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No. 0 Sample


tl by danluffey

box: Mame's Mini-Mini Paper Doll Fahion (Cut them out and play!)
left bubble: Cut here!

No. 1 - Mame in Kids' Collection!

1: /At long last, I'm in Tokyo...

1: /Uhhh...Ichibancho in Chiyoda-ku?
2: /I don't know how to get there...
3: /Which way am I supposed to go?
4: OK Miri-chan, good work today!
5: You're all done.

1: Sorry for making you come to the office to shoot those.
2: Nah, it's fine!
3: It's been a while since I've seen the editors anyway.
4: By the way, where's Sakurai-san? (*1)
5: (Huh?
6: She went to Harajuku today for a photo shoot for "Kids' Collection."
7: [Endou Mameko (14)
8: [Currently, she's obsessed with making her own clothes, and her dream is to become a model!
side: *The CUTIE editor in charge of "Kids' Collection."
9: /I even thought up the perfect comment...
10: /I know! I'll go to a police box and ask.
11: /There's no police box around here...!!
sky text: Tokyo's huge...
sfx: honk

1: A model?
2: Sssh, don't be so loud!
3: I'm not sure if I'll really be one or not.
4: That's awesome!!
5: /Midori-chan is probably the cutest girl in our school.
6: Over the break, I went to stay at a relative's house in Tokyo,
7: and then my cousin took me out to Harajuku...
8: /Midori-chan's the one who approached me, saying "We have different tastes."
9: They want a special kind of model called a "reader model."
10: Huh...who's they?

1: Cutie's "Kids' Collection"...
2: You know the name, right?
3: /Of course I do! I've applied to Kids' Collection over and over again, but they keep rejecting me!!
4: /And Midori-chan KNOWS that!!
5: I'm so nervous. What should I wear?

1: Help me think, Mame-chan!!
2: Uu...
3: Uuuu...
4: Oh, I know! Can you lend me some clothes?
5: (Please?
6: Gggh!
7: Nooooo!
8: Ah! Mame-chan!
9: /Midori-chan's cute alright, but she's really pissing me off now!
10: /She copied off me when I put spangles on my plain pencil box, too...
11: I'm home!
12: Mame, you got mail!

1: /I was the first one to say I wanted to be a model, too!
2: Sis, look at this!!
3: I got accepted into Kids' Collection!
4: Really?!
5: I have to go to Tokyo!
6: But you have no money! You wasted it all on cloth and beads...
7: Sis!!
8: I'll lend you some if you promise to get me autographs from GLAY.
9: Sis!!! Thanks so much!
10: /I'm sorry sis...I don't think I'll be able to get you those autographs...
11: /I can't even find my way to the Treasure Island offices...
12: Ahhh!
sign: Treasure Island

1: Kids' Collection?
2: Huh?
3: The meeting spot was changed...didn't you get the notice?
4: No way...
5: What's wrong?
6: She came to the wrong place...
7: Aww, poor thing.
8: /It's Miri-chan!!


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