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Rune 1 - A Chocolatey, Heart-Shaped Shooting Star


tl by danluffey

1: [Deep crimson rubies possess demonic flames...which boil the brass cauldron beneath your feet like a volcano filled with magma!
sfx: boil
2: Kyahoooo! So this is the entrance to the human world!!
3: You sure about this, Chocolat-chan?
4: [Now!! Heed me, you tiny witches!!
5: [And jump in!!

Rune 1 - A Chocolatey, Heart-Shaped Shooting Star

1: Dive!!
sfx: leap
2: That was quick!! (Wait, head-first?!)
3: Waaaaaait!
sfx: bubble
sfx: splash
4: /My name is Chocolat.

1: /Right now, I'm in the middle of a test to decide who will become the next queen of the magic world.
2: blub blub
3: /It tastes like chocolate in here!
4: /I...I'm gonna die...
5: /In order to travel to the human world, first we need to drown ourselves in this cauldron.
sfx: blub blub
6: Listen up, Hiroshi!! That's Ursa Minor.
7: Next to is its daddy, Ursa Major!
8: You're not even looking, are you?!
sfx: whap
9: Woof!
10: Guess you can't see too well with how polluted the sky is.
11: The Mikados' son, Akira-kun is joking around with his dog again. Let him be, he's probably just lonely.
sfx: sigh...
12: Even constellations have their parents besides them. (Even stars...)

1: Papa left us today! He's going to make money in Argentina!
2: But it's alright!! I'm not the least bit lonely! Because
3: (After all, I have you...
4: (haa, haa
5: now I can use his telescope as much as I want! I can play as much videogames as I want, and I can stay up as late as I want ,too!
white: Hey!!
sfx: yaaaaay
6: I'm gonna keep staring at Ursa Major and Ursa Minor until I'm satisfied!
7: Hm?
sfx: pop
8: What's that...?

1: Kyaaaaaaa
2: Vanilla! Magic!! Flight magic!
3: I can't do it! I didn't bring anything with me!!
4: Chocolat-chaaaaan!
5: And I can't do it either, obviously...
6: Fine, whatever! Just do whatever you can!
7: Sugar Sugar Rune!

sfx: paaah
1: Woof!
2: Chocolat-chan!! Flowers bloomed! (A lot of them!)
3: Ahahahahahaha! Sorry! This is all I could do!
sfx: fwoooom
4: This sort of useless magic is all I can do... (for now...)

1: I suppose
2: it's about time I went to pick them up.
sfx: flap
3: /If I had known this was going to happen,
4: /I would've studied magic a little harder!
5: I'm faaaaaalliiiiing!
sfx: slip

1sfx: poof
1: Nice catch!
2: Sorry to keep you waiting, mademoiselles.
3: Welcome to the lust-laded human world!
4: Hey, look! Flowers are falling out of the sky!
5: Woof woof!
6: Woof!!
sfx: bam twitch
7: [Hiroshi - a dog that pays absolutely no mind to human feelings!
8: Th...that cost 600,000 yen...

1: /The magic world prepared a whole mansion for us to live in!!
2: Now then, my little Queen candidates...how about a toast?
sfx: snap
sfx: poof
3: First, to our current queen, Queen Candy's daughter,
4: Vanilla Mew.
5: Y...yes?

1: And then to the witch Cinnamon's daughter,
2: Chocolat Meilleur?
3: Huh...where is she?
sfx: wham
4: Vanilla!!
5: Hey, look! There are two bathrooms here! They're each attached to a bedroom! This place is so luxurious!
6: And the view from the roof of the top floor is fantastic!
7: I heard there were only crappy buildings in the human world.
8: But I don't mind living here!
9: I see...you've got spunk, I'll give you that.
10: But incidentally, do you know who I am?
11: A young nobleman of the magic world, a superstar even in the human world! Rockin' Robin-sama!!

1: Huh?
2: Don't tell me you two dn't know me? Uhh...you know, I'm on TV a lot, singing and stuff...
3: Chocolat-chan!!
4: I have no idea.
5: Just because you're popular with the humans doesn't mean you can get us. We witches don't fall in love that easily.
6: "Hearts are things you steal. You can't let others steal yours." It's the law of the magic world!
7: Okay then, what do you do with hearts that you steal?

1: Vanilla.
2: Umm...uh...
3: Err...umm...ummm...
4: That's simple!
5: You freeze them into crystals with magic and start a collection, right?!
6: I can't wait to get started!
7: Kukuku!
8: It's hard to find hearts to steal in the magic world, after all.
9: Right, Vanilla?!
10: Y...yeah...
11: I've got the perfect container to keep my hearts in
12: right here!!
sfx: gulp
13: Mine's heart-shaped, and Vanilla's is diamond-shaped!

1: And now, it begins!!
2: You two will become rivals now...
3: Your sweet, precipitous battle of love!!

