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tl by danluffey

1: Wait...Suzy...

1: Just wait a little longer for her.
2-3: Haah
4: ...ggh.
5: Haah
6: Wait? We need every mile we can get right now!
7: If she can't stand, we'll just have to leave her behind.
8: I'm...alright...
9: Just don't..leave me...
10: Jesus. I knew this would happen.
11: Who decided to bring her with us?! Take responsibility!!
12-13: cough
14: Don't cry. It'll only be worse later if you get dehydrated.

1: Fine, we'll rest a little. It's almost morning anyway.
2: We're almost to the crags.
p1: Ruby really was right.
p2: I can understand it, though. The temperature's low, and we're in the desert.
3: Dahlia's tired too.
4: I think those are the crags Monroe was talking about.
5: Let's just try to keep going until we reach them.
6: There's an old hut through the third hole from the right.
7: You can hide there.
p5: How much should I trust that guy?
8: Honestly, I'm getting really tired of this...

p1: Everyone's looking at nothing but their own toes.
1: ...so I have to look for them.
2: Guess I drew the short straw.
3: Yeah...it's times like these
p3: Yeah.
p4: I want to rely on someone.
4: when you need a man.

1: Let her sleep in the shade there.
2: It's full of cactuses...
3: Poor thing...she's shivering.
4: She's probably never walked this far before.
5: ...I'm cold...
6: Cold? You think we aren't cold?!
7: If you go easy on her, she's just going to keep getting weaker and weaker,
8: Dahlia!! Stop trying to act so nice! There aren't any men around here anyway!
9: ...what do you mean by that?

1: Hmph! Nothing.
2: When I was a kid, we just let weaklings like her die.
3: We'd fight each other and steal each other's food. Only the ones that survived were allowed to become grown-ups.
4: People that can't survive on their own will end up dying sooner or later anyway.
5: Ah...she's...
6: got a fever... (Shit.)
7: We don't have any water, do we?
8: What did I tell you?

1: I'm not having that kid waste any more of our time!
2: Why don't you just leave her here?
3: If they find her, they'll just take her back. It's no big deal!
4: But then we won't be able to save her.
5: You won't be able to save her no matter what you do!
6: Alright, alright. Just shut up for a second.
7: Oh, what are you going to do now? Search for water?

1: Go back to town? Carry her on your back for a whole day?
2: Good luck with that!!
3: I'm going to head straight to a safe place, even if I'm by myself.
4: Then just leave already!!
5: We won't stop you. We aren't really connected to you anyway.
6: Go on and disappear.
7: OK then!!

1: ...haah.
2: It's no use...Suzy.
3: There's nothing else we can do.
4: ...yeah.
5: We at least need to hydrate her.
6: There's an opuntia.
7: Water comes out if you squeeze their stalks.
8: It tastes bad, though.
9: Here. Hang in there!!
10: ...um, what was her name again?

1: I dunno...
2: I'm going to squeeze it from the top, so open your mouth.
3: Owww!!
4: Are you alright? There are still needles in it?
5: I'm fine...
6: But...sorry if any of my blood mixes in.
7: Mama...
8: I don't see any signs of them...let's just spend the night here.
9: We should get some sleep too.

1: Sleep?!
2: You KNOW they're coming after us, don't you?!
3: They'll definitely pass by here!
4: But we can't leave this spot right now...
5: And besides, I'm tired too.
6: I can't think when I'm tired.
7: Sooner or later my body will stop moving... (And it's not good for my skin either.)
8: Good night...
9: I'm starting to wish I'd gone with Ruby...

1: Geez...how can they all be
2: so brain-dead?
3: It's really refreshing to be away from them...
4: I think the place the sheriff was talking about was beyond that thing.
5: South is basically in the opposite direction of that one star...the North Star.
p3 right: Eyes like a cold winter sky...
p3 left: Yeah...they were the same color...
6: ...haah.

