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text: First set Ono 6 - 15 Tachiki
sfx: woo woo woo
text: Second set Ono 2 - 15 Tachiki

sfx: woo woo
text: Third set Ono 0 - Tachiki 6
Yumi, you’ve come back around and made such huge progress and have finally appeared in front of me again...

sfx: woo woo

sfx: woo woo

You’re doing pretty well, Yumi.

This first match will go to Tachiki Musashi. Keep it up, Yumi. I’ll be the one to beat you.

What do you think, June? Do you understand a little bit more about what teamwork means?

I have no way of knowing what kind of past you have but...

You’re just like how Yumi was in the past. You’ve forgotten to trust in people...

How Yumi was in the past...? What does he mean?

Real teamwork is something that is built on top of trust between one another.
Real teamwork is born through sharing each other pains and sufferings while helping each other out...
sfx: woo woo woo

It’s the same for human society. There’s no way you can get by alone, no matter how much you might struggle to do so.

You’re lecturing the wrong person. Are they the ones who keep me away?

If you’re honest with everyone else and try to fit it then they would understand you.
You and I are boith on the same side.

Fine. I had you warm the bench because I wanted to tell you that. How about taking part in the match?

/Heheh, looks like she’s raring to go./

We have a player change!
June Sanders is replacing Ikeda.

Ah! And now the unusual player with mixed blood finally takes the court!
It’ll be interesting to see what kind of movement she shows us out there.

Take a look, she’s finally on the courts!
She looks good but there are also parts of her that don’t seem that great either.

/Heh. Just watch. I’ll take the words right out of your dumb mouths./

Great, June! Let’s get them!


You have to make sure you don’t use that combination play. That’s our secret weapon.

So that’s June Sanders...

That look in her eyes, it’s no joke...

sfx: bamph

sfx: bashoom

What amazing power she’s got in those legs. It’s June Sanders! June is playing a huge role now, it’s almost like she’s playing volleyball all by herself!
Could it be that she’s not very good at combination play yet? Or does it just appear to seem that way because of something we can’t quite see? In any case, she is truly amazing.

She’s pretty good, just as I thought she’d be.

Yumi Asaoka, Mari Tsubaki... and now a third opponent has shown up.

Ono 0
Tachiki 14

Just one more point! You can do it, Tachiki!
One more point.

sfx: grin


/June, you’re not going to.../

sfx: bamph

sfx: bomf


sfx: bom

/No, June!/

Let’s go!


sfx: tap tap tap tap tap

Ahh! No, don’t do it!

sfx: jump

sfx: jump

sfx: ahhhh!

sfx: swoosh!

sfx: Waaaaaa
sfx: Ah! Ah!

sfx: pshh


sfx: bwe bwe bweeee

sfx: buzz!
ono 0
Tachiki 15

sfx: waaaa

sfx: waaaa

sfx: waaaa

Can you hear the crowd right now?
The sea of people in this stadium are all still in an uproar over Yumi Asaoka and June’s amazing trick play.
What an amazing display. At the two players jumped up and at the very instance they formed an “X” in the air they spiked the ball!
We ended up doing it... even though Coach Maki tried so hard to stop us...
There’s no way for their opponents to know which player will hit the ball or which direction the ball will head towards.
Tachiki Musashi’s Yumi Asaoka has come up with another new technique after her lightning strikes.
sfx: waa woo waa chatter chatter

We’ve been so careless!

While we were focused on how to deal with the lightning strikes Yumi has come up with her next technique...

The winners of the Kantou tournament, Tachiki Musashi has won the first match.

H-how foolish. How could they have done that...
That was supposed to be our trump card! I told them specifically not to use it...

Yumi, was that what you came up in your secret training?
Uh... yes...
That was amazing, Yumi.

Ryuuko Oomoto from Yashika and Mari Tsubaki from Nichibou had to have been watching the entire match...

It’s like we’ve shown them our hand on purpose...

And after all the hard work it took to finish it...

So that was it...

The real form behind Yumi and June’s secret training...

I understand everything now. Now I know why they were practicing those short distance dashes...

