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sfx: tsaaa tsaaaa

Sigh... it’s raining again today... Can’t they hurry it up with the new gymnasium?
And it’s a Sunday too...
sfx: chomp chomp munch munch


What’s with that sudden outburst, Chiiko...


Hey, the national tournament is coming up soon, you know...

Give it up, once Chiiko starts reading her comics nothing reaches her ears.
sfx: hee hee hee

She could be reading something sad and she’d still be laughing.
Guess all you can do is raise your hands up at that.
sfx: hyahahaha

New member, June Sanders, from the Sanders Home in Kanagawa.

Hey, what do you think about June?

What do I think...? She doesn’t seem that pleasant.

It feels like it’ll be tough to get used to her.
The coach let her onto the team but it seems like there’ll still be some problems.

And the coach hasn’t been around at all either...
He said he had some things to take care of for the national tournament and left.

He’s still out and about even on a rainy day... That’s just like him.

Hey, Yumi?


What’s wrong, Yumi?


What is it?
Look over there.
What is it? Oh my!

sfx: tsaa tsaa splash splash splash

She must really love volleyball.

She’s really fighting out there... It looks like she’s totally in the zone.

Nah, it must just be because she got irritated about not being able to return Yumi’s lightning strike.
But it’s a bit strange isn’t it? I mean, it’s raining out there.

It’s amazing!


What’s going on, Yumi?


What happened with her?

Oh, take a look at that!

sfx: splash splash splash

sfx: splash splash

sfx: splash splash

sfx: splash splash


sfx: splash splash

sfx: tsaaa
sign: Tachiki Factories Service Entrance

sfx: splash splash

sfx: splash splash

sfx: gasp gasp gasp

sfx: splash

sfx: huff huff huff huff

sfx: splash splash

sfx: gasp gasp

sfx: wobble

sfx: splash

sfx: splash splash huff huff huff

sfx: splash

sfx: gasp gasp gasp gasp


sfx: gasp gasp gasp gasp

June, are you okay?

sfx: splish

I don't need anyone's help!

But, June, you're...

Volleyball's not just some game for me!

I'm not playing around either!

sfx: splash

W-what are you doing?

Hmph, come on!

sfx: tsaa tsaa tsaa

Stop that, you two!

Coach Maki...

[(bunny hops) because it may cause injury to the knees, this exercise is not being used anymore. Instead, the frog hop, where the legs are stretched straight whenever you jump, has been proven to be much more effective for training.]

sfx: splash splash splash

It's just like I thought, she's got amazing power in those legs of her and the willpower to back it up! There's finally someone else on this team who can keep up with you when it comes to bunny hops...

Yumi, if you slack off June might end up taking the spot of the ace on this team.

/So it'll be up to Yumi or June.../

Actually, up till now, I was really worried about what to do in order to rebuild the team and fill the hole that Mari left us with...
If everything goes according to plan then winning nationals might not be a dream after all...
What could the coach be thinking about...?

sign: Tachiki Factories Female Dormitories


First, The B frontliner tosses the ball that back line receives...

And then the A and C frontliner...

No, this will be impossible...
sfx: roll

/If we make the impossible possible then we’ll be able to use it to take out our opponents.../

Yumi and June might be able to do it...
With their guts and power they can...

sfx: rumble

sfx: slide

Oh, June, what is it?

The washroom...? It’s over this way.

Go straight down and once you reach the end of the hall it’ll be right after you turn left.


You must be tired after today. Warm yourself up and get some rest.

sfx: splash

Ahh! Chiiko, you’re getting it all over the place... hehe
Don’t sweat it! There’s plenty of hot water.

Wow, Yumi, your skin is so white and pretty.
Don’t be silly, Chiiko, your skin is whiter than mine.

People who live in the north east all have such smooth and pretty skin... Is it because you all grew up in the middle of all that white snow?
Do you really think so?

To be honest, the whiteness of my skin is one of the only things I have confidence in...
sfx: ahahahaha

Oh, Chiiko, were you complimenting me just so you could have a chance to say that?
Ahah, you found me out.

You little...!
sfx: splush hahahaha

text: Orphanage Sanders Home


How come I’m can’t get white? I’m washing myself with lots of soap, but...

I washed myself all over!
Oh, June...!

sfx: tap tap tap

What was that sound?

sfx: slam!

sfx: bshhh

Hrmph, I hope you’re watching!
sfx: zubashh

Volleyball’s not some game to me!

Even if my body ends up battered and bruised...
sfx: baaaaan

I’ll show you... I’ll...

sfx: the water’s so nice! the water feels so good!

sfx: slide it’s the water at tachiki musashi~

You’re in a really good mood, Chiiko.
Yeah, I love takin’ baths!
It just warms you all up! Uheheh.

Yumi, Yumi!

It’s awful!
What happened?

It’s Mari!

What happened to Mari?

Take a look at this.

[The Women’s National Volleyball Tournament approaches!]
[Mari Tsubaki moves to Nichibou!]
M-Mari’s on Nichibou now!?

[Mari Tsubaki from Nichibou and Ryuuko Oomoto from Yashika have both announced that they know how to deal with Tachiki Musashi’s Yumi Asaoka’s lightning strike serve!]

