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tl by danluffey

1: /One day, fat started accumulating on my body. It slipped into every crevice, and wouldn't come out.
2: /I felt like I was wearing a coat made of fat that I couldn't get out of.

sfx: jerk
sfx: click
sfx: fssssh
1: /I don't want get hungry again and have to make more later...
2: /I'll put in five more... (That should do it.)
3: /All I had to do was eat to feel alright. If I ate something, I felt like it would all work out.

1: /No matter how many bad things happened to me.
2: Afterwards I went to a hotel with him.
3: Kyaaa! How was he?
4: His thing looked really weird...
5: Like a pencil?
6: Ah, good morning, Noko!
7: We had a lot of trouble after you left yesterday.
8: For some reason we always get hit on! (Is it because we look stupid?)
9: Not last time.
10: Yeah, when Noko was with us.
11: For some reason whenever you're with us, Noko, we never get hit on.

1: Don't you think she's gained some weight?
2: Yeah, she really has.
3: Before she was just a little bit pudgy, but now...
4: she's like, fat.
5: Hanazawa.
6: Go make me some copies. You're so damn slow!

1: You pig!
2: /Sometimes men really say terrible things to me. Maybe I did something wrong, but honestly, I don't know why it happens.
3: /I don't worry about it, though. It's always been like this.
4: Dude, come on!
5: Weirdo!
6: Stop looking at us!
7: Ugly!
8: /I was always good friends with girls, though.
9: Just ignore them. Let's go!
10: /And I get along with my boyfriend.

1: Hey, I heard Noko's boyfriend works for Mitsui & Co.
2: No way! Really?
sfx: flip
3: That's awesome! Where did she meet him?
4: Let's do a group date with her!
5: Ah...they've been going out since high school.
6: What? You mean they've been going out for eight years?
7: That's so long! Are they gonna get married?
8: I bet Noko will make a great wife.
9: Yeah, definitely.
10: She can like, make him feel at ease and stuff.
11: Thank you...
12: It's the truth.

1: You're beautiful just the way you are, Noko!!
2: You're not as fat as people say you are.
3: But...
4: I need to lose a little weight so I can wear miniskirts.
5: No, I don't want other guys seeing you.
6: Only me.
7: This body's only for me.
8: Ufufu!

1: So you have been having sex recently.
2: Oh, come on, Ayumi!
sfx: kyahahaha
3: Not...that much.
4: We've been going out for a long time now, so it kind of feels like we're family.
5: We don't do that much sexy stuff when we're together.
6: Yeah...that's what happens
7: when you go out for a long time.
8: Want to go grab a drink, Noko?
9: Uh...no thanks.
10: Today my boyfriend's coming over.
11: Awww. And you're not going either, are you, Ayumi?

1: Guess that's it for today, then.
2: (See ya! Bye bye!
3: /Whenever I go with Ayumi and them some guy always comes to hit on us.
4: /I just want to relax with my girl friends...
5: /Saitou-kun and Ayumi?!
sx: wham dash

1: /I'm so hungry I feel dizzy.
2: /I need to buy more.

1: That'll be 6,425 yen.
2: Uuuu, this is so heavy!
3: Uuu...
sfx: thud
sfx: sigh

1: We haven't gone out in a while.
2: Hey, let's go on a date once in a while.
3: I've never been to Garden Place in Ebisu.
4: Huh? It's nothing special.
5: It just looks pretty and has a Mitsukoshi inside, that's all.
6: /But...earlier, he said he'd never been there.
7: Huh...y-you've been there?
sfx: twitch
8: Eh?

1: No...I just read it in a book or saw it on TV somewhere.
2: Remember, they say it's always busy there?
3: Hmmm...
4: /I should have asked more. But for some reason, I can never be strong around Saitou-kun. He wears me down.
5: I heard Noko's boyfriend works for Mitsui & Co.
6: /So you've been having sex recently.

1: /All I need to do is eat. Then I don't need to think about anything.

1: That was so good...
2: /Once my stomach's full, everything I worried about earlier just starts to feel like a dream.
3: Pbbbt.
4: People can't let themselves get hungry!


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