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Chapter 01.

Lack of Supervision #1

tl by danluffey

Lack of Supervision - Anno Moyoco

This manga is fiction, and all resemblances to real entities are strictly coincidental.

Lack of Supervision 01

1: [This little girl's name is Romper. *The song he's singing is the Sazae-san theme song.
2: But you can't always be laaaaughing!
3: [She's a 30-year old mangaka.
4: Owww!
5: I stepped on something!!
6: What's this doing here?
7: It's a Time Slip Glico toy...
8: [Time Slip Glico - Famous items from the 1950s that have been turned into miniature toys
Box: Glico

1: It was you!!
2: Iron Man #28!
sfx: fwap
3: (Ahh!
4: [His name is Director-kun.
5: Caramel...is that the second box?
6: Yeah.
sfx: Kiiiiih!
7: I haven't even eaten breakfast yet and I'm eating candy!
8: How old am I?!
9: 10.

1: [Director-kun makes anime and movies and stuff.
sfx: hmph!
2: The street's this way!!
3: (Ah!
4: /Was he working on an idea right now?
5: I...
6: I can't remember it...
7: You know the theme song for Detective Chimp?
8: What's the part that comes after "He tingles the spines of both males and females?!"
9: I can't remember it!!
sfx: flap
10: I'm the chimp detective!
11: Mooshoo barabara baaarabara!
12: [Today they're going to go around to wedding dress shops to try some dresses on.

1: [Why wedding dresses? Because they're getting married!
sfx: drag... mryaa?
2: Hey, how do I look?
3: Like a clione.
4: (Miss!
5: I don't need anything.
6: I'm going to wear a Kamen Rider suit.
sfx: grin
7: (Rider?
8: [The wedding!
9: [The groom cosplayed as Kamen Rider, and the bride cosplayed as a bride, and we went around handing out doujinshi to the people we were indebted to.
10: (This is the old Hongou version Kamen Rider.
11: [That's how you have a wedding in the manga/anime industry.
12: /No way...

1: [Romper started getting worried.
2: /Can I really handle being an otaku's wife?
3: /What if he starts talking about Ultraman when I do my makeup?
4: /I've never even seen Ideon...
5: /And look...whenever he's not bugging me, he's...
6: Mirror knife!!
7: Swipe swipe!
8: (sound effects
9: /He's pretending to be Mirror Man!
10: I'm gonna kill you!!
11: [This is a famous line from the manga "The Pigeon's Bride."
12: I'm gonna kill you!!!
13: Hanazono Tackle!
sfx: kyahaha
14: Char Rubber!!
15: High Beam Rainbow!!
16: [But all that worry faded away when they started playing the Pigeon Bride game.

1: [Because, when it comes down to it, Romper is an otaku too.
2: Oh, that's right.
box: Ideon
3: This is the Ideon DVD box set.
4: This is Panda Go Panda, and this is Yamato...
5: Watch it when you have time.
sfx: toss
6: What did you bring all that in for?
7: You need to spend the rest of your life studying how to be an otaku.
8: So that you can become a wonderful otaku bride by the time you die.
9: [But she was up against a man who was one also known as one of the Four Otaku Emperors of Japan. And so, Romper's treacherous otaku bride training began!
10: First, conquer all of Moroboshi Daijirou's works!!
11: Yes sir!!


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