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Uhm, Yumi, how do I look?

You look great, Chiiko.

Heeheehee, do you think so?

Maybe there’ll be some good lookin’ guys watchin’ me at the game.
And they’ll think I’m like...

Awesome and stuff...!



I’m sorry, Yumi.

You can’t take part in our game tomorrow.

But, Yumi!
sfx: slam

I know!
June was saying that trick play was your fault...

But I know she made you do it!

Why didn’t you tell that to Coach Maki?
I’m not sure...

It must have been because she looked so pitiful when she was telling that lie.

June looked pitiful?

That’s ridiculous!

Yumi, what are you talking about, she’s...

What is it?
Can’t you hear it?

It’s the sound of a guitar...

sfx: strum

sfx: strum strum


I wish I could call out softly to you


I tried calling out to your stars.

But... But... the stars never answer me with anything...

sfx: strum

I’m suspended from the match.

With this my final hopes are...

sfx: strum

*sob sob*

Her mother... never answers...

June looked like she was in a lot of pain when I asked her about her mother when we were at the university dormitories...

That pain that June is in, and the dark shadow inside her...
Could it be because of something that happened between her and her mother that she can’t tell anyone about...?



I want you to think about why I did that to you two again.

June needs you. She needs your friendship... do you get it?

I-I get it, Coach!

text: Tachiki Factories

Good luck out there!
Thank you!
You better get that representative spot!

If you lose you’re fired!
No, that’s too scary!
We’ll come cheer you on later
sfx: vroom

Did you see Yumi and June this morning?
No... but why?

Why is Yumi so obsessed with that manipulative person?
Because of that she can’t even play in the match today. It’s so unfair...

She’s a big minus to the team.
I think so too.

But even if we don’t have those two, we’ve got to win...
Yeah, we’ll win.

Yumi, I’ll leave it in your hands. Right now we can still win even without you two.
Take care of June. Only your straightforwardness can crack through the tough shell she has around her heart.

Do your best, Yumi...

Coach, I don’t think I have the ability to change what’s in a person’s heart but I’ll do my best

And it’s not because you asked me to. It’s because I like June!


Are you planning on leaving now?

No, stay with us, June!

You like volleyball, don’t you? You want to play, right? Then play with us here!

There’s no point to staying here if I can’t play in any matches.


I get it, then go wherever you want.

But I want you to come with me for a bit before you do that.

Besides, it’s not like you have anywhere to go, right?
So there’s no rush, is there?

So what do you want?

You said that volleyball wasn’t just a game to you, right?
It’s not a game for me either.

As you can see, I’m quite small, so to become a real volleyball player I had to go through plenty of hardships in order to keep up with bigger people.

And these pair of shoes was one of those things.

If volleyball isn’t a game to you then put these on and try hitting my ball.
sfx: toss

/These are really heavy... there’s lead or steel or something inside them./

What’s wrong? You’re not going to run away or spout some nonsense about how it’ll be too heavy to move in those shoes, are you?

Or are you going to kick and cry and say that I fooled you?
What is it? I have no idea what you’re thinking if you just stand there silently.

If you’re putting on those shoes then that must mean you’re up for the challenge.

Here I go.

sfx: bamph


sfx: zrrrrrr gooosh

sfx: thud

What’s wrong? You look like a kid pretending to play volleyball!
You can’t move at all! Get it together!

sfx: stand

sfx: bomph


sfx: thud

What’s with that look on your face?
You can take off those heavy shoes and run away if you want to.

Urgh, just keep throwing them!

Hmph. Looks like you’ve still got some spirit left. Here it comes!

sfx: bamph

sfx: ughh

sfx: grrrkk

sfx: zooom

sfx: zubam


/Give it your all. Even if it hurts, you can’t run away./

Forget about everything else and just hit the ball. Put all of those sad thoughts inside your heart into that ball and pound them away!
Coach Maki washed away all of the pain in my own heart with that pair of black shoes.
June, keep it up! Don’t run away, June! I want you to understand how I feel!

sfx: gurrrrrr

sfx: grk

sfx: grrrk

sfx: thud

sfx: collapse

sfx: gasp gasp gasp

Stand up, June!


There’s lead on the bottom of those shoes, of course they’re going to be heavy.
… but you can’t let that wear you out.

sfx: pshhh

It would be cowardly to run away just because it hurts!

June, use your own power to stand up! Fire yourself up!


