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Inter-Company Love Letter

Inter-Company Love Letter

tl by danluffey

Inter-Company Love Letter

1: Are you Ikemura-kun, from the business department?
2: The boss is calling for you.
3: Alright, I'll be right in.
4: /Wow...I'm getting promoted already? Guess they finally realized how awesome I am...
sign: 2nd Business Division

sfx: flip...

1: This is a congenial mail you sent to one of your good clients...
sfx: flip
2: Yes...what, is there some kind of problem?
paper: To: OO Company


We are very grateful for your patronage <3
I'm e-mailing you today just to check up and see how you're doing <3
Thank you very much for joining us in the meeting the other day <3
Additionally <3 thank you for all of your comments during the meeting <3
I plan to work them all into our future business plans <3
If you have any more questions or comments <3 feel free to e-mail me at anytime <3
I am looking forward to doing further business with you <3
I pray that further prosperity will come to us in the future <3

OX Business

1: What happened to this e-mail...all the punctuation marks have been replaced with hearts!
2: It looks like a love letter!
3: Strange.
4: The word processing software I used, "Fuumin," seemed to be operating normally...
5: What kind of software is that?!
6: No wait, why are you using your own special software to write an e-mail?! You should be using the same software as the rest of us...huh?
sfx: slam
7: That must be how those overly cutesy typos got into your e-mail!
8: I see, boss...it appears like
9: this was my mistake.
10: You just realized that?
11: I must have forgotten to press the "Compatibility" button for Fuumin and my computer.
12: You call that an excuse?! Why would you even need a button like that?!

1: I'll correct the e-mail at once and resend it.
2: With Fuumin.
3: No! No more Fuumin! I'm confiscating it!
4: Just go ahead and rewrite the e-mail on my computer!
sfx: klik
5: Excuse me.
6: A fax for Ikemura-san
7: just arrived from OO Company.
sfx: flip

1: I'll take that...
sfx: cough
paper: To: OX Business
Ikemura-sama <3

Thank you very much for everything <3
I felt that the meeting was very valuable <3 in that I could see you agreed with the vision we've held for many years <3 and that I could also receive your valuable opinions <3
I was also very happy to read your mail and was deeply moved by your passionate feelings <3
I am looking forward to continuing our relationship for many long years <3
Ps> Are you free at 6 PM this Wednesday? I would like to have dinner with you and discuss this in further detail if you don't mind <3 I will be eagerly awaiting a response <3

From: OO Company
Barazono Takeo

3: /Wow...his client's just as bad...
4: (It's handwritten, too...


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