’s all in the past now. I’m fine.

That’s right, just show us that smile, Yumi!

SFX: lalala ladeeda

Hehe, I’m doing well for myself.

No matter what has happened, I’m the main star of tonight.

Mari Tsubaki, you look so beautiful tonight. Would you dance with me?

SFX: knock knock

It might be the coach...
C... Come in.

Ah, Uhm, Excuse me.

What? It’s you? I didn’t call for you... What is it?

The master entrusted me with these...

Oh, daddy gave you these flowers? They’re nice.

And, uhm, this is from me...

Oh, really? Thank you...

Is there something else you need?
Ah, I was just thinking how great it was that you were able to beat Yumi Asaoka...

I’m just so happy...

That fake telegram ended up being useful, didn’t it?

Fake telegram?

Yes, I sent it so that Yumi wouldn’t be able to participate in the match.
“You mother is critically ill. Return immediately...” It was a great idea, no?

T-Then that means...

You were always saying how you want to beat Yumi Asaoka, milady... So I did that to help.

Hohoho, how did I do?
I’m not as useless as I seem, right?

Y-you fool!

W-what are you doing!?
Who told you to do something so stupid!

But I did it for you...

Don’t treat me like an idiot! I would’ve beat Yumi without you intervening!

Just what have you done in my name!?

I’m going to tell daddy about you and have you fired! Now get out!
But, milady, that’s unfair!

I told you to get out!
SFX: slam

Mari is really late now.
Yeah, maybe we should go take a look...

Oh, Mari. You’re late. Hurry up and take a seat.
T-thank you...

Should I apologize...?
But I can’t bear lowering my head to Yumi...

Hm? Mari, are you feeling all right?
Huh? I’m fine! Why?

I don’t know, you look a bit pale.
That can’t be.

Oh, I know, it must be the make up, right?
Ah, yes, of course. Of course it is.

Yes, that’s why. Coach Maki, don’t you think Mari looks stunning?
T-thank you.

I have nothing to apologize for. I didn’t know anything about it...

Now then... where is the president?
Uhrm, Coach, maybe we could get it started just a bit? My stomach is grumbling already.

Oh there you go with your appetite again, Chiko.

Okay then, let’s start it off slow then.
We’re with you!

All right then, I’ll start it off.

In celebration of the first championship victory for Tachiki Musashi...

SFX: swing

Oh, you’re here, Mr. President. You were running a bit late so I was about to get started.
Mr. President, you’re going to take care of that new gymnasium for us, right?

Be silent.
The president has a big announcement to make right now.

Could it be that he knows about the fake telegram...?

Coach Maki,

Effective today you are to leave Tachiki Musashi!

What? What did you just say?

Mr. President, why does Coach Maki have to quit Tachiki Musashi?

That’s something that Coach Maki should know very well himself.

Well, if you can’t give an explanation then I shall tell everyone!
It’s because of this!

A player dies in the middle of practice at Fuji Toyo Volleyball.
The Japanese athletic association will launch an investigation. Could the cause be overtraining by her coach?

This is a clipping from the news two years ago.

Coach Maki...
Could that be...

We here at the Tachiki factory are a clean and honorable company within the industry, got it?
If people were to find out that that we have a murderer among us, it would bring shame to our business. This is a complete disgrace.

We cannot allow the name of our company to be marred for the sake of a single person.

Right, Mr. President?

And if you were to cause the death of one of our members then it would be a big incident as well.

Now you took a loan out a year ago from the company for 400,000 yen, didn’t you? You take that as your severance payment.

He borrowed 400,000 yen a year ago...?

The person that paid for the loan that my family made must have been Coach Maki!

I understand, Mr. President... I’ll be leaving effective today.

Heheh, How do you like that? This is what happens to people who go against me, the supervisor!

Please wait!

The player who died was my sister.

But the coach didn’t kill her.

What did you say?

Is that true?

There’s no way a good person like Coach Maki could do something like that.

He always pays attention to our health...

Coach Maki... He was the one that guided us to victory...

That’s right. Coach Maki is not that kind of person!

But that’s not enough for evidence, right?

But I trust him!
Coach Maki is definitely not that kind of person!


No matter what the reason was, your sister did indeed die.
That’s right, it doesn’t change the fact she died.

But we need you, Coach Maki.

That’s right, we need Coach Maki, Mr. President!
Please don’t make him quit!

This wasn’t something that I decided by myself. It was something the board of directors decided on.
That’s right, isn’t it, Mr. President!?

Now excuse us!
E... Excuse us!

Please wait, Mr. President!

No, you wait, girls.

It’s fine. Really... Thank you all.

What happened to Yumi’s sister isn’t something I was trying to hide but volleyball just wasn’t something that I could give up on.

However now I am satisfied and can quit. I was able to lead you girls to a championship victory...

You’re lying! You’re not satisfied, Coach!
SFX: shock!

I know you’ve got the dream of winning the Japanese Championship Tournament... and dominating the world arena lying in your heart!
We’ve all got that same dream!

That’s right. Please don’t quit, Coach!

Please don’t leave, Coach Maki!


T-thank you. I won’t ever forget your feelings.


You girls are no longer frogs in the middle of a well, you’re now great big frogs jumping across the oceans.
Even without me around you girls should be able to accomplish great things!

I’m sure I taught you well enough to do at least that.

Now then... I guess the victory party has changed into my farewell party but...

But let’s get it on anyways, shall we?

… Oh, that’s right, I’d like you to look at this.

I came up with a cheer that I’d like you all to sing.

What? Did you not think that I had this kind of talent?
Well I’ll have you know I was pretty serious about music in college back when I was in a band.

Now just follow my lead.
SFX: strum strum
SFX: strum strum

Put your sadness in it
Put your pain in it
and hit that white ball with all you’ve got.
Grow large and reach out, my little green trees...
SFX: Put your sadness in it Put your pain in it and hit that white ball with all you’ve got.

Now you.
SFX: Put your sadness in it Put your pain in it and hit that white ball with all you’ve got.

What’s wrong? You sound like mosquitos buzzing! Come on, louder!

Happiness is born from sadness
And joy lives through pain

SFX: Happiness is born from sadness and joy lives through pain

SFX: Jump Attack Jump Spike
Okay, now put your back into it.

SFX: Jump Attack Jump Spike

Pick it up, Pick it up
Tachiki Musashi
Hit it, Hit it
put the desires of your youth into it

And once again from the start! Go!
SFX: Put your sadness in it Put your pain in it and hit that white ball with all you’ve got Grow large and reach out my little green trees

Is this... Is this really all right...?

My award for most valuable playe





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