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#38 / A Frightening Warning


tl by danluffey

#38 / A Frightening Warning

sfx: thud
1: Bro!!

1: Wh-what was that?
2: Ahhh!
3: The aura's gone...
4: Wh-what just happened? No one's there!

1: /That aura felt nothing like a human's...it was more like a beast's!
2: /But what I saw in that moment was...
3: /That was definitely a man...
4: /A small one...

1: /But...
2: /How could someone run that fast?
3: /And that scent I caught when the black shadow cut across...
4: /I know I've smelled it somewhere before...
5: B...brooo!
6: I have a reaaaally bad feeling, like something super terrible is about to happen! I keep getting the shivers...
sfx: shiver
7: /Perhaps that was
8: /the Commander?!

1: Now, please translate all of that.
2: You first!
3: twitch
4: U-umm...
5: I don't know.
6: Stand up!
7: Next! You!

1: Ummm...
2: Errrr...heheh...I don't know!
3: Staaaand up!!
4: You're all brain-dead delinquents, you know that? Grow up already!!
5: You!
6: You graduated from the famous Noble Century Academy's middle school at the top of your class...didn't you, Sugata-kun?!

1: clamor
2: whisper
3: clamor
4: This class probably bores you so much that you don't even bother to listen.
5: No.
6: I'd never...
7: Then, answer this question for me.
8: Don't expect me to believe that you weren't listening now, Sugata-kun!
9: Today...
10: Today it is very hot, and makes us think about our summer vacation, which will begin in a month.
11: Our vacation is from July 21 to September 1.

sfx: brrrrrring
1: Uuu...
2: cough
3: N-now then, that's all for today!
4: Ahahahahahaha!
sfx: dash
5: Wahahahaha!
6: Figures, since you come from such a great school! You're way smarter than us!
7: You aren't only the strongest one here, you're also the smartest! You've got the best of both worlds!
sfx: cheer

sfx: rattle
1: Broooo!!
2: Bro, we've got trouble! You've gotta come with me!
3: What's wrong, Blue Demon?
4: You remember Yoshida, the guy you saved during the lynching?
5: This way!
6: Over there! Look over there, bro!!

sfx: doom

1: Uuuu!!
2: Kyaaaah!
3: Wh-who did this?
4: Uahh...
5: Ahh...
6: Hoaaaaaahhh

sfx: pop
sfx: thud
1: H-hang in there! Are you alright?!
2: Who did this...
3: Uwaaaahhh!

1: Hie, hie, hie, hiieee...
sfx: shiver
2: Something truly horrible must have happened to him. It's left him utterly speechless!
3: Let's just carry them all to the nurse's office.
4: Hm?
5: What's wrong, Blue Demon?
6: W-weird, there's a flower up there...
7: A thistle and a columbine...

1: All four of them were men who had fled the Tougai Group to support you, bro.
2: And the jagged cuts on their bodies looked just like the cuts you got when you were attacked on your way home from visiting Azusa-chan in the hospital!
3: Uuu!

1: Eeeee?!
sfx: whip
2: O-oh no! Bro! This is the third-years' building!!
3: L-let's go back, bro...
4: Wahh!

1: Heeheeheehee!
2: Fufufu...
3: Let's go.
4: Huh?!
5: Wait! Wait, are you serious, bro?!
6: D-don't you think we should turn back...?
7: Haha!

1: Fufufu.
2: Heheh...
3: Fufufu.
4: Those four looked so pathetic, hung up to die like that...
5: Soon, you'll end up just like them!

1: So you were the ones behind that!
2: Is that what you think?
3: What?!
4: Let's go, Blue Demon!
5: Uuu...
6: Fufufu! Fools...
7: Now that you've awoken the sleeping demon, there is no escape!
8: What was that all about?
9: I was sure they were going to try and attack us, but they ended up doing nothing! They must be plotting something...
10: Haha!

sfx: throb
1: Stop, Blue Demon!!
2: Don't take another step!
3: Why?

1: It's coming from behind that corner...
2: An aura so powerful it could burst through both our bodies!
3: What?!
4: It's the same aura I felt when I was attacked in the park!
sfx: throb


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