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Good morning, Chiiko.

Well, this isn’t the Chiiko I know, what’s wrong?
Sigh, it might be sunny outside but I’ve got a storm brewin’ in my heart.

She’s got a boyfriend now, you know?
Then she ought to be happy!

But most guys end up like this when they go out on dates with her.
That’s why heartbroken and sighing over there.

So, Chiiko, you’ve got a lover now!

That’s not it at all!
Oh, was I wrong?

Hohoho, it’s because her good friend Yumi hasn’t been around.

Oh, I see.
When is she coming back?
I wouldn’t be so down if I knew that.

I can’t believe that Coach Maki would just take her off on his own too...
sfx: vroom

Huh? Oh!

It’s Yumi!
sfx: tears tears

Oh, Chiiko!

Yumi, I missed ya so much!

sfx: crash
Chiiko, you’re going to crush me!

Ah! I’m sorry!

You’ve been doing secret training up till now?
What were you practicing?

Another serve?
I’m not really all that sure myself.
Oh, don’t play pretend with us. Tell us already.
Yumi’s popular as ever, though maybe that just goes with her personality...

I’ll see you at the three o’clock training after work.

Yumi, what kind of training were you doing?
It was with June... Oh, wait.

Hey, June!

Don’t bother. June wants to walk over there.
That’s just how she is.

Why did Coach Maki let someone like that join?
I wonder the same thing.

I mean, what’s a foreigner even doing in a team full of Japanese?

But June’s of mixed heritage. She’s Japanese according to her registry and everything.

You sure know a lot.
I’m in human resources.

And people like June who have the natural reflexes and build that black people are gifted with are suited for sports.
That’s right. I think it’s a big plus for the team that June joined the company.

So, Yumi, you’re on June’s side?
That’s not what I mean.

Well I think she’s a minus.
Everyone’s all fired up about her joining because...


Did you lose weight, Yumi?
Did I...?

I shed some of the extra pounds I had...
sfx: stare stare

Of course it looks like she’s lost weight compared to you, Chiiko.
That’s not what I was getting at!
sfx: Ahahahahaha

sfx: bik

sfx: shup

text: Labor

text: Section Chief

Ah, June...!

June, are you listening?

text: New Technique, Japanese National Tournament, Overseas...

June! The section chief is...

Hurry up and respond...


How many times do I have to tell you for you to understand? If I call your name, you respond! Get it? Respond!
sfx: slam

So... Just respond...

Fine. Take these documents to the secretary.

sfx: slam

text: President’s room

Coach Maki, I asked you to come here today because of June...

What about her?
Well, Uh... There are people at our company who have been asking why there’s a foreigner on our Japanese team.

Mr. President, June is Japanese. She’s a full fledged Japanese person.

Her skin color is just different. Why does everyone regard her so differently.
Uh, it’s just that there are some people in the company who have voiced their concerns.

Well, I have my own way of thinking and I let June join this company. Do you have any objections, Mr. President?
N... No. I just thought that I should make sure you heard about these rumors. As long as you’re okay with it then I...

sfx: squeek

sfx: stare

Is there something on my face!?

sfx: toss

sfx: slam

How rude.
Coach Maki needs to do something about her. How could he let a person like that into our company.
I agree.

Say whatever you want. I didn’t ask for any of you to get along with me.
My goal is to win the Japanese national tournament. I don’t care what I have to go through to reach that...

sfx: one two... one two...one two...

sfx: one two... one two...one two...

It was in this forest a half a year ago that I was engaged in a vicious competition with Mari and came up with my new serve... And it was in this forest that I cried by myself when it looked like Coach Maki was going to quit. Now I’m here with June.

sfx: one two... one two...one two...

Take a look at those two. They just got back and they’re already training again.
They’re amazing.

You think it’s all right for us to just watch them and do nothing ourselves?

I don’t!

Let’s do it!

Let’s go!

All right!

text: May 20th (Tue)

sfx: one two one two!
text: May 21st (Wed)

sfx: one two one two!
Heheh, everyone’s getting fired up now...
text: May 22nd (Thu), May 23rd (Fri), May 24th (Sat), May 25th (Sun)
It’s just moments until the deciding match for the Representatives of the Tokyo Capital area in the Japanese Women’s National Volleyball Tournament... Come on everyone, keep pushing on and head towards that target.

