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CHAPTER.0 [Sample]


tl by dan luffey

1: Hey Bunky!
2: Wait...Suzy...calm down...
3: I assume you're prepared to pay the price.

1: Candy!! Open up!
p1: bang bang
2: What's that sound?!
3: I heard a "thunk" sound!
4: Hey! Answer me!

1: Oh no! I hit him too hard!!
2: Ahh, noooo! I've never stuck anything in that hole before!
3: No...don't put your foot there!
4: I feel so embarrassed like this...
5: Tch! Scummy old perv...
6: Don't scare us like that!
7: I don't hear his panting.

1: What was her name? Candy?
2: She's putting on an act. Hurry up and get that door open.
3: Otherwise she'll escape.
4: Shit!!
p2: bam
5: Those two at the door...probably not a good idea to let them catch me if I plan on slipping out of here!
6: Ahhhh, oh my god...I've never felt anything like this before!

1: I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cuuuuum!
p1: bam bam bam
2: She escaped through the window!
3: Someone! Catch that girl!
4: Oh no! How could I forget the bible?!
5: I'll have to go back..which is going to be a huge pain!
6: I'll just have to escape through the back door!!

1: Hoh!
p1: rattle
p2: bam
2: Ah!
3: Don't scare me like that!
p4: ugyaaaaahhh
4: S-sorry!

1: Owwwwwww!
2: Stupid newbie! You got in my way!!
3: Guess I'll kill you instead.
4: Wait, wait!
5: How about you take this and we escape together?
6: You don't like him enough to die with him, do you?
7: It's silly to think about "love" and "hate"
8: in a place like this...

p1: wham
1: Sorry, let me borrow this!!
2: Get on!!
p3: blam

1: The scent of oil, smoky black blasts of air, the sound of engines...
2: In an instant, my weary life in this place was blown away.

1: And we started running.

1: Shit...
2: This is getting interesting!!
3: I let my guard down because she looked like a moron.
4: Trust me, I'm gonna get her...
5: Just you wait, Candy!
p4: vrooom...

1: Hey,
2: where are we going?
3: I know we're heading east, but...
4: You
5: just got to my place yesterday, didn't you?
6: You've got some guts.

1: Really? But I ran just now because I was scared.
2: Oh. Forget it, then.
3: Running is true hell, you know.
4: They'll chase you for the rest of your life...
5: Keith and Reige, those demonic brothers.
6: You could be hiding in the deepest mountain cave there is, and they'll still find you.
7: And then they'll make you work the streets for the rest of your life.

1: So if I'm lucky,
2: then I'll be able to shake them off and survive?!
3: My name's Candy. Sweet Candy.
4: What's your name?
5: Weirdo...
6: ...Suzy.
7: OK! Sweet Suzy it is!

1: Hey, Sweet Suzy!
2: That's a long-ass name.
3: Looks like they've caught up to us already.
4: Geh! It's an officer!
p3: vroooooom
5: Run!
6: Those ladies are sure in a hurry.

p1: vroooom
1: He's going to catch us!
2: He's so fast!!
3: Stupid bitch...

1: Well, that didn't last long.
2: I knew I shouldn't've stayed with you!!
3: Don't start a fight with me.
4: Captain and Suzy, I see.
5: Two escaped fugitives from the Red Garter Saloon...one wanted for assault, and the other for attempted murder. Also wanted for stealing one motorbike and dousing a building in gasoline, setting it on fire and destroying it, injuring five people. Do you know what people say about people like you?
6: Ummm...how cute?
7: Close.

1: Hang 'em.
2: How was I close?!
3: Of course, you'll be tried in a court of law before hand.
4: Then we'll sue you for your horrible working conditions!!
5: We had to get a customer every 15 minutes! 20 customers per day!!
6: And on top of that, we lose 90% of what we make, AND we have to pay the hotel!
7: Don't play dumb with us, Monroe!
8: It's all because a certain limp-dick sheriff turns a blind cheek!

