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1st. movement


tl by danluffey

Angelic House 1st movement

1-3: Haah
4: Wahahahaha! Serves you right!
5: I'm, I'm, I'm,

1: I'm freeeeeeeee!!
2: /Haaaaaah...

1: /Minami-san's so cute...
sfx: haaah
2: Hey, Shuuji! Your music's too loud!
3: All that noise is really irritating me!
4: G-give that back...
5: You think you can order me around?!
6: /Minami-san...the cutest girl in our class. Someone a guy at the bottom of the food chain could never even dream of reaching...
pyramid: Soccer players
funny people
normal people
plain people (with good grades)
slaves <- here
This class's pyramid
7: /I wonder what kind of music she listens to?

sfx: rattle
1: Yo.
2: Morning, Haru!
3: Yo.

1: What are you looking at,
2: Shuuji?
3: /Who's that...?
4: uhh...
4: Hey! Take off your headphones when people talk to you, man!
6: Wh...
7: Who are you?!
8: I'm sorry.

1: Shuuji!
2: You've got some nerve, saying "Who are you?" to Haru! (Who the hell are YOU?!)
3: /B...but...
4: Huh?!
5: /This guy wasn't
6: /in our class yesterday!!!
7: /What's going on here?!
8: /Is my whole class playing a trick on me
9: /like they did back at the sports festival?!
sfx: Dammit!
10: [Once, all of Shuuji's classmates told him the sports festival was moved up a day, so he came to school wearing his sports uniform all by himself.
11: Iiii was booorn
12: to looove youuu

1: Yo.
sfx: tap
2: Kyaaaa! Kyaaaaa!
3: Ahh, so it worked on everyone like you, just like I thought...
4: Guess I've got no choice now.
7: Wh-wha...who are you?
8: Matsumoto Haruomi, 14 years old, in the soccer club, in class 3-C.
9: Or so I made everyone think.
10: "Or so I made everyone think?"
11: I used hypnotic suggestion on everyone.
12: Hypnotic suggestion?
13: Yeah, I played music with hypnotic effects over the loudspeaker this morning.

1: But there was one person
2: who was using his headphones as a barrier.
3: (thunk) Me?!
4: Who else do you think I'm talking about?
5: S-so then...
6: you really aren't a student at our school!
7: I'm a human from the 21st century.

1: /Is someone trying to play a trick on me again?
2: (Uuu...
3: What the hell?
4: What are you crying for?
5: Go ahead, fine! Trick me if you want to! I know you're probably just some transfer student!
6: I'm the one everyone bullies anyway!
7: You aren't popular, are you?
8: So what if I'm not?!
9: You're also toward the bottom of the middle in terms of grades, and there isn't really anything you want to do.
10: (That's right!
11: So just leave me alone!

1: I came here to save the 20th century.
2: And to prevent the chaos that befalls the world later.
3: I want you to help me.
4: That way, you won't live out a boring life.
5: You'll become a superstar that'll go down in history.
6: The girls will love you.
7: I'll do it!
sfx: guuuuuush
8: Alright. I'm counting on you,
9: Shuuji-kun.

1: /Or so he said.
2: /But this is coming from a guy who lied to everyone else in my class...
3: That way, you won't live out a boring life. You'll become a superstar that'll go down in history.
4: It kind of bugs me that he seemed convinced that I'd live out a boring life...
5: But ah well! I guess I'll give it a try.

1: /Nothing out of the ordinary's happened for the past three days...
2: /He's just been having fun with everyone and ignoring me!
sfx: Hmph
3: What CD is that?
4: This CD has songs Shuuji made on it.

1: Look, Shuuji! Smile!
2: You can get some points with Minami-san here.
3: (Oh, hi there!
4: How could you say something like that?
5: I didn't make those songs! It's just a big lie!
6: Yeah, but it got everyone interested in you.
7: If I told them that I made a CD,
8: they'd just make fun of me! Or bully me even more!

1: Haru!!
2: Just get on, would you?
3: Two middle schoolers riding a stolen motorbike without helmets or a license?!
4: This is so dangerous! It's practically suicide!
5: I hardly have any good marks on my school report in the first place...
6: (Hey, wait, isn't this a teacher's bike?!
sfx: honk hoooonk

1: Three days ago
2: I ran through here screaming "I'm free!"
3: I was just so, so, so happy.
4: Before this, I was in prison for a very long time.
5: After spending years planning my escape, I finally got out.
6: Y-you mean...you're a criminal or something?
7: /I knew from his face that there was something unusual about him...

1: All I did...was make a song.
2: A song that was forbidden in the 21st century.
3: Listen carefully, Shuuji. I want you to be my replacement.
4: If I put my face out in public, my pursuers will find me in no time.
5: From this day forward, you're going to become the "genius musician Takizawa Shuuji."
6: Now don't start worrying about being bullied again!!

1: /Maybe he's right.
2: /I probably will live a boring life like this. I'm only a third-year in middle school, and I've already started to feel it myself.
3: Takizawa Shuuji.
4: He's a third-year in middle school?
5: This rhythm...
6: I've never heard anything like it.
7: Uuuu!
8: Are you alright, Johnny?!
9: What's this feeling...

1: Please, just give it a listen.
2: /It didn't take long for me to get a recording deal.
3: Yes...it's me. Yes...
4: What? Really?!
5: /Soon, it was used n a commercial.
6: You're putting out a CD?! What? You?! What happened to your high school exams?!
7: (Calm down, mom...
8: TV Countdown!!
9: /And soon, I was climbing up the hit chart.

1: Wavering,
2: spinning
3: happiness...
4: I feel like the weight in my heart
5: is melting away...
6: /People started to call my music "Angelic House."

