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Chapter. 3


tl by danluffey

1: [Hirota Noriko
2: /My father is a historical fiction author named Hirota Gaku...he's a great man, one so lofty that even I, his own daughter, has trouble mustering up the courage to speak to him...
3: /The novels he writes are filled with his vast knowledge...
book: The Empire and the Army
4: /Seized by a hunger for knowledge, I entered into a first-rate private high school, where I now study hard daily to try and follow in the footsteps of the man I respect more than any other...

sfx: knock knock
1: Papa...I'm sorry for disturbing you while you work. Do you have a moment?
2: I was researching the expanse and influence of the Roman Empire, and I wanted to hear your opinion on the political climate...
sfx; silence...
sfx: click...
3: Papa...
4: Pa...

1: Hm? Noriko-san?
2: What's the matter?
3: Oh, mama...do you know where papa is?
4: He said he was having trouble thinking up new ideas,
5: so he went for a walk.
6: Oh. How unusual.
7: He must be working on another epic piece right now...so try not to bug him too much, will you?
8: Okay, mama...
9: Another epic piece?
sfx: click...
10: I wonder what kind of research he does to prepare?

1: I hardly ever get to come inside papa's office. Wow, look at all these books...
books: Japan, Countries of the World, Columbus, History Encyclopedia, The Cretan Civilization
2: I remember mama once told me
3: that when papa never moves anything in his room until he finishes the book he's working on. Must be hard to clean...
4: This is papa's desk...
5: Papa's idea notes?!
6: I want to read it! Would he get mad at me if I did?
7: I'll just take a peek and then put it back where I found it. It'll be fine...
sfx: pitter patter flip

1: What should I do...my bread roll pants are smeared with poop now. If someone were to see me, I'd be so embarrassed...maybe it's better just to act like nothing's wrong...
sfx: jitter
2: Hey, bread roll! You look really pooped out! And poopy, at that! In times like these, it's best to leave things to me!!
sfx: vrooooom
duck: Impossible Hemorrhoid Sweet & Sour Pork
3: Poopman!
sfx: tap
4: Oodles
sfx: pop
5: of energy!
sfx: poop

1: Butt Jett!!
sfx: pwooooosh!!
2: Pyaaaah!
sfx: snap
3: Hm-hm-hmhmmmmm!
sfx: spin
4: Rolling The Toilet Paper Undies!!

sfx: spin
sfx: smack!!
1: Bread roll...I flushed all your problems away...
2: Thank you, Poopman!
3: If it wasn't for you, people might have started calling me "Miso Bread" or "Curry Bread!"
4: Hmph! No need to thank me,
5: you shithead!!

sfx: shut...
1: Oh, welcome home.
2: I'm home...
3: Well? Did the walk give you any good ideas?
4: Yeah! I think I can write down a bunch more now!


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