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#25. I Just Want to See Her Smile!


tl by dan luffey

1: /There are only ten days left until Gengorou dies, and I just lost the only clue I had to finding the reason why!
#25. I want to see you smile!
sfx: grip
2: /But I can't give up yet...I can't let Gengorou die!

#25. I just want to see her smile!

1: [The next day
sign: Teachers' Room
sfx: rattle
2: Wow, Karasuma-sensei, what's the occasion? You look so dressed up in that suit.
3: Do I now?
sfx: noise
4: Yeah, you look perfect!
5: /There he is, surrounded by girls again. I really wish he'd do something about that unprofessionalism, though...
6: Ah, Hoshizaki-sensei!
7: Sorry girls, excuse me.
8: Awww, come on!

1: Hoshizaki-sensei! How about going to dinner with me after school today?
2: Umm...well...
3: You always put on a cautious face whenever I'm around.
4: I'd like to see one of your natural smiles once in a while.
sfx: clack
5: Umm...but I wasn't really...
6: I didn't mean to ask you out on a date or anything.
7: I just want to thank you for helping me find that book in the library yesterday. You don't need to think so hard about it. Please!
8: Karasuma-sensei...
9: /He wears a suit, then tells me I don't need to think hard about it?

1: /So far, I've been making a lot of excuses and turning him down...but for some reason, this time, I feel bad about it.
2: OK...
3: R...really?
4: [After school
sfx: ding dong
5: I can't believe I could be so careless!
6: Of all times for my car to break down...
7: What's the big deal? It's a nice day today. We don't need to go far away just to eat dinner.
sfx: waaaah
8: What's wrong with that child?
sfx: slide
9: Excuse me.

1: What's the matter?
sfx: sniff
2: I can't find my soccer ball.
3: You kicked it into that grass?
4: Some people aren't as tall as that grass. It'd be pretty hard for you to find anything in there.
5: I know! I'll buy you a new one.
sfx: nod
sfx: sniff
6: Nooo...that's my big brother's ball!
7: I borrowed it without asking him! He got it signed by Ramos!
8: I was going to show it to my friend and let him borrow it.
9: Well then...
10: You should be honest about it and apologize.
sfx: waaah
11: But he's scary when he gets mad!
12: Hoshizaki-sensei.

1: Sorry,
2: but please give me some time.
3: Huh?
sfx: rustle
4: Heeey!
5: I found it! It has Ramos' autograph written on it!

1: Your clothes are all muddy!
2: Guess I can't go to dinner like this. Sorry for forcing you to come out here...
3: No, don't worry about it.
4: Don't lose it again!
5: Thank you...
6: You like kids, don't you?
7: /I'm a bit surprised...
8: You're surprised, aren't you?
sfx: hahaha twitch
9: N-no, of coure not!
10: But...yes, I do like kids.

1: I wonder how they're doing...
2: /They?
3: I'm not talking about women here.
4: Okay...

1: Right after I entered my father's company, he passed away and left a lot to me.
2: The seat of CEO to his company, a big inheritance, a network of people...everything had been prepared for me.
3: The people around me had great expectations, and I was constantly compared with my father.
4: I did respect him, but...
5: Gradually, I came to hate my current lifestyle. Then, one day, I quit.
6: "I want to find a place where I can succeed at something without being compared to my father!"
7: With that goal in my mind, I went out to see the world.
8: During my travels, I was slammed with the harsh reality.
9: Succeed at something? Hah.
10: My whole life had been prepared by my father...for the first time, I truly realized just how powerless I was on my own.

1: [A small village in Brazil
2: I was born in better conditions than most,
3: and I took it all for granted.
4: I've failed...I'm nothing special at all.
5: I should go back to Japan...
sfx: roll

sfx: pop
sfx: hahaha waaaah
1: /I'm a stranger from a different place, yet they're all showing me such sincere smiles...
2: /I feel like I'm smiling for the first time since I left home.
3: Huh? Their teacher?!
4: He got hurt, so he has to stay in the clinic in the next town over for a couple of weeks.
5: It's a problem. We don't have another adult in our village who can look after the children.

1: I didn't think that I could teach them how to study or anything.
2: Yuji, teach me karate!
3: (Achaaa!)
4: Karate...?
5: I just wanted to play with them.
6: Sometmes, I told them about what I had seen around the world,
7: and other times, I listened to what they had to say.
8: Just watching them smile kept me happy for whole days at a time.
9: Then, before I knew it, two weeks had passed.

1: Thank you! I heard you watched over the children while I was gone.
2: Oh, it was nothing.
3: I had a lot of fun.
4: Are you leaving, Yuji?
5: Yeah..
6: Noooo! You can't go!
sfx: waaaah
7: H...hey...
8: You have to stay here forever!
sfx: waaaahh

1: Hey, kids!
2: Don't cause Yuji any trouble.
sfx: sniff
3: Yuji, here...
4: Here, take mine too.
5: Take this to remember me.
6: Thanks, everyone...
7: Goodbye.
8: Come on ,everyone! Send your teacher a smile!
sfx: sniff
9: Goodbye, Yuji-sensei!
10: Come back to play with us again!
11: I still remember their faces, even now.

1: Their smiles...
2: taught me about what I could succeed at.
3: I think the reason I became a teacher was because I wanted to see those kind of smiles again.
4: /Looks like...I had misunderstood Karasuma-sensei a bit.
5: Mister!
6: Thanks for finding my ball!
7: I want to thank you with this!

1: Wow, thanks. What is it?
sfx: hop
sfx: splat
2: Uwaaahh!
sfx: jerk hop
3: A frog! I didn't know there were still frogs around here.
4: I'm good at finding them!
5: F-frogs are the one thing I can't stand!!
sfx: pfffft

1: Ahahahahahahahahaha!
2: S...sorry..
sfx: snicker
3: It's just, I've never seen you so panicked before, Karasuma-sensei!
4: Haha...you're finally smiling.
sfx: sigh
5: It's been a while since I laughed this hard.

1: Hoshizaki-sensei.
2: Please
3: ma...
4: Ah..n-nothing!
5: Nevermind.
6: /Not today...I don't want to say anything that could erase that smile.
7: /For now, I just want to see her smile...


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