1: The one who collects the most hearts will become the queen of the magic world!

1: What should we do, Chocolat-chan?!
2: Yeah...we ended up getting a weirder teacher than I expected... (What would you call him, a narcissist?)
3: And besides...I hate boys! They're scary!
sfx: toss
4: I don't wanna collect their hearts!
sfx: munch
5: But it'll be so easy for you!!
6: You were so popular in the magic world, Chocolat-chan, you have nothing to worry about!
7: /When they told me I had been chosen as a 'candidate,' I was so shocked...
8: I give up! I'll just let you become the queen, Chocolat-chan.
9: I'm going to start a cake shop in the magic world.
10: These...marshmallows are so yummy...

1: /Vanilla is a princess, the daughter of a royal family. Me, on the other hand...I was raised all alone by my poor grandpa. My mama fought with Vanilla's mama for the queendom, and after she lost, she died.
2: What's this?
3: Ah! Mama left that to me.
4: It looks like a secret notebook.
5: Grandpa said a lot of stuff about magic and love technique is written inside...but I'm missing the key.
sfx: hoo...
6: It's alright. I know you'll win even without relying on something like that, Chocolat-chan.
7: I just know it...
8: Vanilla!

1: Remember our promise? No matter who wins,
2: no matter who becomes Queen,
3: we'll stay best friends forever!
4: /Mama...I'm finally in the human world.

1: /Underneath this velvety grey night sky...twinkle, twinkle, little stars...they're tiny, but they're real. And they're glowing.
2: /These aren't little holes that were cut out by scissors, like in the magic world. These little amber balls are radiating with their own genuine light.
3: /Mama...I want to become a real star...I want to become the queen you always wanted to be!!

1: /A queen that shines brightly, just like a real star...
2: Now to make myself look more like a human girl!
3: There we go!
4: Now then.
5: All ready to go, mademoiselles?
6: I have a question!

1: Can we start stealing hearts today?
2: Heheh. Of course. Steal as much as you like.
3: By the way, your new names are Katou Chocolat and Aisu Vanilla.
4: I thought them up so that your names wouldn't sound weird in Japanese.
5: Excuse me!!
6: Wait...could he be...
7: No way! Our new transfer students are children of Rockin' Robin?
8: That's so cool!
9: I'm a huge fan of yours!
10: Wait, when did you have children?!
sfx: kyaaaa
11: Ssshh! Teachers, don't forget your manners!
12: I guess...he really is popular?
13: Yeah. He was on TV this morning, too... (On one of those commercial things!!)
sfx: whisper
14: Watch closely, you two.

1: Making some peeping glasses.
2: But these are for seeing through a transformation...
3: /Robin-sama's love...
sfx: flash
4: Ahhh!
5: The teachers' hearts are glowing!
6: /is glowing...pink, purple, it's getting so big...
7: All ready, babies?
8: Ecstastantation!
9: /Give me your hearts!!
sfx: throoooob

sfx: fwoosh
1: So pretty...
2: /Wow...all of the teachers' hearts turned into crystals and went flying toward Robin! Like shooting stars!
3: /So that's what "Heart Summoning" magic is!
4: Shall we head to the classroom, then?
sfx: stare
5: Umm...they're fifth graders, right?
6: /Robin...Robin's so cool!! He stole over 10 hearts in a second! He must be a genius!
7: Do your best.
8: I heard two new transfer students are coming today! And they're both girls!
9: I snuck a peek at them earlier.

1: Ssshh! Here they come!!
2: /Alright...we need to work hard too!
3: Now, our new transfer students will introduce themselves.
4: Nice to meet you all!
5: I'm Katou Chocolat!
6: She's pretty cute.
7: Really?
8: She looks pushy.
9: Anyone who doesn't listen to me is gonna get beat up!
10: Let's be friends!!!
sfx: bish
sfx: pfft
11: (Is she trying to pick a fight with us?
12: (Wh-who is she, Jaiyan? (*The bully from Doraemon)
13: She's scary...

1: [Meanwhile, in Vanilla's class...
2: The teacher said she was going to introduce herself, but she's just standing there like she's frozen or something...
3: I wonder what's wrong?
4: /They're looking at me...everyone's looking at me...
sfx: pitter patter
5: /And they're saying stuff!
6: /What should I do? I'm scared!
7: Do your best!
8: I...just transferred here...
sfx: bwaahh
9: My name...is Aisu...Vanilla...
10: That's weird!
11: I haven't gotten any hearts so far!

1: Something must be wrong with this school!
2: I said I'd beat them up, and afterwards no boys came up to me!!
3: That doesn't surprise me. How about you, Vanilla?
4: I bet you got a lot.
5: Umm...but I forgot the spell...
6: /What?!
7: H-hold on here! It sounds like you didn't even expect me to get any today...
8: I'm going to gather a bunch of hearts at a concert tonight. I want you both to get at least one by tomorrow.
9: If you fail, then you get a spanking.
10: (OK...
11: Vanilla...you cried, didn't you?
12: Yeah...but it doesn't make sense...I couldn't say anything, and all I did was stare down at my feet...how could that make me popular?

