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Ippei-kun's Love


tl by danluffey

Ippei-kun's Love

1: [In a backwater town in the Japanese countryside, there lived a high schooler who was completely clueless when it came to love...
top sfx: fsssssh
bottom sfx: creak...
2: [That is, until a freak accident on a rainy day turned his whole life upside down...
sfx: ba-dum
sfx: ba-dum
sfx: ba-dum
3: Gooood morning!!
sfx: fsssh splat
4: Good morning, Ippei-kun!
5: (No umbrella, again?
6: (He always just uses a towel!
sfx: fwoooosh
7: Kyaaaaaaa!!
sfx: bwoom

1: Aaaaahhh!!
sfx: fwooosh
sfx: staaaare... slooowly...
2: Ahh!
sfx: whap
3: That was delicious!!
sfx: glare
4: HEEEEY!!!
5: Who said you could look down there, huh?!
6: At least act a little ashamed!

1: Phew, the wind
sfx: pant
2: really is something today!
sfx: fwoom
3: Huh?!
sfx: catch!
4: Hm?
sfx: fwip
tag: Tomiko
5: Tomiko?
6: Excuse me!
7: She's wearing a Yurigaoka Women's High uniform...
sfx: dash
8: The wind blew my umbrella away...
9: Hahaha! It really flew a long way.
10: You must be tired from all that running!
11-12: wheeze
13-14: haa

sfx: staaaare
1: Thank you very much.
sfx: kaboom
sfx: fwoosh
2: Ah!
3: Kyaa!
sfx: smack
4: E-excuse me!!
5: It's OK...
6: Ippei-kun...
towel: Name - Ippei

sfx: pitter patter
1: Huh!!?
2: Oh...your name's written here...I write my name on my things a lot too...
3: Ahh...hahaha...
sfx: pop
4: Umm...
5: Can I have my umbrella back now?
sfx: splat
6: Ahhh!
7: S...sorry!!!
7: It's OK...
sfx: grin

sfx: ding dong
sign: Mt. Kachikachi High
sfx: gaze...
1: /Tomiko-san...
2-5: /Tomiko-san!
sfx: drool
sign: Keep the toilet clean!!
6: Tomiko-san!
7: Whaaaat
8: is this feeeeling?!?!

1: It's calld
book: A Midsummer Rendezvous (Adult Book - R-18)
2: love.
3: Love!!!!
sfx: thunk
4: Kiyoshi!!
5: What should I do?!
6: Well, biologically speaking, it's mating season right now. In human language, "mating" = "love."
7: "Love" is a special word humans developed to describe the culmination of a certain emotion...but what do you think someone should do first in order to ascertain their love?
8: Don't tell me...
9: Confess it!
10: Ohhh,
sfx: pat
11: that!

1: Wait,
2: that's easier said than done!!
3: Hahaha...true. Although, as your best friend, I have one piece of advice for you.
sfx: gulp
4: Wh...what?
5: Women are weak vs. food!!
signs: Love / Spirit / Shaolin Martial Arts Club now searching for a manager!! / Fighting Spirit / Keep the room clean!
sfx: miiiiin (*sound of cicadas, indicating summer)

1: Ahhh...
2: (It's hot...
3: (So hot...
4: I can't believe it actually rained yesterday.
sfx: step
5: Tomiko-san!
6: Umm
sfx: fidget
7: Err...I...
8: Ippei-kun?
sfx: grin
9: So we meet again!
sfx: fwap!!

1: I stuffed my love...
sfx: kaaaah
2: into
3: this rice ball!!!
4: Please accept it!!
5: I...
sfx: pop...
6: Ippei-kun!
sfx: grab...
7: I accept it!
8: (Really?!

sfx: thud
1: Kyaaahh!!
2: Ah! Please be careful!
3: It's pretty heavy.
4: I stuffed 5 cups of rice into it, after all.
5: Wow.
6: That much...?
7: The sun's really strong today, so I'll eat it over there in the shade.
8: Oh, but...
sfx: splat
9: the ground's still wet from yesterday's rain...

1: Worry not!!
sfx: fwap
2: I brought a
3: sheet with me!
sfx: slide
4: /Th...this is...!!
sfx: pitter patter
5: Go ahead, madame.
sfx: dabadaaaah flip
handkerchief: Handkerchief
6: Oh my!
7: /Could this be
8: /a gentleman's gesture to his lady?!
9: Go ahead, please, take a seat.
sfx: pitter patter... pat
10: /Ippei-kun!

top sfx: bzzzzz
bottom sfx: pitter patter
1: /It's such a huge rice ball...
sfx: snicker
2: /And the seaweed's heart-shaped!
3: Ippei-kun.
4: Yes!
sfx: fwap
5: What flavor is it?
6: Cod roe!!
sfx: pitter patter

1: Oh my.
2: That's my favorite ingredient!
3-4: Really?!
5: Ufufu. I'll ea tit now!
sfx: munch
6: /Yeah!
sfx: grip
7: /I wasn't sure whether to go with salmon or cod roe, but I'm glad I went with the latter!!
sfx: munch
8: Huh?
9: Did you put plum inside this too?
10: Eh?

