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tl by danluffey

1: /What you are about to read is one scientist's
2: /sad tale.
sfx: hahahaha
sfx: wahahaha
3: This tastes really good!
4: Papa! Mama's eating food!
5: Yeah! Pretty cool, huh?
6: What are you two talking about? Are you keeping a secret from me?

1: Let me in on the secret!
2: Nah, it was really nothing.
Isshiki Miho
3: /This takes place
4: /in the not-so-distant future.

1: She can eat the same food we do, and she can even cry.
2: I put all of mom's memories into her, so she's the real thing now!
3: Hm? What's wrong, Simon?
4: Nothing...
5: /I'm happy.
6: /More than the fact that papa made me a new mama,
7: /I was just so happy that papa finally opened the door and came out
8: /of his lab for once...

1: /I'm just happy to be eating together with him again.
2: Daisy, for a maid robot, you're quite the cook!
3: You're going to put me out of a job as a housewife!
4: (Dawww
5: I really caused you a lot of stress by getting into that accident, didn't I?
6: I can't believe I was in a coma for so many years.
7: But now you're back with us! Isn't it great?
8: Yeah.

1: /A few years ago...
2: /mama died in an accident.
3: No, miss, please, I'll do that for you!
4: It's fine.
5: Let me make up for the time I took off.
6: But...
7: OK then, Daisy, I'll let you help me.
sfx: whap whiiiirrr schooop
8: Hey, papa, now we can keep eating meals together forever, right?
9: Not quite.
10: You haven't forgotten about John, have you, Simon?

1: /John was my pet dog.
2: /I loved him, of course.
3: /But he died along with mama.
4: Once John comes back, our family will be complete again!
5: Right? Just wait a bit longer, Simon.
6: OK...
sfx: click

sfx: slam
1: /And so...
2: /papa shut himself up in his lab again.

1: Daisy-san!
2: I'll carry papa's food to him today!
3: No, wait! I can't let the young master do such work!
sfx: kya kya
4: Relax, it's fine!
5: Oh, you're taking papa his breakfast today? Good boy, Simon!
6: Mama!
7: I suppose I'll go with you. Papa hasn't come out in a while.
8: I'd like to see him.
9: OK.
10: Let's go!
11: Wait, you two!
sfx: dash

1: Papa, we brought you breakfast!
2: click
3: Simon, mama!
4: And Daisy-san! Thank you.
5: See you later.
sfx: grab
6: Wait, papa! Let's eat together today!

1: No. I'm busy right now.
2: C'mon, just for a little...
3: No!
4: I need you to understand this, Simon...
5: Just a little more work, and our family will be complete again.
6: I need to install the control device...
7: Control device?
8: I built my robots with a special metal.
9: If John was to leap around innocently like the real John, he might end up hurting someone.
10: Just doing a "shake" could end up smacking someone with the weight of an anvil. Control devices have to be installed on dogs, or else the results could be disastrous.
11: You want to play with John again, don't you, Simon?

1: You don't get it...
2: You really don't get it, papa!
3: What's wrong, Simon?
4: Look at reality! You're an adult, aren't you?!
5: Mama and John are both dead!
6: I don't need anymore robots! I just want to be with you!!

sfx: slap
1: Mama, take care of Simon for me.
2: A...alright...
3: Are you alright, Simon? What's wrong?
4: Why doesn't he understand?

1: Simon!
sfx: dash
2: Wait, Simon!
sfx: grab
3: /Papa's so stupid!
4: /I...
5: /hate him!!
sfx: wham

sfx: splurt

1: Si...mon...

1: Papa...?


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