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tl by danluffey

sfx: waaaaahh
1: Kill 'em all! Take anything metal you can find!
bottom: 2-2-12 Chiba Naoto

Chiba Naoto

sfx: tap
1: Wh-who the hell are you?
sfx: uooohhhhhhh
2: So you're...the infamous...
3: Lycan Hunter...
4: Tell me where your boss is...
5: Where's Dillan?!
6: On the next...full moon...
7: He plans to attack the village..of Bluewater..

1: Go...go find Dillan...
2: and die at his hands...
3: [Bluewater
4: step
5: Don't you think we've been seeing a lot more creeps than usual lately?
6: Yeah.

sfx: creak
1: Welcome!
2: Ugh!
3: Yo!
4: (What's the "ugh" for?
5: What do you want, Bruno?
sfx: oof
6: Hey, watch it now, I'm a customer!
7: Also, it's Bruce.
8: I don't know about that...you still have yet to pay a single bill, Brutus.
9: It's BRUCE!!
10: (Are you doing this on purpose?
11: Nothing good ever happens when you show up.
12: Those creeps who've been walking the streets lately are your friends, right?

1: You think I'd hang out with a bunch of hoodlums?!
2: Maybe.
3: Well, I guess we are all wolves...
sfx: grin
4: Huh?
5: N-nevermind.
6: Just trust me. I'll pay my bill eventually.
sfx: fssssh
7: Hey, Sandy.
8: You know that guy who comes here now and then to see you? I saw him the other day.
9: Bruce?
sfx: rattle

1: His shadow looked so strange!
2: Shadow?
3: Yeah! It looked like an animal's, not a human's!
4: You should be careful, Sandy.
5: /She's right....I don't know a thing about him.

1: Tonight's finally here.
2: That sure was a long wait!
3: I can't wait to sink my teeth into a human...
4: I want to suck up a lot of fresh blood!
5: How many towns have we destroyed so far?
6: I want some child meat!
7: I like female meat...
8: Just gotta wait a few more hours...

1: /Those are the hoodlums from town...
2: /Eat? Destroy? What are they talking about?
3: /And their shadows...
4: /look like beasts...
5: /This is bad!
6: /I need to go tell everyone!
sfx: fwap
7: Stay quiet unless you want to die.
8: /Bruce!
9: Gentlemen!!

1: Our long-awaited full moon has finally risen!!
2: Tonight, our Lycan powers will be greatly enhanced!
3: Go, tonight, and feast to your hearts' content!
4: Just make sure you don't get so out of control that you forget to steal any metal objects you find.
5: Yeaaaaahh!

1: Now go!!
sfx: dash

sfx: crash
1: Come on out, humans!!
sfx: smack
2: Where are they?!
3: What's going on?
4: They're all gone!
5: Same over here!
6: I can smell them, though.
sfx: fwoosh

1: Guoohhhhhhhh!
sfx: fwam
2: Silver arrows!

sfx: leap
1: You dirty humans!!
2: You're all dead now!
3: Dah
sfx: slice
4: D-don't tell me you're...
5: The Lycan Hunter!!

1: I'm counting on you to back me up, villagers!
2: Die!!
sfx: slice
3: Gyahh!
4: Guohhh!
sfx: graah

sfx: clink
1: Tch!
sfx: stab
2: Gyaaahh!
3: Sandy!
4: Thanks! But it's dangerous down here, so you'd better climb up!
5: I came to this town to stop them.
6: Them?
7: Silver is their weakness.
8: I need everyone's help!
9: I'm glad I could help out.
10: Well, isn't this a surprise.
sfx: jingle

1: So YOU'RE
2: the Lycan Hunter!
3: Dillan.
4: Kukuku...
sfx: rrrrip
5: Looks like I'll be able to have some fun for once.
6: I hope you're ready to entertain me!

1: H-he's huge!
2: K-keep firing!
sfx: flicker
sfx: thud
sfx: grin
sfx: graaahhh

1: Mongrel...
sfx: leap
2: /I can't keep up!
3: /I have no choice but to...
sfx: crack

sfx: thud
1: Guhah!
2: No...
3: If he gets killed, then...
4: Don't worry.
5: It'll be quick.
6: A split second!
sfx: slice

1: I didn't want to turn into
2: a mutt like you all, but...
sfx: crumble...
3: I guess I have no choice!
4: Bruce?
5: You...
sfx: fssssh
6: So the Lycan Hunter's half wolf, eh?!

1: You're finished, Dillan!!
2: We'll see about that!!
sfx: toss
sfx: stab

sfx: grip
1: Gggh...
sfx: yank
sfx: stab

1: Guoooohhhhhh
sfx: step
2: Bruce!
3: Your sword!!
4: Excellent play, Sandy!!

sfx: slice
sfx: splat
1: Dillan lost?!
2: Let's get outta here!

sfx: haa
sfx: haa
sfx: waaaahhhh
1: There you go.
2: That should do it.
3: Thanks.
4: So...
5: Where should I begin?

1: They attacked my hometown when I was a kid.
2: Everyone except for me...was killed.
3: Dillan was the man who led them. The big guy I just killed.
4: Shortly after I started my journey for revenge, I got bit and infected by one of them. Normally, people die from the pain, but I guess I had the right antibodies...I'm "half wolf," like he said.
5: Just as the mummy hunter himself becomes a mummy...
6: I guess I'll get going now.
7: Already? But we're having a party tonight. You're the guest of honor!
8: People died because of me. And besides, I'm worried about the stragglers that escaped.
9: This is farewell.

1: Bruce...
2: Will you ever come back?
3: If...
4: I ever clean this whole mess up,
5: I'll come back to mooch some more food off you.
6: A huge plate will be waiting for you.
7: Don't give it to some other guy, now!


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