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#2 / Beasts with Fangs Bared


tl by danluffey

#2 / Beasts with Fangs Bared

sfx: fwooom

sfx: slurrrp
left sign: 3rd Commander
Hagikubo Senzou
middle sign: 4th Commander
Yokogawa Tarou
right sign: 5th Commander
Takizawa Jou

left sign: 7th Commander
Inamori Souichirou
middle sign: 8th Commander
Hanaoni Jin
right sign: 9th Commander
Ikenuma Tatsuyasu
1: The old men of influence of Tougai High...
2: They all sure look scary enough...
sfx: stomp

1: You sons of bitches! You're gonna pay for what you did!!
2: You think the great Kaneda Seiki is gonna let you goons push him around, huh?!
3: You again? You never learn, do you?
4: Shuddap, ya big oaf!!
sfx: dash

sfx: whoom
1: Ahh!
sfx: krack

1: Uwaaaahhh!
sfx: wham
2: Break an arm or a leg so that he doesn't get any more funny ideas.
3: Osu!
sfx: rush
4: Come on, get up already, numbnuts!!
sfx: grab
sfx: slam

sfx: wham
1: Buhoh!
sfx: slam
sfx: crunch

sfx: crash
1: Hieeee! The Supreme Commander's waiting in there!!
sfx: clang rattle
2: S...Supreme Commander!!
sfx: dash

1: We apologize for this inexcusable offense....
2: Please have mercy!

1: Hey...where's the Supreme Commander?
2: Wh-where is he? He's right here!!
3: The hell he is, shit-for-brains!!
sfx: slam

1: Ahh...
sfx: twitch
2: Hey, kid. Who are you? And why the hell do you have ten golden buttons on your uniform?
3: Umm...I was just admitted to this high school.
4: My name is Sugata Kyouhei!!
5: I said, why the hell are you wearing this uniform?!
sfx: grab

1: The ten golden buttons are a symbol of the highest honor given only to the Supreme Commander of East Japan!!
sfx: lift
2: Why are you wearing them? This better not be some kind of stupid joke!!
3: You listening to me, fuckface?!
sfx: wham
sfx: crash

sfx: skid
1: Kyaaaa!
2: Wahh!
3: Owww...
4: That was some punch...
5: A normal student who doesn't even belong to our gang wearing a uniform like that is absolutely outrageous!!
6: I'm gonna use you as an example and give you a strict reprimanding in order to make sure that no other students get any similar ideas!!

sfx: leap rattle lurch

1: Just make sure you don't kill him.
2: Osu!!
3: Come on and stand up already, ya little maggot!!
4: I dunno why you decided to put on a uniform like that, but one thing's clear - you're a few crayons short of a box!
sfx: thunk

sfx: wham
sfX: smack
sfx: crunch
sfx: krack

sfx: rustle
1: Oww...
2: Owowowowow!
3: S...sons of bitches...
4: You're really gonna get it now!
5: Hm?!
sfx: yeaaaahhh

sfx: crack smack slam crunch snap bam squish thunk slam wham
sfx: thud
1: Ahhh...

1: Hey now, you can't go to sleep just yet, boy! Get up!
2: Ahh...
3: I can't say I encourage ganging up on a solitary opponent.
4: Who said thaaat?!
5: Gehh!
6: 3rd-Year Sub-Commander Takamine! Please excuse us!!
7: Osu!
sfx: fwip

1: Is this the man who was earing the same buttons as the Supreme Commander?
2: Osu! Yes sir!
3: Still, lynching a single opponent goes against my principles. Please settle this matter through a one-on-one duel.
4: O...osu!!
5: B-but I...
6: Yes?
7: I've never once fought before...
8: Um, what I mean is...today is the first time I've ever been hit, so hitting someone else would be...

1: Why are you wearing that uniform, then?
2: Due to some circumstances, I wore it for the first time today.
3: No matter what the reason may be...you apparently had no qualms
4: about what would happen if you wore a uniform like that to the infamous Tougai High.
5: You must have been fully prepared for what would happen!!
6: Correct?
7: Please begin the duel!!
8: Osu!

sfx: saunter
1: H-he's never fought before in his entire life?!
2: What is he, a retard?
sfx: crack


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