1: Stop it...why now?
2: Why am I remembering that asshole...
p2 right: He won't disappear no matter how many times I shoot him to pieces in my mind.
p2 left: All because he had to go and die like that.
3: Why...
4: Why...why didn't you take me?!

1: Stupid!! Stupid fucking asshole!
2: Fu...
3: Aaaaaaaaaahhh!
p3: shake
4: A spider!! I hate spiders!!! I...
5: Die!! Die die die!!
p4: stomp

1: Oh no...I got bit...
2: A Black Widow...
3: Haha...so a poisonous spider kills me, huh?
4: I guess it's fitting, in a way.

1: Whenever I get lifted up, something always knocks me back down.
2: I really have the worst luck...
3: The men I like die...
4: And I start fights with my friends after finally getting close with them.
5: And now I'm going to die? Like this?
6: Then...what was I even born for?
7: Hey!!
8: Tell me!!
p3: What was I born for?

1: Blech...
2: I don't feel so good...
3: Ahh...

1: Apparently Candy found the "lizard"
2: without any real knowledge of what it was.
3: And...I'm pretty sure she swallowed it.
4: She was somehow able to knock me out and escape, after all.
5: How does her knocking you out
6: prove anything?

1: At any rate...if the lizard's gone,
2: then Muscle's lost his trump card.
3: What are you after?
4: Forget about that dangerous stuff.
5: Answer my question.
6: ...I'm a coward, as you can see.
7: All talk, and nothing else.
8: I'm just excited to see what he does
9: when confronted by a crafty man of ambition like you.

1: Sorry, but I'm not gonna fall for that.
2: I can't believe you'd give me something like that for free.
3: Exactly.
4: You're so sharp, it makes me wanna cry.
5: After you become boss, just let those girls go.
6: You aren't interested in them anyway, are you?!
7: In girls, I mean.

p1: blam
1: Woah!! Wait!! Wait, wait!
p2: blam
2: Unfortunately, I don't negotiate with anyone.
3: Oh. That really is unfortunate!!
p4: vroom

1: Keith!!
2: What's all the commotion?!
3: Where are the girls?
4: What the fuck are you doing?!
5: Reige...
6: Where's Candy?

1: She's gone!!
2: They all ran away.
3: The guys we called ended up killing each other.
4: It was a huge disaster...
5: Is that why he called me?

1: Anyone up there?!
2: No.
3: She can't have gone too far.
4: Forget about the other girls!!
p3: waaaahh
5: All I had to do was hide in here...
p3: I really wanted to save the others and escape together, but...
6: They're just looking for me...
p4: I'd just cause them trouble.

1: Ahh, what should I do? Lizard, O Lizard...
2: What should I do?
p2 right: I want to be with everyone,
p2 left: but I should probably escape alone.
3: Yeah. I know that...
p3: "There's one other person you need."
4: But...he's the one I was escaping from.
p4 right: So?
5: It's his job to catch me. He's, you know, what you call an "enemy."
p4 left: So what?

1: In my head, I know...that I have to run.
2: No matter how I look at it...so then why?
3: I know that I can't let him catch me.
p2: I want to touch him...and see more. I want to see him again. I want kiss him. I want us to hold each other.
4: I have no idea what's going on in his mind.

p1: Run!! Yeah, that's right. All I should be thinking about right now is escaping. But if I do that, will I ever be able to see him again? Will his lips never kiss me again?
1: Tell me, Lizard...
2: What should I do?
p3: Heed your instincts.

1: Go where you want to.
2: See who you want to see. And put matters into their hands.
p4: Where do I want to go? Who do I want to see?

1: Where do I want to go?
p2: I want to sit on the soft grass.
2: Where?!
3: Who do I want to see?
4: I want to see Monroe.

1: Aww...but I went out of my way to faint and let you escape.
2: You came all the way back here to get captured?
3: No, the opposite!! I'm going to capture you
4: and we're going to go south together!!
5: You're really crazy, you know that?


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