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Chapter. 2


tl by danluffey

1: /My father is a great author named Hirota Gaku...I hardly ever get to see him. Aside from mealtimes and bathing, he shuts himself up in his study and writes his novels.
2: [Hirota Norihiko
3: /Because of that, I've hardly had any face-to-face conversations with him...
4: /When I was little...I once got so lonely that I barged into his room.
sfx: click...
5: Dad...

sfx: skritch
1: Da...
sfx: skritch
sfx: skritch skratch
2: /But when I saw him working so feverishly on his writing, I simply couldn't muster up the courage to interrupt im.

sfx: click...
1: /And so, I never again set foot in his room...
2: /The only friends I had were the many books we had in our house. I hungrily read them all, cover to cover...
3: /Even now, I rarely speak with my father.
4: (Dear...we're in the middle of breakfast...
5: /But I still respect him.

1: /The novels my dad wrote were all amazing...with every page turn, I was sucked into a vibrant world filled with constant, pulse-pounding drama...I could also tell that he had truly done extensive research.
2: /He was so dedicated to his work...and that was what allowed him to create such masterpieces. I was overjoyed.
3: /I wanted to follow in my father's footsteps...and soon, I was filled with the desire to create.
4: /I spent a month writing this novel. I want to show it to dad...no, to Hirota Gaku, the famous historical fiction novelist...I want his honest, professional opinion!

1: /And so, I made up my mind and decided to go into my father's study.
sfx: knock knock
2: Dad...
sfx: click
3: Do you have a minute?
4: Dad...

1: Oh, what's wrong, Norihiko-san?
2: Oh, mom...where's dad?
3: He said he was having trouble thinking up new ideas,
4: so he went for a walk.
5: Don't go into his study and mess with things just because he's out, Norihiko-san.
sfx: fufufu
6: Despite how he looks, your father's surprisingly high-strung.
sfx: hahaha
7: I know, mom.
sfx: sigh
8: There's no telling when he'll be back.
9: If only he had left a memo or something on his desk, I could read about what he's working on. Wow, he sure left things messy...
10: This is the desk where dad thinks up all his epic tales...

1: I'm Poopman.
2: He drew Poopman!!
sfx: gabibibiiiin


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