And why they were using the parallel bars to practice changing the position of their bodies in midair...
Their diving training...
And those floor exercises to practice flipping in the air...

I see... The reason why they form an “X” in the air is in order to trick the eyes of their opponents.
The ball can be hit by either Yumi or June.
And it can be hit in either direction...

The ball can even be hit into the center of the court depending on the defensive positioning of their opponents.

What a scary tactic.


I’m grateful they showed us that play now.

There might be enough time to somehow figure out a way to defeat it before the Japanese National Tournament...

That was a complete shock.
That sort of technique wasn’t even human!
sfx: gasp gasp

No, it’s human. Yumi’s a human.

I can’t believe Yumi did something so incredible...

She’s just...

So shocking!

But where has Shizu gone?
Her own daughter went and did something that amazing...
I’ve been looking all over for her...

Here and there...


Where have you...
Anyways, listen!

I watched it.
Y-you did?

The place where I went to deliver my flowers to had the television on.
sfx: snap
I-I see!

It was amazing! They started running real fast...

And then they jumped up high.
Like, “boing!”


No, no, no, no, no!


I did it again....
sfx: splash



Yumi’s the girl hero of these row houses of ours. It doesn’t matter if there’s garbage strewn all over the place here, she’s always had her nose held high.

She’s one of us!
song: do the impossible!

Hey, have you heard? Did you see? Yumi...
sfx: chatter chatter

Yumi... You’ve made such amazing progress. If Miyo was still alive she’d be so pleased.
But Miyo used to say, “Don’t get too complacent. Someone who will try to defeat your techniques will always show up...”

Miss Asaoka, that was an amazing play!
Miss Asaoka, over here please.
Excuse me, could I have one more picture?
Miss June Sanders, that was an amazing play, I’m sure the training must have been tough!

I did what I had to do to accomplish my goal...

Oh? And what is your goal? Winning the National Tournament or...?

Haha, wouldn’t you like to know...

Miss Asaoka, you came up with your lightning strikes, now what should we call this new play?
Yes... Uhm...

The Magic X Attack! That’s what I’d Call it.

Yumi, it was a mistake to bring out such an amazing play at this match.

I’ll do something about it before the nationals.

So she was watching after all...

Miss Asaoka, the interview isn’t over yet.
Please let me ask you a few more questions.

I’m sorry, I’ve got things I need to take care of.
I can’t write an article with this!


Coach Maki...

Uh... I...

You fool!

What a scoop!
sfx: snap snap

You two...

You’re suspended from playing in the matches tomorrow!


That’s too much!

This just keeps getting better and better.
sfx: snap snap snap

Coach, please wait.

If you take those two out it’ll be a huge blow for the team!

If we don’t become the representatives for the Tokyo Capital area then...

We can’t play at the nationals! I know that!

/Then my dream of going overseas.../

I can’t let that happen!


It’s not my fault, Yumi made me do it!

So at least let me play in the match!


Please, let me play in the match!

I’m making both of you take responsibility.
Both of you ignored your coach’s orders.


Hahahaha. I get it...


sfx: hahahahaha

Coach, are you sure you can say something like that?

Tachiki Musashi without me or Yumi is like a knife without a blade.
You won’t even be able to win the next match, much less take first at nationals.
Are you fine with that? Hahaha...

Don’t be so full of yourself, June!

I’m not letting you play until you do something about how conceited you are.
You don’t have the qualifications to play a respectable sport like this.

Listen up, if you think that all that matters is winning then you’re making a big mistake.
Sports and life are the same. It’s a matter of how hard you work and how well you fight.

Whether you win or lose comes after those two.

Remember that well.

He’s right. He’s completely right...
sfx: rip

H-hey! What are you doing! That’s important footage!
I’m... I’m just too embarrassed.

I can’t believe that all I was thinking of when their coach slapped is how good of a story it would make and was completely wrapped up in taking pictures.

It ought to be the same for us, right? We should be doing our best and working honorably too.
That Coach Maki is a great person.
I shouldn’t be making light of everything and trying to make it amusing...
Y-yeah, he’s right...


W-what do you know!? Nobody could understand how I feel. Nobody...


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