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#17 / The Yaksha Alliance


tl by danluffey

#17 / The Yaksha Alliance

1: Just die already!!
sfx: wham

sfx: uwaaaahhhh
1: Ahh!
2: Kyaaaa!
3: Ahhhhh!
4: Hieee!
sfx: crack

sfx: hang
1: Kyaaaaa!!
2: Awawawa...
sfx: twitch
3: Huh?!
4: He's a member of the Tougai Group...why are his own men doing that to him?!
5: It's a lynching!
6: A lynching?!
7: Yeah...
8: A punishment for those who rebel against their superiors or the rules of the group...

1: Uwaaaahhh! Please, forgive meeee!
sfx: dash
2: H-hey!
3: Where are you going, bro?!
sfx: skid
4: I'm going to stop this!!
5: Are you nuts?! Those are our enemies! This is good, we should just let 'em kill each other!
6: I can't!!
sfx: dash
7: Ahh, bro!!

sfx: clack
1: hssss

1: Hiee! It's the Yaksha Alliance!
2: L-let's go!
3: Halt!!
sfx: twitch
4: Why did you two start running the moment you saw us? What's the big idea, huh?!
5: Umm...we didn't mean to...
6: The hell you didn't!!
7: Kyaa!
sfx: smack

1: You really offended us just now!
2: Now how are you gonna apologize?!
3: Umm...here.
4: You bitch...you aren't trying to pay us off with petty cash, are you?!
5: N-no, there's 5000 yen in there!
sfx: whap
6: sfx: pop
face sign: DEATH
7: Oh...well excuse me. What's your name, girl?
8: S-Sano Youko.
9: If you ever need any help, you come to us, got it?
10: We'll help you out.
11: I'll be back for more later!

sfx: ufufu ahaha kyaaa
sfx: thud
1: Kyaaaaaaa!!

1: hssss
2: Are you Sugata Azusa?
3: Y...yes.
4: You really do look like a filthy rich girl! Even the shape of your face is different!

1: What are you looking at me like that for?!
2: Are you saying we're too filthy for you to even talk to us? Huh?!
sfx: yank
3: Kyaaa!
4: Well?! C'mon, admit it already!!
sfx: slam
sfx: drip
5: Ahhh...
6: C'mon, be a man and go stop them!
7: I-I'm no match for them!
8: Heeey! What are you girls doing?!
sfx: dash
9: Ohh!

sfx: slither
1: Gyoohh!!
2: You aren't needed here, teach! Step back!
3: Hieeeeee!
4: I-I-I thought I told you already not to bring these things to school...
sfx: slither
5: Wahh!
6: Gyaaaahhh!
7: This is no place to talk. Mind coming with us, dear?
8: C'mon! Stand up!!

1: Stop this!!

1: This is a private affair. It has nothing to do with you.
2: I won't let you interfere with this...
3: It may have nothing to do with me, but it's just too horrible!
4: I can't just stand by and watch this happen!

1: Hoohh...
2: What do you intend to do, then?
3: Defeat each and everyone of us with that Qigong Fist of yours?
4: Or will you let yourself be lynched in his place?
sfx: shiver
5: Just so you know, defeating all of us will only delay the lynching temporarily. It'll still happen eventually.

1: Continue the lynching!!
2: Uwaaaahhh! No! Have mercyyyy!!
3: Hie, hie,
4: Hiiieeee!
5: There ya go! Enjoy your death dive!
6: Wahhh!
sfx: wham

1: Uwaaahhh
sfx: whoosh
sfx: grab
2: Ahh!
3: Let me trade places with him.
sfx: grin

1: Oh...oh no!!
2: Sugata! Where's Sugataaaa?!
3: Azusa-san's in trouble! The Yaksha Alliance got her!!
4: What?!
5: Hey! What did you just say? Did something happen to Azusa-chan?!
sfx: dash
6: Sh-she was taken away by the Yaksha Alliance!
7: Whaaat?!

sfx: thud
1: Ahhh!

1: Azusa-chaaaan!!
sfx: dash
2: Hey! Did you see the Yaksha Alliance?!
3: I saw them go into the bathroom on the second floor!
sfx: dash
4: Thanks!!
5: Uwaaahh!
6: Hey, watch where you're going, you blockhead!!
7: Ahhhhh!
8: Juumonji-san!!

1: clamor
2: gasp


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