1: Why are you trying to agitate him?!
p1: Hmmm
2: You sure know how to play dirty.
3: We're already doomed, it's not gonna change anything!!
4: So...why did you decide to run?
5: Well, we didn't exactly have a plan, per se.
6: We just wanted to escape from that rotten whorehouse.
7: We were just desperate to survive.
8: I seeeee.
9: It's really unfortunate to me that I have to
10: send cuties like you to death, but...

1: I guess I'll be seeing you in court.
2: Please!
3: Just let us go!
4: It's futile.
5: Please, Monroe!
6: Ohhh!!
7: You're gonna try to seduce me now?
p: fwip

p1: fwoop
1-3: Huh?

1: Thank you, Monroe.
2: What a relief. Desert nights are cold, you know.
3: Yeah, those fishnet tights and high heels wouldn't have lasted me too long!
4: This is a bit animal-y, but beggars can't be choosers!
5: You're welcome.
6: Not like you'll get away for much longer, though.
7: I mean
8: even if you try to outwit them and go along the old road, they'll still find you.

p2: smirk
1: If they'll find us on the old highway, then...
2: See ya. Thanks, sheriff!
3: Is he saying we should escape along the highway?
4: Goddamned moron!!

1: Apparently he had his pecker smashed in a Bible.
2: Guess that'd make me keel over too.
3: That useless sheriff let them get away!!
4: He even let 'em take his bike and gun!!
5: Keith!! Reige!!
6: You got three days!! You hear me?!
7: I want 'em brought back alive!

1: Be careful. Those chicks are stronger than they look.
2: "Be careful?"
3: That's a funny thing to hear from a dickless wuss who got the hair plucked right out of his ass!!
4: You think letting a few people get away now and then
5: will earn you indulgences?
6: Not really.

1: The highway?!
2: That's what limp-dick said.
3: You think we can trust HIM?!
4: Why else would he let us get away, then?

1: Let us get away?
2: What are you talking about?
3: I'm sure he let us get away on purpose.
4: He even knew we were going to take the old road.
5: Are you retarded?
6: How can you let people trick you so easily?!
7: Hm?

1: How can you be so cold?
2: You need to...trust people more...
3: Is this going to make her mad?
4: Anyway, I'm going to keep taking the old road to the south.
5: Staying with her is just going to drag me down.
6: We split up here.
7: Let's stay together.

1: It'll be more convenient than traveling alone.
2: And it'll be more fun!
3: Fun my ass.
4: I'm sick of trusting people and then getting betrayed.
5: Especially when my life's on the line.
p: vroom

1: We're all alone.
2: Even the stars. They may look close to one another,
3: but they're actually reaaaally far apart.
4: On a vast frontier,
5: all alone,
6: What do I care about her?
7: trying their hardest to survive.

1: ...tch!
p2: squeal
2: That brain-dead bitch!
p3: whoosh
3: Bingoooo!
4: Yep! It's a woman! I knew they'd take the old road.

1: We beat Keith and Reige to 'em!! Serves 'em right!!
2: Hey, honeypie, you know that you're just a rat in a trap, right?!
3: Cut out the tough act. We know how weak you are.
4: Gyahahahaha!
5: Otherwise why would you let a loser like that leech off you all this time?

1: Fuckin' whore!!
2: You're dead now!!
3: No one will come to save me,
4: because I'm all alone.

1: She ran that way!
p1: blam
2: Hahaha! I told you!
3: You're two rats in a trap!
4: If those two catch me they'll rape me until morning,
2: then they'll take me back to town and lynch me...and if I'm lucky, I'll keep working at that whorehouse for the rest of my life.

1: It was a short life.
2: Sold off and started taking customers when I was 12.
3: Then I started learning how to use a gun for whenever I became free.
4: But I was so lonely,
5: so I put all my focus on him and got even more into debt.
6: You're watching me, aren't you, God?

1: When I'm reborn,
2: Suzy!!
3: please make me into a condor.


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