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#39 / Ominous Flower Language


tl by danluffey

#39 / Ominous Flower Language

sfx: throb

1: Wh-what's that throbbing sound?!
sfx: throb
sfx: bwiiiiiin
2: Eee!!

sfx: whap
sfx: flap
sfx: rrrip
sfx: rrrrip
1: Get down, Blue Demon!!
sfx: throb
2: Hieee!
sfx: crack
sfx: shatter

sfx: crack
sfx: crack
sfx: crack
sfx: shatter
1: Uwaaaahhh!!
sfx: throb

sfX: rumble
1: Hooohhh
2: Howaaa
3: aaaaahhh

sfx: throb
sfx: rumble...
sfx: rrrrip
1: Ueeeehhh!!
sfx: crack

sfx: crack
sfx: pop
1: B...brooooo!!
2: Haaaaahhh
sfx: gwaaaahhh
3: Hiieeeehh
sfx: pop

1: The aura's gone!!
sfx: dash
sfx: fwip
2: A daphne odora...?
3: Uwaaahh!
sfx: boom

sfx: dash
sfx: fwip
1: M...my glasses!
2: Uuuu!!

1: Here they are.
2: Oh, thank you very much.
3: Are you OK? Did you get hurt?
sfx: pat
4: N-no, I'm fine.
5: Who bumped into you?! Did you ever seen him before?!
6: N-no, it was just so sudden, I didn't see his face. And besides, my glasses were knocked off.
7: Now then, I'm in a hurry, so I'll be going now.
8: Dammit! That guy's faster than a cheetah!

sign: Tougai Private High School
sfx: clamor
1: Ahh!

sfx: clamor
1: L-look, it's Sugata Azusa!
2: The New Miss Tougai has arrived!
3: Wooooweeeee!
4: Azusa-chaaaan!
sfx: cheer
5: Congratulations on getting out of the hospital, Azusa-chaaan!
6: Hey, hold on, you guys!
7: Azusa-chan, look this way!
8: Azusa-chan!

1: Give me your autograph, Azusa-chan!
sfx: cheer
2: What? But I...
3: Me too, me too!
4: Alright, that's enough already, you blockheads!
5: If any one of you happens to hurt Azusa-chan, you're gonna live to regret it!
6: Oh yeah? Says who, Kaneda?!
7: Who are you to Azusa-chan, anyway?!
8: Yeah! Who gives you the right to say that?!
9: Uuu...
10: If Sugata Kyouhei-kun were to say that, then we'd gladly back off...
11: But you expect us to just nod our heads and listen to what YOU say?!
12: Uuuu...

1: Shuddap!!
2: Enough is enough! Any more of your blabbering, and I'll blow you all to bits!!
3: Uwahh!
4: Gahahaha! Serves 'em right! Now, Azusa-chan, right this way!
5: What's his problem?
6: He thinks he's a knight protecting a princess, I guess. Someone should hand him a mirror!
7: Poor Azusa-chan!
8: It's Sugata Azusa!
9: Azusa-chan!
10: clamor
11: Ssshh! Ssshh!
sfx: clamor

1: Hmmm?!
2: Hey, what happened?!
3: Ahh, Sugata-kun!!
4: It's horrible! Your name's up there!
5: Huh?!
wall: Sugata Kyouhei! Six more days!
6: Uuu!
7: Ahhh!

1: Who the hell did this?!
2: We got to the classroom first, but it was already up there! Right, girls?
3: Yes.
4: Bro, does this mean...that it was the Commander's doing?
5: This is really creepy...
6: Hm?
7: What's tied around its throat?
8: A spreading yew...
9: Huh?!

1: Doesn't the spreading yew mean "death" in flower language?
2: F...flower language...
3: Wait a second, bro! Maybe all the flowers up until now meant something like that!
4: What about thistles and columbines?
5: And daphne odora! What do they mean in flower language?
6: Thistles stand for foolishness...columbines stand for revenge...daphne odoras stand for glory and invincibility...

panel 1: Foolishness! Revenge!
panel 2: Invincibility!
1: /He's trying to tell us that the Tougai Group will never die...that it's invincible!
wall: Sugata Kyouhei! Six more days!

sfx: noise
1: The Commander's gotta be hiding among them...but which one is him?

1: And what is 'six more days' supposed to mean?! I wish he'd just reveal himself and challenge you like a man!
2: I bet he's expecting to cripple you from the fear of having to wait in fear for so long, but boy is he barking up the wrong tree! Eh, bro?!
3: Hm? What's wrong, bro?
4: Is that really all he's after? I wonder if he isn't planning something else...
5: Something else?!
6: Sugata-san!
7: Yes?
8: Your family's calling.
9: My family?!

sfx: dash
sfx: dash
sfx: throb
sfx: throb
sfx: throb


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