1: /Not only wouldn't she be popular in the magic world...people would throw tomatoes and pumpkins at her! They'd boo her right off the stage!!
2: I glared at people and threatened them!
3: It was the perfect self-introduction...
4: I know!! That's why...
5: It must have been some kind of fluke! That's the only explanation! Why else would I have seen 16 hearts glowing like that?!
6: /Is that how many boys are in her class?!
7: Look, it's her!
8: I heard her name's Vanilla!!
sfx: Yaaay
9: She's sooo cute! Who's down there with her?
10: The other transfer student! She's REALLY scary!
11: Woahh! She's glaring at us!
12: She's the leader of a gang! Ruuuun!

1: /Don't tell me the human world...
sfx: spin
2: /is opposite from the magic world?!
3: Worms and rats are nothing!
4: /In the magic world, pushy, selfish, fearless girls with a mean streak to them are always the most popular...
5: Skeletons and ghosts are our friends!
6: Girls in the magic world aren't the least bit afraid of dark forests or old castles!
7: What's wrong, Chocolat-chan?
8: /Maybe in the human world, quiet girls are more popular!!!
9: Let's go, Akira!
10: If you stare too long they might get mad!

1: I feel like...I've seen them somewhere before.
sfx: stare
2: What are you staring at? Learn some manners!! What do you want from us? Who are you, anyway?
3: (whisper) Chocolat-chan!! Make peeping glasses.
4: /Hm? Wait...it's still small but...is that...a heart?!
sfx: pop
5: Yeah!
6: Hey, Akira!! Cut it out!
7: I got a question for you.
8: Aglandisman!
sfx: fwip

1: Sugar Sugar rune!
2: Choco Rune!
3: Your heart

1: is miiiiiiiine!
sfx: throb

sfx: shooooom
sfx: snap
1: /Got it!
sfx: stare...
2: What's wrong, Akira? What are you standing there for?
3: You did it, Chocolat-chan!!!
4: Huh? What was I doing just now?
5: How should I know?
6: I kept telling you to stop, but you went ahead and called out to the transfer student anyway.

1: Huh...? What was I going to talk to her about?
sfx: ding dong
sfx: grin
2: For some reason...I can't remember anything...
3: Ohh...
4: That happens to everyone now and then. One of your nerve endings probably snapped due to stress.
5: /It's because for a moment, time froze for you!!
6: /Wow...I've only ever heard about this before...but it's true! Humans have lots of different kinds of energy called "feelings" in their hearts!!!
7: Ooooh...it's so pretty! A honey-colored heart!!

1: Ah, I remember now! Sorry, go on without me!
2: Hey, Akira!
3: Transfer student!!
4: You...
5: fell out of the sky last night, didn't you?
sfx: pop... twitch
6: /He saw us?!

1: Ahhh!
sfx: thunk
2: What's this?
3: /Oh no!!
4: Give that back!!
5: Answer my question first.
6: That item can be of absolutely no use to you!
7: You and that other transfer student,
8: and that singer guy, whats-his-name, you were flying around in the sky last night, weren't you, transfer student?!
9: Wh...
10: Why do you keep calling me transfer student?! I just introduced myself, didn't I?! My name is Katou Chocolat!!
sfx: thunk
11: You're so rude!!
12: Anyway! People don't fall out of the sky!!
13: What are you, a moron?
14: Katou...
15: /Guys like him need to be nipped in the bud!

1: You're aliens, aren't you...?
2: Wh...what are you talking about?
sfx: yeah, yeah
3: It's alright...I know the truth. You're from the Pleiades star cluster, aren't you? I won't tell anyone!!
4: My name's Mikado Akira! Nice to meet you!!
5: OK?!
6: Yes, you're right. We're from that...whatever you said.
7: But I don't want anyone to find out...
8: I swear, I won't tell anyone!!
9: I promise!!
10: Now, I'll give you a special candy from that whatever cluster, so gimme back that stone!!

1: No.
2: You took this from your planet, didn't you?
3: /I took it from YOU!
4: I got it after I came here.
sfx: grin
5: Liar!!
6: Hey!
7: Give it back!!
8: I just want to look at its makeup with a microscope. Let me borrow it for a bit, OK?
9: /Grrrr, I let my guard down!
10: /I finally get my first heart, and now...I have to get it back!!
11: Wait!
12: Uwaaah, you're fast!!

1: Give
2: it
3: baaa
4: ck!
sfx: fwoom
5: Ahhh!
sfx: tonk
6: An amber star...

1: A star of dawn...
2: It's beautiful...
3: Is this yours?
4: /Hearts are things you steal. You can't let others steal yours.


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