There’s no way that you wouldn’t be able to do something that I was able to.
Be strong and get stronger!

sfx: gasp gasp gasp gasp

sfx: gasp gasp gasp

Come on, stand up, June!

sfx: stand

Don’t touch me, you idiot!
sfx: bakkshh


sfx: toss

sfx: tap tap tap




sfx: tap tap tap tap

June... What’s with you...
Why can’t you understand how I feel...

June, you fool!

You’re a fool...

*sob* *sob*...

Ah, you’re the doctor from the infirmary!
You hurt your leg? Let me take a look.

W-why do you know about it...?
June came by and told me to hurry up and come take a look because you got injured.

June did?

Is that true?
What do I gain by lying?

So June told you...

It’s true, isn’t it?


What are you talking about, hurry up and let me see it.

This is completely swollen!
What did you do to have it end up like this? It looks like you were hit yourself on something hard...
Oh, no... uh...

It was a rock... I was wondering how much it would hurt if I just kicked it as hard as possible.
And then you kicked it?

Er... How about just treating the wound?
I have no idea what you were thinking...


You must understand how I feel after all...


I’m so stupid...!

What Yumi did actually made me really happy...

Nobody has ever looked out for me like this before.

Why can’t I just be more honest with her?

I’m so stupid!
sfx: pshaaaaa

I’m such an idiot!

*sob sob*...
sfx: sha sha sha

It seems like everyone doesn’t really like June very much.

… But she was born with mixed blood.
And because of that everyone around her looks at her differently.

That’s why she ended up with the kind of personality she has.
She’s actually a good kid. Nobody in this world is rotten to the core.
Yes... that’s how it is, isn’t it?

I think so.
What she needs most right now is a friend with a big heart.

That’s what Coach Maki said too.
Well, Coach Maki is right.

And if you want to be her friend, I’m not about to stop ya.

You couldn’t stop me from doing it even if you tried.
Why you little...

sfx: hahaha ahahaha

Oh, I was in the middle of watching TV!
Were you watching the game?

How is Tachiki doing?
They won the first and second set but lost the third.

sfx: waa waa woo woo
It’s the fourth set now. Tachiki Musashi with 14 points, Ookubo Industries with 4. It’s match point for Tachiki.

But Ookubo’s still clinging on. They just won’t give up that final point.

The absence of their ace Yumi Asaoka and June is taking its toll.
sfx: bamph

Ah! A fierce spike from Ookubo Industries’ Arai!
Tachiki attempts to block!

sfx: pshhh

But it ends up out of bounds.Tachiki loses the serve!
sfx: bomf

sfx: huff huff huff huff

It’s a timeout! A timeout is called from Tachiki’s bench.
sfx: waa waa woo

Coach Maki must be beginning to feel frustrated that the team just can’t finish the job.

sfx: woo woo woo

Come on Coach! Come on everyone...!

It looks like June has been watching this entire time too...

June, come over here. Our team is on match point but they’re having a hard time.

Let’s take a look at the matches going on in the other blocks while we wait for this timeout.
Three teams are chosen to represent the Tokyo capital area for the Japanese National Tournament so games in the other two blocks are also currently going on.
text: Otowa Industries Yashika

Yashika has been completely dominating in the first block with Ryuuko Oomoto, also known as the killer spiker, playing a huge role for her team. Ryuuko Oomoto has already caused two players to retire from this game alone.
Ryuuko Oomoto is so strong...

You said that when we met next time you would beat me, but I’m not going to lose that easily.

And the game in the second block is starting up again.
sfx: woo woo

sfx: bamph

Kimie Okuda finds the return with her back turned.
sfx: bomf

And Chiiko Koyama sets up the toss...

Ah! But it was just a fake and she spikes it down.
sfx: Zubam

It’s good! Chiiko’s done it!
sfx: pshh

She’s a pretty big gal but she’s got some fine tricks up her sleeves!
sfx: heehee

The artful direction of their Coach is really shining here.

This is a big chance for Tachiki Musashi. They’re looking to take the match here. Their captain, Matsubara, has the serve!
sfx: bweee

sfx: zubam

There it goes, and it’s looking good! Whoa! It suddenly curved!
sfx: guurrrrrrr

sfx: bounce

They’ve done it! Tachiki has won their second match! It was a tough one but congratulations to Tachiki Musashi!
sfx: woo woo woo

They did it!
text: hurray!


Hey there, don’t get too riled up.

With this Tachiki Musashi has made it to their third match that’ll be tomorrow.
Ahh, thank goodness...

Well... It’ll be another day of hard work for them.
And another day of hard work for you on June.
Yes, I think I know my next move.


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