1: I don't think so...
2: I just put cod roe in...
sfx: munch
3: Really? But it tastes sour...
4: S...
sfx: bzzzzz
5: Sour...?
6: Ahhh!
sfx: tick tock tick tock pat pat

1: Tomiko-san!
sfx: fwap!!
2: Don't eat that rice ball!!!
3: Huh?
4: Ugggh!
5: You need to spit it all up!!!
sfx: wham
6: Before you get a stomachache!!!
sfx: wham
7: Oww!! Stop it, Ippei-kun!!!
8: No good, huh?
9: Then I'll need to apply pressure to your abdomen...
sfx: grip

1: You idiot!!!
sfx: slap
2: Fugohhh!!!
3: To...
4-5: haa
6: Tomiko...san?
sfx: drip...
7: You're terrible...I don't believe you...I didn't think you were this kind of boy...I hate you, Ippei-kun!!
8: Tomiko-saaaaan!!
sfx: waaaaah dash

sfx: fwooosh
1: Uwaaaan...
2: Hm?
sfx: snap
sfx: Aaaaahhh
3: Tomiko?!
4: Waah, hic...
5: What's wrong, Tomiko?!
6: What happened?!

1: Uwaaaaaaannn!!
sfx: bam
2: Tomiko-saaaaan...
3: Please, wait...
sfx: stagger
4: I'm sorry...
5: Tomi...
6: /Tomiko-saaaan?!

sfx: snap
1: Ah...
sfx: thunk
2: Ahhh...
3: What
4: did you do to Tomiko?
5: Huh?!
6: I...I just...
7: I can't believe you'd hit me so hard! You're terrible!!!
sfx: waaaah

1: What?!
2: No!
3: You've got it wrong!!
4: I...
5: gobuh
6: Ah...
sfx: skid

sfx: dash
1: I'm just getting started!!
sfx: grab
sfx: pull...
2: Tomiko!!
3: Let me go!!
4: That's enough...
5: Let's go home.
6: Tomiko...
7: Aggh...
sfx: fsssh

1: Uuu...
sfx: quiver
2: This can't be happening...
3: Oh my!
4: Ippei-kun!
5: Who in the heck was thaaaat?!
6: Hm?
sfx: uwaaaaahh
7: Ahh...Kurenai-san?
8: Kurenai-san is so cool...
sfx: ufufu
9: Haven't you heard about how he's so handsome, smart, good at sports, and popular with the ladies? I've seen those two walk home together quite a lot, you know.
sfx: grin...
10: And apparently, he and Tomiko-san are childhood friends.
sfx: wham

1: Hey, playboy!
2: Well? Any new developments?
3: Oh, that face...
4: What? Did you get dumped?
5: It happens to everyone, man! No use moping over it.
sfx: nod
6: There are more fish in the sea.
7: Kiyoshi...I'm a total idiot. Not only did I mess up, but...I never...I never thought she'd already have a boyfriend...

1: What? A boyfriend?
2: So what if she has a boyfriend?!
3: I don't know what you messed up with,
4: but seriously...is your love really that tiny?
5: So what if she has a boyfriend? Why should that stand in the way of your love?
6: Kiyoshi...!!
7: Steal her for yourself!! Love is war!!
8: Y...
9: You're right!! So what if she has a boyfriend?! I can't lose to a jerk like that! So what if he's...smart, good at sports, and popular with the ladies?!
10: /I've completely lost to him already!!!
sfx: thunk

1: No!
2: My passion for Tomiko-san surpasses hiiiiiis!!!
3: (So hot!
sfx: fwoooosh
4: [A few days later...
sfx: whoooosh
sfx: glare
sfx: glare

1: Are you sure you aren't misunderstanding things here?
paper: Duel
Tomiko-san is mine! Come out to the middle of the street after school! (Ippei)
sfx: fwip
2: Why did you give this to me?
3: You're the one who's misunderstanding things!!
4: I haven't done anything wrong to Tomiko-san!!
5: That's a good one. Tomiko's lying in bed sick with a stomachache right now...because she ate a certain someone's rice ball!
6: Ahh...um...well...
sfx: flip
7: This is fine though.
8: [Karate Club
9: I wanted to pay you back thoroughly for what you did to her.
10: Heh...heh...who do you think's the stronger one here?
9: [Shaolin Martial Arts Club
sfx: leap!!

sfx: freeze
1: Stop it, both of you!!
2-3: haa
sfx: stagger
4: Tomiko!
5: Tomiko-san!
6: Ippei-kun...I...I need to apologize to you.
sfx: stagger
7: Huh?!
8-9: haa
10: You were just trying to make me cough up the bad rice ball, weren't you?
11: haa
sfx: slip...
12: I realized it after I got a stomachache. I'm so stupid...
sfx: paaaah...
13: Tomiko-san!!

1: Tomiko! He fed you rotten food!
2: How could you still like him?!
3: You be quiet, Momoko!!
4: Momoko...?
5: As a fellow girl,
6: I refuse to allow him to become your boyfriend, Tomiko!
7: A fellow girl...
8: Whaaat?!
9: That isn't your boyfriend, Tomiko-san?!
10: Wha...
11: What? No way!! Momoko's a girl! She's my best friend from school!

1: Yurigaoka Women's High has two different uniforms. Momoko's a bit boyish, so she likes to wear pants...
2: She's the only one who does, though. Ufufu...silly Ippei-kun!
stare: stare...
sfx: fondle
3: Oh, so she IS a girl...
sfx: pfft
4: Pervert!!!
sfx: whap


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