Text: The Arena for the deciding match for the representatives of the Tokyo Capital area for the Japanese Women’s National Volleyball Tournament.
sfx: wooo wooo wooo

It looks like the most popular team here is the team that won the Kantou tournament, Tachiki Musashi.
But their most valuable player back then, Mari Tsubaki, has moved to Nichibou.
Everyone’s going to be watching to see if Tachiki can get that representative spot for the Tokyo Capital area without Mari Tsubaki.
sfx: chatter chatter mutter mutter

In her place they have June who’s standing over there.
I wonder if she’s as capable as Mari was?
She’s got the blood of a foreigner running through her so I’m sure might be surprisingly strong...

Heheh. Just keep watching me. I’m going to shock all of you...

On the other side of Japan the representative match for Osaka had also begun...
sfx: wooo wooo wooo

Are you playing too, Yumi? We’ll meet again at nationals, right...?

Okay, I’m going to announce our starting lineup.

Matsubara, Kubota、


And Ikeda.

That’s our starting lineup. The rest of you could get subbed in at any time so be ready.

Coach, why aren’t you letting June play...

You should understand why.

Is it because all six members have to act as one in volleyball?

But June is...
sfx: bweeee
The match is starting. Get out there.

And the match has finally begun. Which teams will represent the Tokyo capital area in the Japanese National Tournament...

The first match of the day is Tachiki Musashi against Ono Electric.
sfx: wooo wooo

sfx: toss

Coach Maki, you’re just like the rest of them.
You’re uneasy about letting me go play out there. You’re scared of everyone talking about it!

Yumi, our opponents aren’t that strong, it should be easy to win.

/June... The coach has his own way of doing things. You can’t let yourself give up hope over this./





sfx: bam

sfx: thud

Ono 1
Tachiki 0

What happened there? Tachiki’s ace Yumi Asaoka just made a huge mistake!

T-Time out!



Looks like you’re conscious again. Are you okay?
I think I just hit my head on the floor.

The game started but you were still spacing out. That’s not like you at all.
I’m sorry.

Do you want to rest for a bit?

I’m fine. Let me continue.
I see.

Okay, listen up. This is a story from a long time ago.

There was a gardener that was on top of a tall tree cutting branches at a certain residence. The people working at the residence all called out to him, “That’s dangerous, watch out!”
Then as the gardener was climbing down to a safer spot the owner of the house came out and told him, “That’s dangerous, watch out!”

The lesson here is when you think it’s safe and let your guard down that’s when you’re most vulnerable... So you have to make sure you’re ready at all times until the job is done.
Do you understand?

So what you mean is that it’s bad to think of Ono electric as just a pushover?
That’s right.

Now get out there!

June, make sure you watch closely. You should see why teamwork is so important to volleyball.

sfx: wooo wooo

Yumi’s still suffering from the shock of what happened a moment ago...

sfx: wobble

Oh no!

/Heheh, now she’s in trouble./


sfx: zubam

Yes! Good!

Yumi, get it together.
Sorry. I’m okay now.

Leave this one to me.
sfx: jump

sfx: bam

sfx: pshhh

sfx: pshhh

Yay! She did it!

Good job, Yumi!

And the serve changes sides to Tachiki. The server is the captain of the team, Matsubara.

sfx: bweee

sfx: toss

sfx: bamph

sfx: bomf

sfx: bashoom

sfx: ahhh!

sfx: bomf

sfx: snap oooooh!


sfx: roar

sfx: slip

sfx: boing

Good job, Chiiko!

Great, Chiiko!

sfx: bop

The fans were put into a daze by Tachiki’s amazing team play.
And Chiiko’s play relieved the air of tension around Tachiki’s team, bringing out their characteristic team play, and allowing them to score point after point.
sfx: woo woo woo
Ono 3
Tachiki 6
Ono 4
Tachiki 8
Ono 5
Tachiki 12
Ono 6
Tachiki 14


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