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#1 / Departure to Manhood


tl by danluffey

#1 / Departure to Manhood

p1: dash
1: Young Master!! Young Master Kyouhei!
2: He isn't over here!
3: Well then go outside and look for him somewhere else!
4: Yes sir!
5: What's everyone bustling around for so early in the morning?
6: Don't tell me there's a big earthquake coming or something!
7: Lady Azusa!
8: N-no! We're simply searching for Young Master Kyouhei.
9: He isn't in his room, or anywhere!
10: Ah!
11: I know where he must be.

1: Hooooo
p5: leap

p1: splash!
1: Puhaaah
p3: splish
2: I kneeew you'd be here!
3: Grandfather's calling for you, Kyouhei!
4: Aren't you giving me a bit too much service at this hour, Azusa?!
5: Ewwww!

1: slurp...
p2: clink

1: Grandfather, Father, Mother,
2: Brother-in-law, and sister!
3: Good morning!
4: Mmm...
p3: grin
5: Morning, Azusa!!
6: Morning! Morning!
7: Morning...

1: Isn't Kyouhei-san here yet?
2: Oh, there he is!
3: Good morning everyone!
4: cough
5: Thank you for the delicious meal.
6: It's almost time for you to be off, dear.
7: Yeah, I know.
8: Thank you for the delicious meal...
p: clank

1: Kaede, Eijirou-kun...
2: Sit down!!
3: There's something I want you all to hear.
4: Y...yes sir!
5: Kyouhei...!!
6: Yes sir.

1: This may seem sudden, but I want you all to listen without getting too upset.
2: Today, I canceled Kyouhei's enrollment into Noble Century Academy's high school department.
3: Oh my...
4: But why, Grandfather?!
5: That's terrible! How could you?!
p5: jerk
6: F-father, why would you do that all of a sudden?!

1: Instead, Kyouhei will be entering a private school called Tougai High. (*East Victory)
2: Tougai High?!
3: T-Tougai High...but that's...
4: Yes. A problematic school that's been getting lots of coverage in the newspapers lately due to all the violence on campus.
5: Academically, it's not even a second-rate school.
6: Father!!
7: Please! Tell me why you want to send Kyouhei to such a school!

1: Hoohhh...how unusual.
2: You're worried about Kyouhei and asking for my opinion for once, are you?
3: ....nah.
4: I know what you're really thinking.
5: You're simply afraid that this...will end up sullying the name of the Sugata conglomerate, whose financial assets number in the trillions...
6: O-of course not...
7: What do you say, Kyouhei?!
8: You don't need to ask him that! The answer's obvious, Grandfather!!

1: I'm asking Kyouhei, Azusa!!
2: Kyouhei, what are you thinking about?! Be honest with him already and say no!
3: Azusa!!
4: I've told you numerous times already. You may be the same age,
5: but Kyouhei is MY son!!
6: In other words, while you have different fathers, you are still related! You and Kyouhei are uncle and niece! You mustn't forget this!!
7: O...kay.

1: Father!!
2: I'm going to enter Tougai High!
3: B...but!
4: Oh my...
5: Remember...you graduated from Noble Century Academy's middle school program, the top of the top,
6: in the top of your class!!

1: Don't you want to know why I want you
2: to enter such a low-level school?
3: You mean if I ask, you'll tell me?
4: No...
5: I'll tell you when the proper time comes.
6: Bring "it."
7: Yes, sir.

1: What's that?
2: I dunno?
3: It's a very dirty box.
4: Open it up, Kyouhei!!
5: Yes sir!!

1: Blech...
2: What IS that?!
3: It-it...it looks like a school uniform!
4: That's right. No matter how you look at it, it appears to be a run-of-the-mill school uniform...

1: 15 years ago, a man gave it to me.
2: He was a man amongst man, and to this very day, I've never met a finer man than him.
3: Kyouhei...!! That school uniform was the only thing he ever wore -- and I want you to wear it now!!
4: What?!
5: Y...you mean...
6: That's right!!
7: From this day forward, you will wear that uniform and go to Tougai High!!

1: B...
2: But why, Grandfather?!
p3: jerk
3: If he wears a uniform like that, people will pick fights with him even if he's minding his own business!
4: That may be true...
5: No...I'm sure it'll happen.
6: Then why?!
7: Kyouhei...!!
8: Yes sir!

1: That uniform is yours now.
2: You decide whether to wear it or not. You can even throw it away if you like!!
3: I'll wear it, father!!
4: Oh my...
5: Mmm...

1: Tougai Private High School
p2 sign: Tougai Private High

p1 big 3: Osu! (*Manly Greeting/Cheer)
1: Good morning...
2: Kyaaa!
3: Osu!
4: Yaaay!
5: Osu, osu, osu!
6: Waaaaait!!

1: What's the big idea, pal, wearing shirts and pants like that?! Measurement officer!!
2: Osu!
3: Crotch width 36.5cm! Sleeve width 21cm!
4: Oops!
5: Both of them are against measurement regulations!
6: Harro, everybody!!
7: Harro my ass, motherfucker!!
p4: wham
8: Gyaaaaaahhhh
p5: slam wham bam smack crack
9: I'm gonna pound your warped spirit back into shape!!
10: Chief Officer, 2nd Year Captain Kadowaki has arrived!!

p1-p2: clink...
1-2: Osu!
3: Uss...

1: The 6 Officers and 3 Sub-Commanders have all arrived. All that remains now is the Commander!
2: Hieeeee!!
3: P-please show me the class list!!
4: What's going on?
5: Uuu...
6: Geeeeeeehhh!!
7: Th-the...the Supreme Commander of Eastern Japan, holder of 10 golden buttons, is at the gates!
8: Wh-whaaaaat?!
p: hiieeee

p1: dash
p2: bow
1: H-he really does have
2: 10!!

1: Sire! Thank you so much for gracing Tougai High with your presence, Supreme Commander! elcome!
2: Huh?
3: I...I'm...
4: Ohhh, we never expected you to stop by incognito...
5: We apologize for our rudeness!
6: What are you tards standing around for?! Hurry up and carry the Supreme Commander's bag for him right now!!
7: Osu!
8: Tougai's Supreme Commander will be here shortly, so please rest in the waiting room until he arrives.
9: O...okay.
sign: Chief Officer Room

1: What?! The Supreme Commander?!
p1: jerk
2: Haha...
3: I don't really know what's going on, but ah well!


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