[(According to Mari Tsubaki) I left Tachiki Musashi and joined Nichibou in order to have a showdown against Yumi Asaoka. I’m completely confident that I have what it takes to bring the victory of the nationals to Nichibou.]

[... Which means that she believes she will crush Yumi Asaoka’s lightning strike serve. Every flower eventually wilts and things must eventually fall apart. No matter how impressive a technique might be it must have a weakness. If you find that, then even something like the lightning Strike serve will become useless.]

T-Then does that mean that Mari and Ryuuko have already found the weak point to my serve...?

No... they shouldn’t have found it out yet...

But I’m sure they’ve got a hint of it.
What scary opponents...

How mean. I can’t believe that Mari would join our biggest rival in Japan...
Friends today, enemies tomorrow.
She’s betrayed us. What kind of grudge does she have against us...?
She’s up to more of her tricks!

Are you still going to defend her, Yumi?
I’m not!

I have no intention of defending her but we can’t win by criticizing Mari. What we should be doing is working harder than Mari.

Yes... You’re right.

Let’s do our best.
Yeah, we’re not going to lose!
That’s right!

sfx: huff huff huff

/So Mari’s on Nichibou now./

The weakness of the lightning strikes serve... Hahahaha, I see...

This is Mari’s and Ryuuko’s way of calling you out, Yumi. You better make sure you don’t lose.

It looks like it’s finally time to start putting this plan I’ve had into motion...

text: Nichibou

sfx: hahahaha

Show me how lightning strikes, Yumi!

Gladly, but you won’t be able to receive it.
Hahaha, we’ll see about that...

What do you think?

T-that was a fluke! It has to be!

This time it’ll...

It doesn’t matter how many times you do it!

This time!

We told you, it’s pointless...

sfx: hahahahaha

text: hahahaha you look so down.
text: You must be tired. Hahaha. Just give up.

This... This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. Nobody’s supposed to be able to deal with my lightning strikes...
Nobody should be able to deal with it...

text: Ahahahahaha This can’t be happening. This isridiculous. Ahahahaha

Nobody’s supposed to be able to deal with my...
sfx: startle


It was a dream...

sfx: snore snore snore

sfx: tick tock tick tock

sfx: creak creak

sfx: twist twist

sfx: squeak





sfx: vroom

does Yumi have an injury?

She’s never taken a day off from work until today.

… Well, she was already gone when I woke up.
She was gone?

I was so surprised so I went to tell the Coach but he was gone too!
Oh my!

The new member June isn’t here either.

… So the three of them have all ran off?

Oh, did you all see the newspaper this morning?

I haven’t yet... Did something big happen?
Take a look for yourself.
Where? Oh!

[Tachiki Musashi, contenders for the Women’s national volleyball tournament gets a big new member! Their new member, June Sanders, comes from the Sanders Home in Kanagawa. With amazing athletic ability and strong legs that far surpass those of any Japanese...

Read the last part.
Uhm, where? The part where it says that some people are finding it strange that a foreigner is a member of a Japanese team...?

I think so too.
Isn’t Tachiki Musashi supposed to be a team for Japanese people?

And besides, I don’t really have a good feeling about that June person.
She’s always silent, I have no idea what’s going on in her heard.
sfx: wooo~ooo~
text: ah, it’s the afternoon~ chatter chatter

June and Yumi were like rivals... if both of them have disappeared then...

June was a foreign scout in disguise...

And she’s taken Yumi somewhere!

Oh, Chiiko, don’t be silly.
You’ve been reading too many comics.

But it certainly is strange.
Yeah, I don’t have a good feeling about this...

If the Coach isn’t around then what are we going to do about our three o’clock practice?

sfx: woooo

sfx: woooo~wooo

Anyways, let’s get started with our training. The nationals are just around the corner.



Where were you all this time?
You weren’t with June and Yumi?

Those two are doing training somewhere else.

It’s so they can master some new techniques to use for the nationals...

What kind of techniques?

I can’t tell you that now...

Coach Maki!

You’ll find out eventually.

This is strange, Coach!

What is?

I think it’s strange that you’re giving the new member June such special treatment and leaving out the rest of us!
Yeah, you’re being biased!
That’s right!

Stop with this ridiculous nonsense!

Our goal is the national championships. It’s not to single anyone out.

I’m not giving Yumi or June any special treatment. It’s because this new technique is something that those only those two are capable of doing...

It just happens that the equipment needed for them to master it isn’t available here so they’re practicing somewhere else. Nothing more...

But no matter how impressive of a technique it is, it won’t matter if it isn’t backed up with the support of the rest of you... You six have to act as one...
So I want the rest of you to cooperate with those two for the sake of the team.

Yumi and June are both working their butts off right now. I want the rest of you to keep up and work just as hard!

Now let’s start practice.
sfx: vroom

A new technique...

Of course Coach Maki wouldn’t be naive enough to go into the matches at the nationals with just Yumi’s lightning strikes alone...

I just happened to come around to take a look because I was up here on break but it looks like I’ve hit something unexpectedly big.

Yumi, I envy you! I wish Coach Maki could coach me too...

But I won’t lose to you.
A new technique... I’ll figure out what it really is and find a way to deal with it.


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