1: /Its angelic rhythm...made people happy.
2: This is amazing!
3: I never knew you had such talent, Shuuji!
4: You're so cool!
5: I'm so proud! I can't believe I'm in the same school as a famous person!
6: Give me your autograph, Shuuji!
7: A...autograph?
8: Or whatever you like?
9: Whatever I like? You mean, write my name or something?
10-12: Shuuji!!

1: I'm so tired...
2: Maybe I should listen to this for once too...
sfx: snap
3: What are you doing, Haru?!
4: You don't need to listen to it.

1: Wh...why not? Don't I have a right to be happy too?
2: Save that for when you step out into the world.
3: Step out into the world? Since when am I going on some epic journey?
4: Just listen to your manager. He knows what he's doing.
5: Please sign this contract.
6: You're a genius...an even greater one than Komuro was!
7: Takizawa-kun...
8: Minami-san...

1: I like you...
2: /What?!
3: /Woah! Hold on! Something's not right here!
4: Takizawa-kun?
5: Everything's ruined now! How could you confess your feelings to me right after I become popular?!
6: /Wahh! It's Takizawa-kun!
7: Dammit! Minami-san!
8: In the end, you're just like everyone else!!
sfx: wham
9: Next, NTV is going to come and do an interview with you.
sfx: thud
10: I can't do this anymore, Haru.
11: I'm tired.
12: Let's just tell everyone that you made it.

1: I'm sorry!
2: You wanted to stand out, didn't you?
3: Wha...
4: But you knew you couldn't, so you put on your headphones and shut the world out,
5: acting like you never cared in the first place.
6: If you can't handle it, then don't ask for it.

1: Takizawa Shuuji's music is so good!
2: I listen to it like, 100 times a day!
3: I heard he's putting out an album overseas too!
4: It makes all my worries slip away.
5: It got rid of the stiffness in my shoulders!
6: /Haru's right. I can't handle all the attention, yet I dreamed of being in the spotlight. God...I'm sorry.
7: Good morning, Takizawa-kun.

1: Wh...what happened, Minami-san?
2: Did you lose weight?
3: Yeah...I just haven't been hungry.
4: I listen to your CD every day,
5: and it just makes me so happy, I don't need to eat anymore.
6: /She's so filled with happiness that she doesn't need anything else?
7: Everyone else looks kind of out of it, too.
8: Their eyes look empty...just like mine!!
9: What's going on here?!

1: It's just like I told you.
2: Angelic house is music
3: that makes people happy.
4: What's...that supposed to mean?
5: 14 people absent today...
6-7: Sensei!!

1: I think that everyone's absent because...
2: Huh? Who cares?
3: It doesn't matter.
4: Mom!
5: I'm hungry, make me something!
6: Right now...
7: I'm just so happy... (listening to your CD...)
8: WHAT?!
9: Haru!!
10: Where are you? Get out here!

1: Sorry.
sfx: smack
2: Really, what is Angelic House?!
3: What are you trying to achieve by making everyone listen to it?!
4: I helped you out because you said you wanted everyone to hear it, but...
5: This music...

1: is structured on a molecular analysis pattern
2: that makes people return to "nothingness" when they hear it.
3: You mean...
4: That's right. They go to Heaven.
5: You mean they die?!
6: Yeah, I guess...
7: You can't do anything about it now.
8: The CD is selling so fast, everyone in town's listening to it now.

1: Don't listen to it! Everyone!
2: Cover your ears!
3: Minami-san! You can't listen to it anymore!
4: /I never imagined this would happen.
5: /I was just tired of my boring life...I just felt like doing something special. I wanted a life in the spotlight, I wanted to be cool, fast, charismatic...

1: Uwaaaahh!
2: Uwaaaaaahhhh!
3: Stop iiiit!

1: /They stopped...!!!
2: /Wait...the town itself stopped?
3: You're
4: Takizawa Shuuji-kun, correct?
5: Wh...what? I haven't done anything...
6: You know a boy named Matsumoto Haruomi, correct?
7: He gave you a CD with music on it, correct?

1: He didn't give me anything!! Really!!!
2: He was a genius scientist for a 14-year-old, but he committed a severe crime.
3: He defied our orders and created music that warped time and space in order to maliciously influence history.
4: He must return to the 21st century, pay for his crimes, and be erased.
5: /But...
6: There were a lot of complicated words in there, so I'm not sure I understood it all...
7: (Sorry.
8: Shuuji!
9: Haru!!
10: What are you doing? If you let them catch you, they'll erase you too!
11: Run!

1: Why...?!
2: Because you're entangled in history now too!
3: Wait!!
4: Hurry up nad play the CD!
5: Let them hear it.
6: Hurry!

1: /This music opens up the doors to people's hearts
2: /and leads them to a peaceful, quiet, pure white plane...

1: ...they disappeared.
2: They went to Heaven...
3: Why...why did you make this?
4: You aren't a superstar!
5: You're nothing but a murderer!

1: All my classmates, my family...
2: If I leave them alone, they'll all end up like that too, won't they?!
3: Humans of the 20th century have too many worldly desires.
4: They won't disappear that easily.
5: But...unless we change things here,
6: the human race will...

1: /I was too afraid to listen to the reason why he was crying.
2: I'm keeping this CD, though.
sfx: snap
3: Ahh!
sfx: Yahooo!
4: Give that back!! That has over 1000 songs on it!
5: /The only thing I understood was that it was too late to turn back now.

1: /At the end of the 20th century, I was still a plain, boring, unnoticeable middle schooler.
2: Why are you still here?
3: I have no way to get back.
4: /And I couldn't even begin to imagine what would happen next.


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