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#56. A Past Life, Torn Asunder


tl by danluffey

#56. A Past Life, Torn Asunder
1: /Where am I...?
sfx: rumble
sfx: stare
2: /Oh...
3: /I was so bored, I must have fallen asleep.
4: /I'm on my way to Tibet right now...
5: /I got Takako's friend to make me a fake passport so I could leave the country...

#56. A Past Life, Torn Asunder
1: /and settle things with my past life...

1: Here, you'll be viewing your past life.
sfx: crack
2: /This is the past life Shiharu showed me...
3: /In the middle of the 16th century,
4: /in a remote mountain region in Tibet far removed from the Silk Road...

1: /I was a traveling merchant from the Mediterranean who got lost and hurt my leg in the mountains.
2: /Luckily, a girl came and saved me.
3: Thank you so much. I feel like I've been reborn!
4: Her name was Alral.
5: I'm glad...

1: I healed your leg with my Lung, so you should be able to walk fine by tomorrow. I'm sure you're tired from all your travels, however, so please stay in this village for as long as you like.
2: "Lung"...?
3: /It was a strange village.
4: /It was so high in the mountains that it was hard to believe anyone could even be living there...but the village was enveloped by a warm atmosphere, and the 50 or so villagers who lived there seemed to be very comfortable.
5: /They had absolutely no relationships with other villages, so their existence was unknown to the outside world.
6: /Most of the people in this village could also manipulate their Lung.

1: The ocean?
2: Oh...you've never been out of the village, so you've never seen it, have you?
3: No...
4: That charm you have around your neck originally came from the ocean.
5: If you found it around here,
6: that means this place used to be on the bottom of the ocean. Most respected scientists would laugh if they heard me say that, though.
7: Wow...you really know a lot.
8: Well, I've been around.
9: I...I want to hear more stories like that! Please teach me! Please be my sensei!
10: Sensei!
11: S-sensei? Wow, that's kind of embarrassing to hear...
12: Not that I mind!
13: /Gradually, we grew closer together...
sfx: hahaha
14: /and then we fell in love.

1: /It seemed like the villagers weren't happy about that, though.
2: For some reason, the villagers treasured Alral to an unusual degree,
3: while I was nothing more than an outsider.
4: I guess...I'll get back on the road soon...
5: What?!
6: Don't get sad, now...
7: But...
8: How about...coming with me?
9: The villagers may be against it,
10: but the real decision's up to you.
11: I want to show you where that ammonite really came from.

1: I want to follow you, sensei...!
2: Wherever you go...!
3: Perfect timing. You're Alral's caretaker, aren't you? I want to have a word with you.
4: Well? What do you want?
5: This town was constructed to serve as a solitary "unit."
6: It controls the Lung of the earth in order to stabilize the temperature and allow people to live in peace. In short, it's a magical configuration that protects our village.

1: As long as it continues to work properly, we can go on living here.
2: Wow!
4: That Lung stuff you people can use is really something.
5: But in order to keep it functioning, we need a special "key"...
6: Alral.
7: She isn't aware of it herself, but her Lung is supporting our entire village.
8: But if she were to leave, her heart would lose its innocence,
9: and our village would perish!
10: I'm sorry, but I have to eliminate you!

1: And so, you were murdered.
sfx: jerk
2: For the sake of the village...
3: Eventually, however, she found out about that.
4: She was innocent...
5: The villagers took good care of her...and she grew up without ever hating anyone.
6: However...

1: "Hate" is merely another side of "love"...because her love for you was so strong, your death pulled her trigger, and her heart became consumed by hatred toward all the people around her.
2: The heart of the person who controlled that "unit," which had been formed to protect people's lives, suddenly grew to hate those people, and therefore the village was thrown into chaos. It was destroyed in an instant, but the horrible power didn't stop there. It slowly grew and spread, threatening to destroy all life on the earth...

1: My clan stopped it just in the nick of time.
2: After many sacrifices, we succeeded in sealing a "part" of her.
3: A part...?
4: The destruction she wrought ended up splitting her soul in half.

1: Alral, who hated all humans and possessed a frightening amount of Lung...
2: and Rito-san, who possessed a weak amount of Lung but retained her humanity...
3: /Rito...?!
4: Alral was sealed away...
5: and Rito-san was reincarnated into the modern woman that you know.

1: But your soul was drawn to Rito-san, and so you were also reincarnated in the same age.
2: As we speak, Alral is trying to ressurrect herself.
3: But in order to do that, she needs to re-absorb the missing part to her soul, Rito-san, and then re-enter her body.
4: If we return Rito-san's soul to her body, then Alral will locate her immediately.
5: Alral and Rito-san are drawn to each other, so their meeting in the future is inevitable. And once that happens, it's all over.
6: The hatred that's been piling up inside of her will overflow...and no one will be able to stop it this time.
7: But Rito's Rito! She has no connection to her past life!
8: She was just living on her own just fine before the transmigration!

1: Rito-san reunited with you, her beloved from her past life, and was drawn to you. This is what initiated the process of reviving her past self...
2: When she was together with Alral...
3: The stronger your bonds with Rito-san become,
4: the closer Rito-san and Alral become.
5: The past must not be repeated.
6: You and Rito-san are destined to stay apart.
7: Or...

1: you could always just live together with Rito-san witin this barrier for the rest of your lives.
2: But you'd be like caged birds...and could you really call that true happiness?
3: Besides, the barrier would disappear when I die, so there'd be a pretty severe time limit.
4: What do you say?

1: You think I care about my past life?

1: I loved Rito because she's Rito!
2: Not because I loved her in a past life! So if you're expecting me to give up on her just because of my past life, then forget it!

1: But
2: if some weirdo is trying to cause trouble for Rito, then I'll go and deal with them myself.
3: I don't need your help!
4: I'm going to protect Rito with my own strength!
5: /Something doesn't click...he said he doesn't care about his past life,
6: /but it seems like he's accepted Alral as a threat...just as I assumed he would.

1: Does he have any ideas about what to do, then?
2: Nope. Miraculously, he hasn't thought of anything yet.
3: Shuddap! And stop looking inside my brain!
4: I sure walked a long way.
sfx: clack
5: Her Lung must be really powerful...
6: I'm not even nearby her yet, and the teagre's already glowing this much. I guess that's a good thing, though, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to find her.

sfx: step
sfx: clack
1: So this is the place...
sfx: whoooooo


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